Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach

Post  Tharivol Liadon on Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:45 am

Day 1

We are travelling through Malwic's Field, coming from Luskan and going towards Fareach, which looks like a small lump on the horizon. We arrive at midday. Tosscobble enters the menagerie and is occupied for the day, purchasing a Dire Weasel. The rest of the party stand at the gates, taking a look around. The city seems to be populated by middle-ground villagers, few nobility, and several guard around the wall. Dimble speaks to the guards, and explains we are adventuring, and would like to come and stay. The guard advised us towards an adventurer's inn, "The Fortune's Bosom", and explains the other features of the town, including the menagerie, a Town Hall, a Wizard's Tower, and some temples. Trade is not regular here, and there are orcs, trolls, bugbears roaming outside the town's protection, but they do not disturb the town often, aside from two years ago when it was attacked by evil humanoids and burnt to the ground.

We are allowed to enter, and seek out "The Fortune's Bosom". The town is divided into the Upper City, and the Boroughs. We negotiate with the innkeeper for a week of accommodation, for 25g and a performance every second day, by Dimble. We proceed to the inn noticeboard, advertising various job opportunities, including moving barrels, saving cats. We speak to a man who appears to be from the Western Heartlands, wearing scale armour and carrying a shield emblazoned with the symbol of Tyr, Tallock Wendersbane, who is part of an adventuring party, but he is very non-reciprocative, and he soon finished his soup and leaves. The keeper doesn't reveal to us, according to policy, his identity.

Japas visits the Temple of Lathander, and speaks to a priest. He is directed to Brother Merrin, and Japas speaks to him, sensing a powerful radiance of divine magic around him, asking about whether he can be of any assistance around the town or temple. He is told of various temple opportunities, and of need in the surrounding villages. He is offered lodging at the temple, being a member of the faith, in return for assistance.

Back at the Inn, the keeper tells us that yesterday was midsummer's holiday! It is the first day of Highsun today. We ask about interesting shops and adventuring advice, and he informs us of adventuring supplies store, which we go visit. The shopkeeper sells a variety of dungeoneering items. We ask about dungeons, but he doesn't reveal much, and we buy a collapsible pole for future use. It is about 1pm now, so we travel to the Town Square, and Japas meets us there. We look around the markets there - local produce, exotic fruits from Lurkwood, a gem/ores Dwarven stall, and a garment stall selling Luskan-looking goods. We decide to talk to the fruit-seller, Japas leading. He shows us his wares, there are a lot of apples. He tells us of some political tension between Luskan and Miravar, and that the council-member merchant Georg (Ga-org) is going to be replaced by Millar, because he might be leaving the town. We also learn that the attacks on the Elves in Lurkwood have become far less frequent. He has also heard a rumour that 5 days ago in the town of Malwic's Field there was a robbery. Lurkwood is said to  be an interesting place. There may be dragons up north. We talk to the Luskan, and he says he just journeyed from Luskan recently, and lost a guardsmen due to bandit attacks. He'll be heading on to Lurkwood, where he suggests trouble has died down.  Not too long ago, Lurkwood was a prosperous Elf state, but was overtaken by spiders and goblins, forcing the Elves to the south of the forest. The rest of the forest has gone feral now. He is ultimately heading to the High Forest, and had hired Wendersbane's  party for cheap. He also speaks of the political tension. Tharivol heads for the Mage Tower, whilst the others head for the Waukeen's Spring.

Dimble changes in a back alley into his Noble's outfit. We speak with the keeper, who doesn't tell us much  new. He directs us to Gaorg however, a middle-aged man sitting in the room enjoying a sandwich. Dimble and Mae decide to speak with him, buying him some wine. He notices Dimble's clothing, and Dimble explains he is from Tethyr. He asks Dimble if the people came in with him were part of his group, and Dimble says no. Georg says he would have liked a band of adventurer's, and Mae corrects Dimble. Georg explains he is leaving Fareach, but must sell his house first. He offers to exchange his house for our mercenary protection for his trip to Lurkwood. We ask to inspect the house, and arrange a time the next day to visit.

The party moves on. Erak decides to take up the job offer for moving barrels at the warehouse, and leaves.  The rest of the party decides they'd like to visit the Boroughs. The group penetrates deep into the area, passing back alley scenes of violence,  and find the tavern. We opt not to enter, for fear of trouble and being outnumbered (numbering only 6 at the moment). After more exploration, the group leaves the Boroughs, and John spots, in the corner of his eye, a man running across the roofs along the streets. John tells the party, and they decide to trail him, but fail to keep up without drawing attention. We find that we are a bit lost, but they find their way out and reach the Tavern.

Tharivol proceeds to the tower, which is guarded by two guards. He explains, and a Halfling mage apprentice leads him to the Master of the Tower, up several flights of stairs. The master is Jain Eranor. He explains it is the only association of wizards here in Fareach. They research in the Great Library. Fareach used to lie on the site of the ancient Netheril City, where there was a library built in another dimension, through the portal. Tharivol asks to take the test to join the Mage Society, and he proceeds to the testing room. He casts Flaming Sphere as a demonstration of his most powerful spell. He is told his practical ability is sufficient for above-apprentice level. He passes the theory test on his arcane knowledge with flying colours. The rest of the afternoon is taken up by filling in forms, and he pays 50 gold, and accepts accommodation for the night. Tharivol receives a midnight blue cloak, patterned with silver stars, as part of his membership. It is late evening by now, and the sun is about to set. He returns to the Tavern to find it bustling with Dungeoneers and Thieves of all kinds.

Tosscobble makes his way back, having made significant progress training his weasel, which will be his in a few days. Taking a slightly windy way back, he is pulled to the side in a back alley by a man who is wearing leather armour and a grey cloak, pulled up close to his face. He reaches into his pocket, and Tosscobble prepares to defend himself. The man pulls a badge from his pocket, with a knife symbol surrounded by a woven cord. Tosscobble doesn't know the badge. He explains he is a Thief-taker of Fareach, and has received information the Tosscobble is a Rogue, and warns him that the town is under close watch, and he shouldn't cause any mischief. Tosscobble promises not to. He reaches the Tavern, five minutes after Tharivol. The party then arrives as well.

We look at the noticeboard again. John attempts to bring in his riding dog , but catches the bartender's eye, who shakes his head. John memorises the notices for the cats: one a rather fat Tabby cat called TC and a black cat called Whiskers. Tosscobble talks around for some information, hearing many a tale about successful dungeon delving in the past. The party staying at the tavern eats, and Tharivol relates how he will be staying at the Mage Tower.

On the way back to the Mage Tower, Tharivol is attacked by two men. The first one takes a hand crossbow and shoots, missing, and then Tharivol knocks him out with Magic Missile. The other one, surprised by Tharivol wielding magic, runs off around the corner. Rowena can't see where he has gone. Tharivol loots his body, finding  1g, 2s, 5c, hand crossbow, and 5 bolts. Tharivol heads towards the keep, to inform the military of the attack. Two guards meet him, and he shows them the location. Tharivol is then escorted safely to the Mage Tower, the body taken for autopsy.

Day 2

In the morning, Tosscobble learns that the Menagerie is just down the road... He spends the morning with his Weasel. Tharivol decides to check out the Great Library. Japas wants to stay at the temple to volunteer for work. The rest of the party goes out to look for the cats, starting at the markets. They spy a Persian cat following its master... John requests to speak to the cat, and the Master, slightly weirded out, allows it. After a conversation of "Meows", he learns the cat hasn't seen any other cats, since he doesn't get out of the house often. Having a further look around, they encounter a Magic Shop, Alchemical Shop, and an Antique Shop. Ileria detects a small psionic item of low power, a small glowing, amber-coloured crystal. Ileria determines it has moderate Psychoportation powers. He asks how much it is worth, and the Gnome Bard running the shop deposits on a strange scale, with only one bowl, the other side having a crystal. It activates, and he says it is a Crystalline Spider Bead. He says it is worth exactly 1,300g. Ileria and Dimble search for Gnome equipment, finding 10 bullets and a keg of powder. They investigate various other items, and then visit the Alchemical Store. The shelves are lined with exotic ingredients and jars with labels written in badly-written handwriting. There is an elderly elf at the workbench, and he mixes a solution which goes "poof". He turns and asks what we would like. He introduces himself as Salih Ridwan, and explains he doesn't get too many adventurers, as his store is purposely tucked away so that he can focus on his research. We mention Tharivol, and he expresses his distaste for the "Star-Cloaks", who constantly want to know how he mixes magical potions without magic (he is not actually a wizard). When we ask, he says he was aware of the troubles in Lurkwood, and relates that he always thought the spiders and goblin were too organised for their own kin. He asks why we are interested, and we explain. He frequents there often, and says to let him know if we ever head that way, as he could have a "shopping list" which he would pay us to complete for him. We reserve an interesting magical item for Ileria.

Tharivol spends his time in the Great Library. Not finding anything of relevance, but many interesting and old books. We all meet up at noon at George's house, and he lets us in. We are introduced, and he approves the party's versatility and size, saying he'll accept the contract. He decides to show us around the large house. There is a basement, for expensive items, which is able to be locked securely. There are eleven mixed purpose room, a kitchen, and a common room, opening to the street. It is two-storeys high, three including the basement. George says he is leaving in eleven days, heading for the remaining Elf city in Lurkwood. We read his prepared contract, approve it, and sign it.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Two - Owlbears and Thief-Takers

Post  Tharivol Liadon on Sun May 26, 2013 12:11 am

Day 2 Continued...

Tosscobble returns to the Menagerie to continue to train his weasel. Tharry decides he wants to go to the Wizard's Tower and inspect the store there, and the party agrees to accompany him. We arrive and inspect various magical items, avoiding the apprentice-made potions. We discuss various scrolls and enchantments offered by the store. We make a deal to test three of his potions and we will receive 10 healing potions in return. Tharry, Jøhn and Dimble volunteer to drink the potion. No visible  effects manifest yet. He hands us forms and pens to record any effects we experience in our day-to-day activities from then.
We decide to visit the Church of Lathander, to see if a cleric could perform Detect Poison on us, to determine if we are poisoned. We are directed to a cleric who will perform a spell for 5g per person; we are examined, and the cleric determines that nothing is wrong with any of us. We now decide to visit a Dwarven blacksmith about whom Georg told us. We wander for a bit, and then find him. He is a Gold Dwarf, and he introduces himself as Morganith, and sounds Northern. He shows us his wares, inside and outside, a variety of weapons and armour. Jøhn buys some cold iron arrows, which will be useful in our forests. Most of the other items are out of our financial bracket.
We leave the blacksmith's, and proceed to the menagerie, to visit Tosscobble, who we find training a large weasel (larger than him). Chetheren is the owner of the menagerie, and is helping train the weasel. We enquire about buying an Eagle, but Tharry decides that he'll wait on it. We then visit the Keep, and enquire about the thug who attacked Tharry. All they know is he was killed by magic, which we already know... It is evening by now, and we head for our respective lodgings. Erak meets us halfway and he escorts Tharivol to the Tower, returning to the tavern without event.

On Tosscobble's way home, a man rushes past, and Tosscobble realises he has been pick-pocketed. He shoots at the thief's leg with his crossbow, but misses. The man runs around a corner, and Tosscobble peeks around. There is nowhere the man could have run, but Tosscobble realises the man is climbing the wall of the building. Tosscobble scales the adjacent building, the thief stumbling as he reaches the top, and Tosscobble catches up. They run, but Tosscobble slips. He manages to hit him in the leg this time, slowing the man down as he exclaims "arghh!". He manages to leap across an impressively large gap over a wide street, just succeeding by grabbing onto the gutter. Tosscobble follows, and just manages to make it, gripping the gutter by the tips of his fingers. He hauls himself up, and shoots again, hitting the thief in the leg just as he leaps for the next building. The man plunges, and Tosscobble hears an ominous "CRACK!".
Tosscobble climbs down safely, there is no-one around in the street. He retrieves his purse of 6g. He searches the body, finding a total of 25g, a standard dagger, and a cudgel. On the body's forearm is a tattoo of a knife. Tosscobble heads to the Keep and tells the guards that he saw a man fall off a roof onto two arrows, but they don't believe him. He then tells the truth, but they still don't believe him, and take him into custody. While in gaol, the thief he'd encountered on his first evening arrives, and shakes his head saying "I told you not to get into any trouble...".  Tosscobble explains what happens, and enquires about the knife tattoo. The thief-taker says this might give his story more credibility, explaining that it was the Thief's Society, and is impressed Milo took the thief out himself. He says the thief-takers are taking over the investigation. Tosscobble is served slop and stale bread, as he deserves. The night passes, and in the morning, the guards return and give him all his equipment back. Tosscobble tips the guard for the trouble he caused, who looks at him suspiciously.

Day 3: 10 days left...

Tosscobble returns to the tavern, and relates his story to the party, who were worried because he didn't return home the night before. Tharry and Japas return from their lodgings. Dimble notes that he feels more powerful, but Tharry and Jøhn don't notice any effects, all three recording their findings. We then return to the Tower and present the research notes. We receive our 10 Healing Potions. Next, we return to the alchemist from the day before, to find some anti-spider equipment. Erak returns to move barrels, and Tosscobble returns to the menagerie. We greet the alchemist, and remind him of the fetch-quest for the ingredients he needs. He tells us he needs the venom of the Lurkwood Giant Jumping Spider. He'll provide the vials, and will pay 250g for every vial we fill. He describes the spider we need to find - they are black with bright purple splodges, jump very high, and are very aggressive. He says he has Potions of Neutralise Poison for 750g each, or Potions of Lesser Restoration for 300g. We ask if he'd provide anti-venom for the task, but he says we'll be encountering them regardless of whether we hunt them down. He understands our money troubles, and offers some closer, alternative quests which we could do in the meantime. He tells us that two days out from the city  there is a population of Owlbears to the East, marking the location on our map. He would like Owlbears pelts, 100g each. He explains that they are extremely ferocious and attack anything that moves. He tells us a history of their origins, almost everyone dozing off, except Tharivol who is as usual taking extensive notes. Jøhn recalls terrible memories of his encounters with these "terrible creatures". It is 3000g for an Owlbear chick. It is about midday now.

We head for the Wizard's Tower again, searching for something to do. We send Knifey to the corner store to get some milk for a wizard we encounter. He thanks us and leaves. Tharivol decides to search around for people who need something. After a few hours of doing so, he decides to check the Library, where he finds an old man poring over an old map. He explains he may have discovered the location of a Netheril Artefact, and draws the area where he thinks it is on our map, about three days from the city. Tharry explains  he is part of a band of adventurers who would be willing to help out. It's getting quite late by now. Tosscobble returns to the tavern without event this time, proudly astride his "mighty steed", having fully trained his weasel, which he has called Nigel (nicknamed "Stripey" by Knifey).  We all return safely to our lodgings after meeting at the Tavern for dinner.

Day 4: 9 days left...

We have 9 days left before escorting Georg. We start early in the morning, and all head to the Adventuring Store, to see if they have any equipment that would be useful in capturing or skinning Owlbears. There's not much to see, so we head out of the city. Mae, Ileria and Dimble are staying behind because Dimble is on contract to play at the tavern every second night, and they inform Georg that we have left for a few days and will be back in time to escort him. In a day's travel is Tamerworth, a day after that will be where the Owlbears are, and then a third day takes us to where we think the Netheril Artefact will be.  
We travel the first day, and reach Tamerworth. It is a small village with a river to the East. We head towards the larger, central house, and ask about renting a room for the night. It is one silver point per person, there aren't any rooms, we just lay out our stuff on the floor, with some food provided. Knifey pays the fee, and we are directed to an area where we can all lay out. We then decide to head upstairs to the pub and speak to the local farmers. We learn that the road has been quiet recently, with few monsters, and nothing out of the ordinary has been happening. The town has just finished their Harvest Festival. We confirm the existence of the Owlbears to the East, and learn that the head of the militia might know more. We then go to bed, and keep a watch, just so no-one steals our possessions.

WATCH: Jøhn - Knifey - Jøhn

Day 5: 8 days left...

We wake up the next day, and head to talk to the head of the militia. A guard leads us inside, eyeing Tosscobble suspiciously. We enquire about Owlbears. We says they don't have much to do with them. We also ask about possible Netheril ruins around, but he knows nothing. We set out very soon after, Eastwards, leaving the road. By about 3pm, we reach some wide-open plains, as marked on our map, no Owlbears in sight. Jøhn cannot find any tracks, night falls, and we set up camp: a campfire in the middle with two tents on the outside. Jøhn unfortunately falls asleep, and so fails to wake Knifey and then take his second watch. Thankfully, nothing happens in the night.

Day 6: 7 days left...

Erak wakes first, and yells at Jøhn for falling asleep. After eating, Jøhn finds several tracks in many directions, of different ages. The most recent go South, but we follow the ones heading East. We follow for a day, not finding anything. We make camp, and plan ahead. Jøhn watches without event, but Knifey spies a dark lumbering shape in the distance. He wakes up Erak to watch as well. They observe the shape coming in our general direction, slightly southwards. Knifey wakes up the rest of the party, and Knifey and Erak then yell to attract the shape's attention. It works, and the shape charges at us. Erak charges at it too, full speed. Tharivol uses Magic Missile and hits amazingly. Jøhn hits the Owlbear right in the middle of the forehead from 120ft ["SHOT"]. Jøhn fires a second time, but misses. Tosscobble shoots with his crossbow, but misses. The Owlbear, still charging, closes in on Erak. Knifey charges and misses. Japas casts a Bless spell on the party. Erak swings and misses. Tharivol hits again with a magic missile. Tosscobble tries to fire, but his string breaks and he fails. Jøhn hits the Owlbear again twice. Knifey misses again, and then Japas mends Tosscobble's crossbow. In one fell swing, Erak lops the Owlbear's head off! We celebrate, and then Jøhn skins the Owlbear.

Day 7: 6 days left...

After an eventful night, we wake in the morning, and Jøhn searches for more tracks. He gets his riding dog to sniff the Owlbear pelt so that it is familiar with the scent. Jøhn doesn't find any, but the dog does, and we spend about 4 hours following tracks leading in the South-Easterly direction. We reach what appears to be the Owlbear nest, where there is a full-grown, presumably mother Owlbear, and two chicks. Erak charges and hits the mother Owlbear with his axe, Tharry hits with a Magic Missile, Tosscobble misses with his crossbow, Knifey hits, Jøhn hits, Japas uses a Bless spell. Erak now hits again, Tharry misses, Tosscobble hits with his crossbow. Knifey hits, and kills the mother Owlbear. We begin attacking the younger ones, quickly resolving to keep them alive, Jøhn hits one, and they both swipe back at him. Jøhn knocks out the first Owlbear. We continue attacking the second one - the Rogue and Soulknife both miss, but Erak then knocks it out. We decide to tie the unconscious young ones up together, and Jøhn skins the mother one. Tosscobble searches the nest, but finds nothing of interest. After much debate, we decide to send Tosscobble back to Tamerworth on his weasel. Tosscobble leaves immediately (it's about midday), and we head further away from the nest. We make camp at evening. Jøhn and Erak keep first watch.  They spot nothing. On the second watch, Knifey sees nothing, except for the pleading look in the Owlbears' eyes, causing great emotional turmoil for Knifey, who nearly sets them free. Jøhn takes third watch, seeing nothing but the same (as he knocks them unconscious to avoid their gazes).

Tosscobble reaches Tamerworth by about 8pm, and consults a villager about hiring a cart. He sleeps the night and leaves in the morning with a cart.

Day 8: 5 days left...

Tosscobble arrives at our camp in the evening of the next day. We sleep for the night without event.

Day 9: 4 days left...

We arrive at Tamerworth in the evening of the next day, with much public display. We are not allowed to have the Owlbears in the village, so we make camp outside. We have an uneventful night.

Day 10: 3 days left...

We arrive at Fareach in the late afternoon, and approach the gates. We explain our situation, and the guards advise that we fetch the menagerie owner. We send in Tosscobble who brings him out. Word spreads very quickly about the strangers outside with two Owlbears, thus Dimble comes to meet us at the gate, and negotiates a price of 2700g (from the menagerie owner's offer of 2500) for the Owlbears. He brings out several attendants with some cages, and wheels them inside the city. We pay the cart-driver 1g for his services. We then head to the Alchemist's shop, and he gives us 400g in total for the pelts, thanking us. We then leave and return to the tavern. We head to our respective lodgings for the night.

Day 11: 2 days left...

Japas spends a day at the temple to do some holy work, whilst Tharry remains at the Library researching Lurkwood, it's flora, fauna, history, society and geography. Knifey goes to find solace in the Temple of Ilamater, after the great ordeal of capturing and selling the Owlbear chicks. Tosscobble climbs a roof in the upper city, and a Thief-Taker finds him, asking him what he is doing. Tosscobble explains he wants to join the Thief-Takers. The Thief-Taker says "Follow me".  He is led through the city rooftops, not knowing where he is, and they encounter a door, on which the Thief knocks three times. They enter, and Tosscobble  is brought before  "the Man up top", a mysterious man downstairs, wearing a mask. He says he wishes to join, and he is asked to undergo some tests. They leave to the rooftops and Tosscobble shows he can manoeuvre rooftops expertly, jump, tumble and climb. They return to the guild, and have a sparring match, where he scores relatively well. A background check is performed,  and they accept him into the Thief-Taker's Guild.  He is given a Badge (depicting a knife with a cord wrapped around it in a fancy knot). He is also issued with a set of standard manacles, and an appropriately-sized masterwork's sap...


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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Three - Netheril Mysteries

Post  Tharivol Liadon on Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:18 am

Day 12: 1 day left...

We spend the day organising for the trip. Tosscobble shows off his new accessories from the Thief-Takers' Guild.

Day 13: 0 days left - The Day of Georg's Quest to Faughlien...

We meet Georg at the gates, with his three carts and two porters. Our party makes twelve. We follow the road out of the city. We put Tosscobble out the front, to ensure he behaves. Beside the first cart we have Erak and Irelia. At the middle cart are Ri and Tharivol. At the final cart, we leave Jøhn and Dimble. Leading the rear are Knifey and Japas. We stop at a village at sunset, and Georg requests we stay with the carts in the barn, and we oblige.

WATCH: Jøhn/Japas, Knifey/Erak, Jøhn/Knifey

Day 14

Nothing happens during the watches. Early in the morning, we set off on the road again after a spot of breakfast. We trek in the same marching orders, and at about midday, we come across a grove, and venture through it. About halfway through, Jøhn hears a rapidly approaching, unfriendly rustling in the left side trees, and the party draws our weapons, moving towards the left side of the carts. Tosscobble and Irelia ready their crossbows, Erak gets ready. Georg crouches low with his porters. Tharivol readies his longbow, and Ri readies her crossbow. The rustling  gets closer; everyone can hear it now. Two orcs burst forth, and Tharivol  hits the first one square in the head, killing it instantly. Japas hits the second one in the shoulder with a crossbow bolt. Irelia scores a neck shot, killing it.

Tosscobble heads in to loot the bodies. Before he reaches them however, a massive metal monstrosity charges through the undergrowth; a rusty golem automaton - it seems the orcs were fleeing from it. Tharivol recalls that golems are practically immune to non-electric-based magic powers. It has a fist the size of Tosscobble's head. Tosscobble runs away, and Tharivol sends in Rowena to use Shocking Grasp, and it sparks all over the golem's body, but it doesn't do much to slow the golem. Irelia uses a Knock spell, and unlocks all the chests in the carts. Erak swings and hits the golem, knocking it aside. Jøhn shoots but misses. Knifey attempts melee, and hits it with his mindblade. The golem approaches, drawing his fist back, punching Erak in the face, knocking him to the forest floor. Tharivol shoots an arrow, but it only catches on the metal armour. Tosscobble, hiding behind a cart, shoots with his crossbow, hitting it in the stomach. The golem swipes and hits Knifey in the gut. Tharivol shoots and misses. Erak delivers a mighty blow, lopping the golem's head off.

Irelia loots the golem, Tosscobble goes back to looting the orcs' corpses. The orcs are carrying 500g between the two of them, several gems, an ordinary dagger and ordinary axe each, studded leather armour. One carries a crossbow, the other a small thieves' tools set. One possesses a small bronze pencil-like object, with strange runes on it. Irelia salvages some of the more expensive parts of the metal golem. She determines 10Ib of metal he strips to be worth about 500g. We are unsure of the bronze objects' value, but it has a certain magical feel to it. Irelia fails to detect any psionics on it. Tharivol determines the metal rod resonates with the surrounding environment, perhaps a nearby object, but he can't determine where from. Tharivol keeps the rod. The party retains the loot from the orcs, and the salvaged metal from the golem. Georg expresses his praise, judging his guards as very capable.

The party makes camp off the road, having left the grove, and make a circular camp with the wagons as walls. Georg has his own tent. The watch stays outside the wagon wall.

WATCH: Jøhn/Dimble, Knifey/Erak, Jøhn/Knifey

Day 15

Dimble is nervous, and we allow him to play his music quietly. Nothing happens in the night, and the next day is
uneventful until the late afternoon. Tharivol listens, and hears the object in his pocket click loudly, and he senses a change in the resonance of the bronze rod - he informs the party. He checks the runes - they are not in a language he knows, but he suspects they may be an old form of  Netheril. The party reflects that the orcs they killed were well-equipped, possibly orc dungeoneers who ran afoul of the golem. We make a camp again, the watch patrolling the carts, with the same watch as the previous night.

The first watch goes uneventful, until Tharivol is found to have disappeared completely. Once awoken, the rest of the magic-wielders sense a massive, incredibly powerful source of magic on the distant plains. All his possessions are gone, but Rowena has remained at the camp, and is very distressed. Jøhn, Tosscobble, Erak, and Irelia head off, leaving Knifey, Ri, Japas and Dimble to guard the camp. Knifey comforts the raven. Jøhn looks for Tharivol's tracks, and they appear to be heading straight to the source of magic. They arrive at what appears to be a hill in the plains. Jøhn searches around, quickly finding a small flight of steps leading to an open metal door set in the hill, made of the strange bronze metal as the Netheril rod the party found, covered in mysterious runes. The party checks the door for traps, and enter the door. We enter a very old looking room, domed like the hill, with a spiral staircase in the centre leading downwards. The party searches the room, finding nothing of value. Irelia recalls that Netheril barrows are very old, and often full of very valuable treasure. At the bottom of the stair, is a small chamber, with just one narrow corridor leading downwards, turning to the left about 10ft down. The walls are bare stone. The party searches the corridor, finding no traps. Tosscobble heads down first, followed by Erak, Irelia, Jøhn. They find another long corridor, but this one is still only 5ft wide. This one is very long.

Back in the camp, Rowena lets out a loud cry, and then falls down dead. Knifey lets out a loud wail in response. In the barrow, the magic signal changes, seeming weaker. Jøhn informs the party of this change. At the end of the corridor before a corner, a magical rune which is now visible vibrates and sends forth a Magic Missile at the approaching group. Tosscobble dodges, it narrowly misses Erak and Irelia, and Jøhn leaps out of the way. The group peeks around the corner. They see a large antechamber; in the centre is Tharivol, surrounded by a glowing sphere, clutching very tightly to a strange metal ball covered in intricate metal design. On the ground is a large glowing rune about 12ft in diameter. The group checks for traps, and look around, but find nothing. They enter and call out to Tharivol, "Tharry, what are you doing?!", but he doesn't respond, and the party can't sense a motive. The party realise how much they need Tharivol for magic. Jøhn decides to flick a copper coin onto the rune, and then a silver coin, but neither do anything. Jøhn tells Tosscobble to use a rope and lasso Tharivol from the rune. The grappling hook hits him, but Tharivol doesn't react. The group pulls on the rope, and pull him out of the circular rune. Tharivol wakes instantly, and cries out, wondering where he is, and why his arm hurts so much. He can already sense that Rowena is dead. The group asks what happened, but Tharivol says he was in a trance, and then woke up with a grappling hook in his arm, holding the bronze orb. He can tell that the orb is now attached to him magically, and he draws all his magic through it. He realises that without it, he would be helpless. He can't quite tell the extent of its power, and will have to experiment with it.

The rune has faded, and all that's left is a hemispherical indentation, where the orb supposedly would have been. The bronze rod is stuck into the centre of where the rune was, like a key. The group decides to tie a rope around him, and he walks back into the space where the rune was. Nothing happens. The key cannot be removed either. We decide to head back to the camp, after checking that nothing remains in the chamber. Knifey is distraught when we arrive, and presents the raven to Tharivol, who solemnly takes the body. The raven's corpse dissipates in his hands, the magical force being blown away by the wind. A single tear falls down Tharivol's face. It is about midnight. The watch goes as usual, and Tharry as he is preparing his spells, realises that he is able to store four spells in his orb, and has the knowledge to craft wondrous items.

Day 16

The group doesn't informs Georg of the night's events in the morning. We travel for the day, and at about 10am, we look up and see an Arrowhawk swooping towards us from above. Jøhn shoots rapidly at the creature. Tosscobble shoots with a crossbow, and misses. The Arrowhawk shoots a bolt of lightning at Jøhn, striking him critically, so that he is smoking slightly, and he retaliates by shooting with an arrow. Knifey throws he mindblade in rage, and hits. Tharivol tries to use Magic Missile, but finds that he has to charge the spell first. Irelia blasts the Arrowhawk with a massive ray of purple psionic power, smiting it, until it plummets to the ground, dead and charred. Tharivol examines the remains, and discerns that for every spell it will take one round per level to cast a spell. Tharivol decides to do a lot of research when he returns to Faerûn, to find out the extent of his new powers. Tosscobble finds the body and searches it, finding nothing of interest. Georg compliments Irelia on her powers, but is still suspicious of psionic abilities.

We reach Lurkwood. Ri and Tharivol have switched places, to strengthen the right side. We recall the advice of the alchemist in Fareach, who warned us of giant spiders and orcs. Before entering, Georg reminds us of bandit threats, and worse. About mid-afternoon, we come across a Wood Elf, whom Tharivol hails. He reaches us along the road, and greets us, and Tharivol speaks to him. They learn that he comes from Faughlien, and is headed toward Fareach. We warn him of the threats we encountered, and upon inquiring about the Netherils, he tells us of a scholar who might be found in the library at Faughlien. We thank him , and head on. At evenfall, we discuss how to make camp (there are three days until we reach the city). Georg consults us on making a camp, and we decide that we should make a circle of the carts, using the trees to our advantage for barriers, and we break off sharp branches to make a ring of spikes. We sleep for  the night, with increased numbers on the watch.

WATCH: Jøhn/Dimble/Japas, Tosscobble/Knifey/Erak, Jøhn/Knifey

On the first watch, all that can be heard are the sounds of the forest, and all is fine. The second watch is also uneventful. On the third watch, Jøhn, just in time, spots a gigantic spider leaping down from a tree above him. He quickly gets to his feet, and rapid-shoots at the oncoming spider, hitting and then missing. The spider reaches the ground, and tries to bite Jøhn, but is unable to pierce his armour - it pins him, but he throws the spider off, picking himself up. Knifey rushes forward to help him. Jøhn misses then hits with his bow. Knifey hits and uses psychic strike. John grapples with it, and it manages to bite him, and then pins him down. Knifey strikes at the spider, stabbing his mindblade through its abdomen, slaying it. He pulls Jøhn up, and wakes Erak, retrieving the vials and extracting one vial of venom. He throws the spider out into the forest, and puts the venom in a bag with the mules for safe-keeping.

Day 17

In the morning, a report is given to Georg. The day is uneventful, and the party keeps the same watch at night. The night is uneventful.

Day 18

We reach the city, Faughlien, at midday. It is a tree-based city, with a river flowing through it. There are many elves. Georg leaves for the Merchants' Guild, and gives us his thanks, appreciation and the deed to the house in Fareach. We learn of two taverns to stay at, "The Frozen Lake" and "Greener Pastures". We head for the latter, and Dimble negotiates a cheaper price for his skills. We get two rooms, as the town is not busy, for a gold coin a night, total (with meals). Tharivol asks directions for the library, and seeks out the scholar with little difficulty. He is a moon elf, called Alster Fennensteen. He smugly admits that he does have great knowledge of Netheril. Tharivol tells his tale, and the scholar admits he hasn't seen anything quite like the orb, and agrees to consult his records, asking to meet with Tharivol on the morrow. The party rests at "Greener Pastures".

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Four - The Last City of Lurkwood

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Day 18 Continued...

Tosscobble talks to the smallfolk at the inn, and he finds that the attacks on the city have not been as regular as usual, which concerns them. They also know that the goblins and spiders are fighting each other as well as the citizens. With this information to contemplate, we rest for the night in the tavern. Nothing interesting happens during the night.

Day 19

In the morning, Tharivol seeks out a blacksmith, Tosscobble accompanying him. They take about half an hour, finding an elf called Samuol Nailo. Tosscobble rudely interrupts and asks for a metal crossbow, and he is quickly dismissed by the blacksmith. Tharivol inquires about a metal staff to install his orb on, complete with a wand compartment and a blade at one end. After doing some calculations, Nailo determines that a fine steel staff would cost 120g, 100g more for a fine blade, and 1120g for a mithral staff with a fine blade. Tosscobble and Dimble return to collect the rest of the party, whilst Tharivol stays behind as  he elf measures the orb for dimensions. The party returns, and Tharivol mentions the rare metal they discovered on the road (from the Golem), and he asks if the elf would be interested in purchasing it. The blacksmith identifies it as rare Netherilian metal, and offers 2000g (four times the worth that Irelia appraised it for). Tharivol argues that it is surely worth more than that, being Netherilian, and the elf obliges by offering 4000g and also deducting 500g from the price of the staff if the party would sell the metal to him. Tharivol seals the deal and the party receives a cheque for the gold, to cash in at the city's Merchant's Guild. He decides to wait the seven days it will take to craft a mithral staff with a fine blade, wand compartment, and mechanical contraption to host his orb. Nailo returns the orb, and directs the party to the guild to receive their cash.

The party finds the guild, and speaks with the clerk. Tharivol gives him the cheque, and the clerk consults his books, asking if we want it transferred to our own account, or in pieces. It will be 80Ibs of gold, so we ask about the benefits of an account; the clerk tells the party that the guild has branches in all the main settlements west of the Sea of Fallen Stars and north of the Shining Sea, including in Fareach. We agree to start up a shared account, and take out 620g for the mithral staff, leaving 3380g in the account (with a 1/2% fee, which comes to 3g, 1s). The party returns to the blacksmith and Tharivol pays for his staff in full.

Tharivol then goes and finds the Netheril expert at the Library, Alster Fennensteen, whilst Jøhn, Knifey and Irelia explore the city, Jøhn leading. They visit the fletcher, bowyer, carpenter and army barracks. Erak, Tosscobble and Dimble remain at the tavern, drinking. Tosscobble gathers information on the thieves' society in the city, failing to have done his research in Fareach.

Tharivol consults the librarian, who hasn't found anything of too much interest, but he tells Tharivol the location of an archaeological dig in the forest, where he might find some information about the Netherilians himself. He asks to hear about any information he discovers, for his records. The party reconvenes at the inn in the late afternoon, and Tharivol tells about what he heard, and the party then agrees to seek out this dig on the hope of an adventure. Jøhn, Knifey, Tosscobble, Erak and Dimble accompany Tharivol and head back to the bowyer, to sell a hand crossbow Tharivol still has from the thug who accosted him in Fareach. Tharivol sells it for the standard price of 95g, after failing to convince the bowyer otherwise. Tosscobble then considers buying a slightly enhanced crossbow, but is convinced otherwise by Jøhn. Jøhn then consults the bowyer about various items, and ends up purchasing an enchanted quiver, called a Quiver of Elven Kind [Dungeon Master's Guide - quiver Elona] for 1800g, paying 800 from the account via cheque to the bowyer, and 1000 from cash in hand. Erak then decides to buy a +3 Composite Longbow, with 700g of his own money. The party then goes to the fletcher, for Tosscobble to buy three Sleeping bolts at 132g each.  Finally the party returns to the tavern, eats and then sleeps.

Day 20

In the morning, we proceed to the Merchant's Guild and Erak withdraws 444g for himself, leaving 2133.78g left in the account. The party then heads to the town hall in order to learn more about the hostilities happening outside the city walls. Tosscobble points out that he is not only insolent, but stupid too. We seek out help from a clerk on the left side of the foyer, and Tosscobble questions him about information regarding the goings-on outside the city, including dangers. He instead directs us to General Falmore, of the city's army. Jøhn and Knifey lead us next door to the army barracks, where we ask to see the General. The man at the desk raises an eyebrow and asks why we need the general. We tell him, and he instead directs the party to Lieutenant Cheronet. Tosscobble shuts up. We ask Cheronet our questions, and he scolds us for interrupting him and tells us that  any idiot knows that the city is surrounded by spiders and goblins. We apologise and then leave, and decide to try the city watch instead. The man the party speaks with, Nasar Smith, tells us the same thing, and repeats the information that there is a supply camp that hasn't been found, somewhere in the forest. He cannot tell us any more, as it is outside the duties of the city watch. The party decides to leave for the gates.

We leave the city and follow the road at first. After an hour of travel, we get surprise attacked by a party of goblins. All of the sudden, five goblins on either side of the road leap out of the bushes and hail us with a volley of javelins. Irelia gets hits her in the chest. Another javelin completely misses the party. Tosscobble gets hit in the arm. Another javelin misses Dimble. Irelia gets hit again. One javelin catches in Erak's armour. Knifey is hit in the leg. Another javelin flies over Irelia's head, and then the tenth hits Jøhn in the face. The goblins throw a second volley, one missing Jøhn. One  scrapes Tharivol's arms. Knifey and Jøhn both attack one goblin, but Jøhn misses twice. Erak kills a goblin by smashing its skull in. Dimble casts a buff spell. Tharivol shoots a goblin, but it remains standing.  Nigel the Weasel sits by Tosscobble, who kills a goblin. Another goblin wielding a morning star runs in to attack Tharry, but misses. A second goblin runs in to attack Tharry as well. He hits, knocking him of his feet. Irelia thrusts her rapier through another goblin, killing it with a gut shot. Dimble gets hit and loses concentration, his spell failing. The morning star goblin hits Knifey, but only catches his armour. Japas heals Irelia. Tharry gets hit by a javelin. Knifey hits the goblin with a mindblade, and it runs off screaming. Jøhn instructs his dog Tiberius to attack, and Jøhn himself shoots two goblins, one dying, one crumbling under his leg. Tosscobble the one nearest him. Dimble swings his gnome-hook hammer, and it gets caught, and wrenched out of his hand. One goblin swipes at Erak, cutting off part of his beard. Erak retaliates by smashing the goblin's head into man tiny pieces. He cleaves through and beheads the javelin-throwing goblin. Tharry prepares his bow, but the goblin about to flee swings and knocks him unconscious. The goblin regains its confidence, and attacks Irelia. Tiberius attacks the goblin which knocked Tharivol out. Nigel attacks as well, but is knocked aside. Irelia uses swarm of crystals, shredding the one beside her, and badly wounding the other two. The goblin with the eyepatch attacking Dimble swings and hits. The other remaining goblin is circling Japas, as he heals Tharivol, who is revitalised. Knifey kills the goblin attacking Dimble with his mindblade. Jøhn rushes forward to grapple the remaining goblin, but runs past. Tosscobble runs in instead, and ends up knocking it out.

We decide to interrogate the goblin first, and then send the goblin back to the army, so that we can get the information first, and then the city can make use of him afterwards. We head back along the road, until the goblin wakes after about forty-five minutes. It starts to struggle, but is manacled, and fails to escape. Tosscobble interrogates the goblin in Goblin, trying to work out where the supply base is. Finally, the goblin yields, and tries to describe it. Tosscobble presents a map and the goblin shows where the base is, about a day out of the city, deep into the forest. After fifteen more minutes, we reach the city, with our captive kicking and screaming. We approach the barracks, and the army is already there to meet us, the city having made a spectacle of the goblin. We ask for Cheronet, and tell him the story of the goblin encounter on the road, and our findings from the interrogation. Cheronet marks the location on his own map, and is so impressed he requests we scout the camp first, promising payment. He provides us with 1000g as an honour payment and a homing pigeon (for us to provide the information as soon as we get it). He tells us that we may visit Filtor at the armoury to equip ourselves if we need.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Five - Infiltration

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Day 20 Continued...

Tharivol claims the homing pigeon. We head back out the gates, and head off the road. Jøhn notices a line of spider tracks, running East to West, across our path to the goblin camp, not related to that path. It starts to get dark, and Jøhn searches for a suitable location to camp. He finds a small spring in a small clearing, one side bordered by trees, and one bordered with a steep escarpment. We make camp, and keep a watch.

WATCH: Jøhn/Japas, Knifey/Erak, Jøhn/Knifey

The first watch is uneventful, but on the second watch, a spider leaps through the forest and attacks Erak. "Tosscobble the optimism!" cries Tosscobble the Inarticulate from his sleep. It is a huge spider, the size of four bears! It grapples with Erak, attempting to hurt him, and the party is woken by the struggle. Erak escapes from the grapple, retrieves his axe, and takes a swing. Tosscobble gets up and attacks with his swords, slicing at its legs; Erak swings again and knocks some of its many legs from under it; and Knifey attacks with his mind blade, causing the spider to screech loudly ; Tharivol casts magic missile from his orb, knocking the spider back; Irelia mind thrusts the spider, which finally kills it. Tosscobble moves forward and extracts four vials of venom for the alchemist of Fareach, which he puts on the mules. On the third watch, Jøhn sees a rabbit skipping past.

Day 21

We head further into the forest, and in the late afternoon, Tharivol spots an interesting stone structure to the left side of the trail we are following. Tharivol points it out to the rest of the party. Upon closer examination, it appears to be a large stone pillar, overgrown with roots and vines. John notes our location, and the party heads closer, and enters a stone courtyard which might once have been surrounded by pillars. In the centre is  a stairway going down, with ending at an iron door. It is covered with old inscriptions, but Tharivol can only tell that they are an old form or Elvish. The courtyard is about 50 or 60ft squared. Jøhn notes our location on the map, and the party decides that we should probably press on to our true mission, and return to this location another time. Dusk has come by this point, and we decide to use the courtyard to make a safe camp. Jøhn crafts and conceals a fire, and we take the regular watch. The night is uneventful.

Day 22

At dawn, we set off. We are a day out from the camp's supposed location, and are sure to be wary of increased goblin numbers in the area. Jøhn leads us off, but soon after we leave the courtyard Jøhn finds some goblin tracks, and determines that it was a small raiding party approximately 15 strong, heading away from the camp, but cannot discern how long they have been. Tharivol suggests that we might follow them back to the camp, but the party deems it likely that we will likely be heading the same way regardless of whether we intentionally follow them. Further on, we spot a group of 20 goblins ahead, but they haven't spotted us. We decide that we should hide, otherwise we would have to face all 20 of them, and any survivors would alert the camp and ruin our mission. Knifey fails to hide very well, but miraculously, none of the 20 spot us as they pass on. About an hour off from the camp, in the mid-afternoon, we stop, and decide to send in Jøhn and Tosscobble to scout ahead, assessing defences, command structures, supplies and troop numbers. The rest of the party will stay behind, hiding if necessary. Tharivol gives them the pigeon in case they need to use it, and they leave Tiberius and Nigel behind. Jøhn demonstrates his signal whistle's bird sound, and tells us that if we hear three whistles, to come rescue them.

Jøhn and Tosscobble continue to the camp, moving very cautiously. At about 60ft away, they can see it has a low wall that hasn't been well-constructed, but that is the only border (no caltrops ditches, stakes or anything). Tosscobble climbs a tree, but Jøhn falls in the attempt, hurting himself severely. Tosscobble surveys the camp, and notes that the walls are really just slots of wood rammed into the ground, not able to be manned. In the middle is a large yard which would appear to be for training or some similar purpose. There is quite a sizable goblin presence, but Tosscobble cannot quite discern the nature of the camp in terms of military or supply, but there are a lot of tents. He cannot spot any immediate response to Jøhn's fall. Jøhn tries the tree again, and succeeds this time. He comes level with Tosscobble on the other tree, and they watch the activities in the camp. As dusk falls, the camp rouses, and the goblins all run out of tents, arming themselves, and then heading out of the gate. They spot a horde of spiders, and realise that they are fighting. Tosscobble suggests this is the perfect chance to enter the camp unnoticed, while all the goblins are out fighting spiders. They head back down the trees, head for the wall, and start to climb it. Jøhn retrieves a large stick, and pole-vaults fantastically over the low wall. Inside, they are behind a line of tents, and hide. They notice a nearby goblin between two tents, looking the other way. To reach the other side of the tent wall, they will have to kill the goblin. Tosscobble draws his dagger, and sneaks up behind the goblin. He quietly and deftly stabs him in the back, killing the goblin. The two drag him back behind the tents, and proceed past the tents. Tosscobble runs into a pole, but Jøhn peers ahead. There is a 15ft gap, a line of tents, another 10ft, and then the command tent. Outside the command tents' entrance, two guards stand waiting. The duo decide to cross the perilous gaps in between, and reach the back of the command tent, avoiding the guards. Tosscobble peers beneath the tent's flap, and spies two goblins examining a map on a table, not looking. There are also three chests furnishing the tent. Tosscobble cuts through the tent wall with his dagger, to create a larger opening for them to enter silently, as Jøhn keeps a keen eye out for goblins. They enter the tent - Tosscobble silently sneaks up behind the one on the right, and Jøhn takes the one on the left. Tosscobble strikes, and Jøhn fires his bow, and both goblins fall dead instantly. Tosscobble and Jøhn listen, but the guards outside appears to not have noticed. Tosscobble swipes the map off the table, and then unlocks the first chest, which is filled with 2000g and 5 coloured gems. They collect the gems which is likely all they can carry. Tosscobble cannot open the second chest, and remembers to loot the commanders. Tosscobble finds two rings with gemstones in them and an enchanted rapier on one, and the  other one has a crossbow with 20 bolts. Each goblin has a purse of 50g.There is also a ring of 5 keys. Tosscobble uses them to open the second chest, and finds two maps, showing the locations of other goblin camps and a sheet of parchment with military orders written in  goblin on them. The third chest is empty. Tosscobble takes one purse, a crossbow, the maps, parchment, one ring and the keys. Jøhn takes one purse, a ring and the five gems. They look around, and see that most of the goblins are still outside fighting the spiders. They make their way safely across the camp and proceed to climb the wall. Jøhn  reaches the top, but a goblin spots Tosscobble, and tries to shoot, but the obviously inept goblin's crossbow breaks. Tosscobble hurries up the wall, but slips and falls. The goblin raises the alarm, but Jøhn swiftly lifts Tosscobble up over the wall with some rope, before a group of guards can come and hack the Halfling to pieces. They hide in the bushes, and after some time a group of goblin scouts pass, but fail to notice them. Finally, they head back to the others at camp, and send off the homing pigeon to Faughlien, but keep the maps for now. They relate their tale to the other adventurers, and decide to head further away from the goblin camp, for four hours. After four  hours of walking, the party stops for camp with a new watch.

WATCH: Knifey/Erak, Jøhn/Tosscobble

Day 23

The night is uneventful, and the party is very relieved that dawn has come. We break our fast, and then  decide to
head back to Faughlien. The day is uneventful, and we make camp in the evening, with Jøhn concealing our fire. We keep our regular watch.

WATCH: Jøhn/Japas, Knifey/Erak, Jøhn/Knifey

On the first watch, Jøhn spies a goblin coming out of the gloom, he stands, but to both his own and Japas' surprise, the goblin throws a fireball at them. It knocks Jøhn and Japas backwards, and the resulting explosion wakes up the whole camp. The goblin is stunned that the two on watch are still able to stand, and Jøhn gets in a rapid-shot with his bow. The goblin wizard shoots a lightning bolt at Jøhn. Japas quickly runs to heal the fallen ranger. Erak draws and shoots with his bow, but misses hopelessly. Dimble aims with his musket, but misses. Tosscobble draws his crossbow and then headshots the goblin wizard, who falls dead as a godly voice shouts  "HEADSHOT!". They collect the loot, and then Tosscobble presents the enchanted rapier from the command tent from before, and Tharivol determines it is a +1 enchanted rapier. He decides to keep it so he can wield two rapiers at a time. He also appraises the gems from the command tent chest, coming to about 275g of gems. The wizard was carrying enchanted bracers of armour (+1), a dagger, 2000g and a masterwork's crossbow. Knifey takes the bracers, and we keep the gold for the account. Knifey and Erak take the second watch. This one is uneventful. The third watch is also uneventful.

Day 24

Jøhn leads us safely through the forest for another day, and we make watch again at nightfall. The party keeps the same watch, and the night is uneventful, up until the third watch, when Knifey sees a direwolf prowling outside the camp. Jøhn tries to use wild empathy with the creature, but it ignores him and charges to attack. The direwolf leaps at Jøhn, knocking him aside and then tripping him over, pinning him to the ground. The party wakes and stands - Erak hits at it with his axe, and it continues to focus on Jøhn, but the latter manages to kick the direwolf off. Jøhn calls out not to kill the direwolf, as it is just an animal, but the party keeps on attacking the creature. Irelia launches a mind thrust, but the wolf somehow resists the attack. Knifey tries a mind blade, but it dissipates. Tharivol tries Daze, but it resists the spell. Tosscobble runs forth and stabs it in the belly with his two rapiers. Jøhn attempts a non-lethal slash, but misses, and then Erak smashes its ribs in, and it falls to the ground, wheezing. Erak approaches, and then smashes its head in, to end its misery. Jøhn approaches and lays his hand on the wolf, saying "Sorry, my wolf brother, it was you or me".

Day 25

We head off once dawn hits; we have just one day left until we reach Faughlien. We reach the city just before evening, and we head towards Cheronet. Tosscobble retrieves the maps and parchment from his pack. Jøhn and Tosscobble describe what happened at the camp, and relay the necessary strategic information. They also tell Cheronet that they may have killed some commanders, and he comments that they may have done some of his work for him, and thanks them. The party heads off back to Greener Pastures.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Six, Part One - On the Road

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[This is my version of events for day 26, edited for consistency with the rest of the records - for Tosscobble's original account, visit the 'General Discussions' thread].

Day 26

The party heads back to Cheronet, having failed to mark the locations of the goblin camps on the map, which Cheronet is quick to point out, criticising us for not copying it down originally. Tosscobble decides to blame it on Tharivol's supposed incompetence. After collecting some information from the taverns, including the locations of the camps, and after learning that 50% of the information received from the barkeep is false, the party heads out into the forest again, intending to visit the iron-doored ruins on the way.

In the late afternoon, Tosscobble spies two large spiders ahead. The party attempts to hide, but Dimble makes such a poor attempt that the spiders charge at him immediately. Knifey summons his mind-blade, and Ri dazzles one spider for a moment. Dimble then casts mirror image, creating five copies of himself, but the spiders attack the real Dimble anyway, grappling him onto the ground. Tosscobble hits the spider in the abdomen, while Irelia sends three crystals flying over everyone's heads. Jøhn hits the second spider with his bow, scoring a successful double-shot. The spider then proceeds to leap onto Tosscobble and grapple with him, and manages to bite the halfling. Knifey plunges his charged mind-blade straight into the spider's Thorax, freeing Tosscobble and killing the Spider. Ri dazes the first spider, and Erak then leaps in, attacking with his axe. After dropping his first rapier, Tosscobble kills the spider with his other rapier. The third spider is now attacking Ri, and Irelia shoots crystals into it. Jøhn then kills it by scoring a double-shot, into the spider's eyes.

Night falls, and Jøhn fails to find wood for the fire, but thankfully Knifey does. Tosscobble lights the fire, and the night is uneventful, aside from Knifey noticing a bunny hop past on the second watch.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Six, Part Two - In Deep Water

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Day 27

We wake in the morning, and Jøhn easily locates the ruins from the first trip. The party reaches the inscribed door, and Tharivol senses a faint aura around the door, and various other points of magic around the place. Irelia uses Knock, and the door sounds with the ringing of a loud bell. The door doesn't open, but instead, a panel in the middle of the door slides down to reveal a grid of 2in blocks with letters in them, in a form of Elvish that Tharivol recognises. He reads it aloud to the party:

"A great treasure lies here, under a curse, and only those who enter may provide the cure."

Each letter, including spaces, takes up its own block. Tharivol decides it is probably some sort of word puzzle, and Jøhn suggests knocking the 's' out of "curse" to make "cure", (but is unwilling to do it himself). Knifey volunteers to do it, and steps up and taps the 's' block. It shifts backwards slightly. Knifey determines that each block covers a button. Knifey presses the 's' further in, and the other buttons all come forward, supported on iron rods, revealing a lock behind the panel of blocks. Despite a thorough search of the courtyard, the party fails to uncover a key. Ri picks the lock, and the door slides into the ground, revealing a long dark staircase descending into the earth. We decide to send down the Dancing Lantern and 10ft down it illuminates a great stone door. Tosscobble then follows, searching for traps, and finds none. We follow him down the stairs.

Tosscobble checks the door, and finds that near the door, on the wall, is a locking mechanism. Ri unlocks the door, and the stone door slides open, scraping the floor, revealing a room 10 feet deep and 50ft across. It is made of plain stone, with a large capstan one each side of the room, inside an alcove, featuring four wooden arms capped with capped with silver and with styled handgrips. A 1ft wide stone balcony runs around the upper edge of the room, 8ft above the floor. The balcony has twenty-three decorative stone supports angled down to the walls. Centred above each support, a stone gargoyle lurks, sitting atop the balcony and leering down into the chamber. The gargoyles are in varying stages of disrepair— chipped, faded, or eroded away. They have clawed feet and hands, with stone wings worn down from years of neglect. For a head, each of the gargoyles has a closed fish mouth and blankly staring fish eyes. Tosscobble searches the floor and balcony for traps, after grapple-hooking up there, and finds none. Tharivol searches the room for secret exits, and then uses Spider Climb to climb the balcony and investigate the statues; each gargoyle carries faint traces of conjuration magic. The party discusses what to do regarding the statues. Tosscobble makes a point, but it just comes out as indiscernible gurgling. Irelia cannot recall anything about these gargoyles in terms of dungeons. Ri then examines the room, and determines that there is a pair of secret doors in the room; one is a small 2x2ft trapdoor in the middle of the room, and one opposite the entrance. Tharivol takes a look at the capstans, and sees that the left one turns counter-clockwise, and the right one turns clockwise. We theorise that pushing the capstans will open the doors, and Knifey attempts to push the left one, but it stays put. Erak decides to push the other one, and Knifey tries again, and succeeds this time. The stone door we entered by bangs shut, and the gargoyles' mouths open slowly, and start to gush water.

Knifey runs across to the right side and pushes the other one, but it only seems to increase the rate of the water flow. The water is 3in deep by now. The capstans are only pushed a quarter of the way, and Knifey (right) and Erak (left) continue to push the capstans simultaneously, but this only increases the flow rate as well. The party shouts, everyone calling "If we get them all the way, it might open the doors!". The room is then plunged into a magical darkness, and the flow increases even more. The water is now spraying forth with such ferocity that it . Knifey and Erak keep pushing, and then Tharivol detects that another darkness spell has been put in place, but the water flow has now halved, and the right capstan is now back in its original position. Once Knifey has turned the left one all the way, the water stops at about 1ft wide. The party hears a loud clunk sound from the middle of the room, and the water beginning to drain. Once it has drained entirely, the party checks the two doors on the sides, but they are still closed. Jøhn suggests tying Dimble to Erak, and lowering Dimble through the trapdoor, along with the Dancing Lantern. Tosscobble ties the ropes, and we edge towards the trapdoor in the darkness. The rest of the party holds onto Erak as he stands fast. Knifey and Erak, being the strongest, carefully lower Dimble down, and he determines that it is a chute. Jøhn calls out and asks if Dimble has any coins on him, and Dimble drops a copper coin downwards.

After about 2 seconds, we hear the coin splash into water. Jøhn expresses a worry about spikes down below, and we decide to continue to low him very slowly. Dimble calls up "I have feather fall!". Dimble continues to search the wall, but finds nothing. After another minute or so, all the lights come back on suddenly. Dimble can see he is in a 30ft chute, at the bottom the water has drained away, leaving shallow puddles. We leave him at the grate at the bottom, after checking that it can support his weight. Dimble can see that 6ft below the trapdoor above, is a strange formation. We pull him back up to inspect the shape, but he can't see anything new about it. Tosscobble drops his pack, and ties himself to the rope, as the party pulls Dimble back up to the top.  The party then lowers Tosscobble to look at the formation on the chute wall. He pries the jagged stone loose, and finds a lock. Tosscobble undoes the lock, which emits a loud "click", and the doors above open with a loud grinding sound. However, the fish gargoyles start to gush water again, and instead of flooding the room, the water flows straight down the chute, ... over Tosscobble, who grips the rope tightly. Erak starts to slip, being tied to Tosscobble, but Dimble grabs him yelling "Yahtzee!". The rope slips, and Tosscobble drops another 14ft down the chute of ... water, now flailing for breath beneath the torrent of water. Knifey manages to pull him up 10ft, so he is 10ft down. Tosscobble falls unconscious. The water pressure abates slightly, but continues flowing. With a huge tug, Knifey drags Tosscobble back up.

The group stands around panting, until Tharivol suggests reviving Tosscobble. Japas casts a healing spell, and Tosscobble wakes, spluttering up great volumes of water. We decide to send Jøhn up to fetch any important tools, like the field provisions and the shovel, a spare grappling hook. He returns, and the party cautiously heads into the narrow door on the other side of the flooding chamber. It is 45ft long, 5ft wide, and at the end is a sharp left hand turn. We check for traps, but Tosscobble finds none. He uses his periscope to peek around the corridor, and can see that the next corridor is 40ft long with a sharp left-hand turn. Tosscobble then throws his ball down, and nothing happens. He then checks for traps. He can see there is a fireball trap at the end of the corridor, which seems to be disabled. He retrieves his ball, and at the turn is another 45ft corridor, with a sharp left-hand turn. The walls and ceiling are clear, but the floor Tosscobble finds a pit trap, which seems to be activated. It opens onto an 80ft drop, and is 5ft across. Jøhn decides to utilise his teleportation boots, by getting Tosscobble to  teleport over, tying a harness from one of the group's ropes. Everyone gets across safely, and we leave the ropes set up across the pit. We continue to the end of the corridor and Tosscobble searches for traps, and finds a scythe-blade trap.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Seven - Old Friends and New

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Day 27 Continued...

Tosscobble spots scorch marks at the end of the corridor. We reach the end of the corridor, and Tosscobble uses his periscope to see the next corridor (another left turn). Jøhn takes a turn of the periscope, and determines that the scorch marks were caused by electricity. Japas exclaims "What a shocking revelation".

Tosscobble throws a rubber ball again, it bounces off the back wall, revealing nothing. Tosscobble leads, searching the corridor, and finds a single rune-based trap - Tosscobble recognises it as disarmed, and Tharivol takes a closer look. He identifies that the rune-trap casts Bane, at good-aligned characters. Tosscobble, without reason, decides to punch the stone runes, smashing his fist. The next corridor is 20ft long, and before the corner at the end, is a deep-open pit, filled with spikes.

Tharivol suggests bridging the gap, and Tosscobble suggests using Erak's tower shield.  The shield fits over the gap, and we all cross safely, retrieving the bridge. The next corridor is about 15ft long, with very obvious, but motionless, whirling blade traps sticking out of the floor. Tosscobble rolls his ball, but it stops because it hits one of the blades. He searches for a trigger, walking very carefully down the corridor. There is a small hidden lock at the end of the corridor, but he isn't sure if it turns the traps on or off. Tosscobble looks around the corner with the periscope and sees another 15ft corridor. The rest of the party follow very carefully, reaching Tosscobble, and we travel down the next corridor, after that, there is a 10ft corridor, which Tosscobble throws another ball down. After reaching the end of that corridor, we find a 10x10ft chamber, and in the middle of the room is a 1ft deep hole, with a small lock at the bottom. We decide that Ri should try and open the lock, being the most proficient. She picks the lock, and it clicks, and before she can retract her hand, a blade trap slices off the top few knuckles [a line from the first bend of the pinky through the other four fingers] of Ri's fingers. Jøhn rushes forward and begins to staunch the bleeding, while the party hears the very loud scraping of a door opening somewhere back towards the entrance of the spiral. The wound is minor, meaning that Ri will be able to regenerate her fingers, but her hand is in extreme pain.

Tosscobble begins walking back up the corridor, and a mechanical "click" sounds - a rune trap he hasn't noticed before shoots a spell at him. He suddenly feels extremely unlucky, and Tharivol determines that he has been cursed. Japas however manages to remove the curse. We head forwards, and when we turn the corridor, the party is filled with dread, seeing that the whirling blades are now fully functional. The lock on this side of the corridor can't be unlocked by Tosscobble, the hopeless rogue. Ri however casts Knock on the lock, and a loud ringing sound calls out - the lock clicks over, and the whirling blades stop. We continue along, carefully, while Tosscobble searches for traps. In the next corridor, Tosscobble throws another ball, which activates the previous spiked pit trap (which had been closed by the lock below). The ball is lost in the pit, stuck on one of the spikes. The party has a moment of silence in memory of the ball. We continue in the same fashion down the next corridor. Tosscobble finds the Bane trap from before. Tosscobble crosses and attempts to disable it, but fails horribly, and the Bane spell targets him instead.

Tharivol checks the trap out, and sees that it is disabled - the group swiftly moves past the trap, back into the corridor from before with the scorch marks. Dimble rolls a copper coin down the corridor, in an attempt to attract and test the lightning spell, but it gets stuck in a crack, and is lost. Tosscobble proceeds ahead, but the unseen rune trap shoots a large lightning bolt at him, sending a huge surge of electrical energy through him. He falls smoking to the floor. Ri is also hit by the bolt as it passes her, knocking her to the ground, but she is mostly unharmed. Irelia locates the trap, pointing it out to Tharivol. who sees that it is recharging very quickly. Dimble pulls out his wand of Dispel Magic and casts it at the rune. We have about three minutes before the spell wears off. Erak runs ahead with his shield, Knifey and Jøhn following, and then the rest of the party. A Scare rune halfway down triggers and Tosscobble and Erak are hit. Erak stops dead in his place, and Tosscobble is momentarily scared.

The party manages to reach the corner of the next corridor (the scythe corridor), but the group activates a Shatter rune upon entering - all glass held by the party shatters, including Tharivol's three vials of Alchemist's Fire - a small fireball briefly forms around Tharivol, and he catches fire. Jøhn and Irelia, next to him, are slightly singed. Jøhn and Knifey douse him with their water skins, hitting him with their cloaks until the fire is out. Tharivol stumbles from the floor, half-scorched, soaked, and covered in ink. He finds that his spellbook, as well as all his other paper material (aside from the party records, which were wisely left on the mules (as well as submitted magically to the god known as Forum). He laments that he will have to relearn all his spells now, having lost his spellbook.

Ahead of the group, the scythe trap is now functional - there is just one pendulum scythe. Tosscobble is unable to find any kind of switch. Dimble heals Tosscobble slightly - Tosscobble then successfully disables the trap. The party looks around the corridor - the corridor is empty, apart from our rope system from the last time, and the pit is closed up. Ri detects a fireball rune at the very end of the corridor, facing the next corridor. We decide to send Dimble and Tosscobble over the other side to disable the rune. Tosscobble moves ahead and triggers the trap deliberately. He and Dimble move across the pit, and Dimble casts Dispel Magic again, disabling it for an indeterminate period of time, allowing Tosscobble to attempt to completely disable the rune. Around the corner is a pendulum trap; a large swinging war-axe.

The rest of the party crosses the pit successfully; Jøhn staying on the other side to retrieve the Elven rope, using his teleport boots to rejoin the party further ahead. Tosscobble now attempts to disable the device several times, and on the third attempt climbs the wall and unscrews the swinging axe, sending it crashing to the floor. The party then enters the next corridor, the very first one which we had entered.

Near the end, a stone door has opened up in the left wall. Inside, is a room of about 40x40ft. Opposite, is a wall of bronze, the same material as Tharivol's orb. There is an outline of a door in this wall, surrounded by runes of an unknown language. The rest of the walls are the same material as well, engraved with various artistic inscriptions and pictures. The floor features some engravings as well. Tharivol can't decipher the door runes, but senses a faint magical energy. The rune on the floor is a spell rune. As, he is examining these inscriptions, a Magic Missile fires from a rune in the wall, but Tharivol manages to dodge. This causes him to notice that within the art on the walls and ceiling are various spell runes of assorted spells, all of which are unstable and could fire at any moment. Tharivol finds out that the rune on the floor is a Disintegration rune, attached to a Contingency rune, which will activate the Disintegration rune if Dispel Magic is used in the room. Upon activation, anything in the room would be completely disintegrated, including anything looking diretly in from the outside. He also finds that the engraved door has been magically locked and that the key, which is a rune, is somewhere in the room. Ri and Dimble both enter with Tharivol to help investigate the other runes so they can find the key, discovering runes for Create Water, Create Undead and Acid Blob. While this happens, an uninvestigated rune casts Sleep, and the spell hits Tharivol, but fortunately he is unaffected by the spell, being an elf.

The three back out the doorway, and they decide to work out how to unlock the door. Irelia decides to go in and use her knowledge of dungeons to work out how to open the door. As she passes the centre of the room, Tharivol senses a blast of magic, and shouts out.

* * *

With a flash of light, Irelia is teleported to a different room, with one doorway out of it. Outside, she sees a horde of heavily-armoured orcs, but they haven't noticed her yet. Irelia decides to attack first, to obtain the advantage. She uses Swarm of Crystals (but finds she is unable to augment the spell while in this room). The orcs  respond  by attacking back with some sort of spell, speaking in a dark speech. Three of the orcs now enter the room: one swings a large axe, another runs in with two swords, and a third runs in and hits Irelia with just its hands, aiming for her head. Another fires an arrow from the door, hitting her in the leg. Irelia lashes back out with a large burst of pure psionic power, blasting the three orcs nearest her backwards. Another, runtish, orc runs in and attacks with a small hammer, and the other orcs gather around and grin menacingly at her. One of the orcs moves forward to attack with a cudgel, hitting Irelia over the head.

* * *

Back with the rest of the party, a flash of light briefly surrounds Irelia, and she turns around, dazed. She sees the party, looks at them oddly for a second, and then a look of frenzied determination falls over her, and she sends a Swarm of Crystals flying at the party. Jøhn, Dimble and Erak are hit by the crystals. Tharivol identifies the spell over Irelia as Frenzy - she will now believe that all living things around her are enemies, the spell only wearing off when she kills all things around her, or is killed herself. Tharivol also sees that the spell is has been cast very powerfully, likely by one on the unstable runes decorating the walls inside. He tells the party this, and Dimble and Ri quickly attempt a Charm spell on Irelia to try and disable her - it has little effect, so Erak, Tosscobble and Knifey charge in, brandishing their weapons - Knifey using his hands (as it would be unwise to wield a mindblade in the unstable room). They manage to score various incapacitating hits, and Jøhn hits her in the leg with an arrow from the door. In retaliation, the maddened Irelia screeches like a wounded Owlbear, her teeth bared, and lets out a psionic burst, sending the dwarf, halfling and soulknife to the floor. Dimble runs in with his gnome hammer, as the others pick themselves up while Irelia recovers. They surround the elan, Tosscobble drawing his cudgel, preparing to knock Irelia out.

* * *

As she feels her consciousness slipping away, Irelia draws forth some latent psionic power, the last of her remaining energy, and lets out her final psionic blast. The four party members inside are blasted aside; Tosscobble hitting the wall and falling unconscious; Dimble keeling over in pain; Erak and Knifey staggering backwards. As Irelia's body glows with a brilliant pink aura, she screams, and is completely disintegrated. Tharivol, outside the room, senses that the runes have become much more destabilised, and in a desperate attempt to save the surviving  members of the party, uses all his available first and second spells to keep the magic runes at bay, as Ri, Japas Jøhn  shout for the others to get out.
Dimble, Knifey, Erak gather themselves up, Erak stopping to throw Tosscobble over his shoulder, and they all rush from the room, clearing the area in view of the doorway. As soon as the party is out of range, Tharivol releases his hold on the magic, and all the runes in the room, including the disintegration rune, go off at once in a tremendous blast of light and sound.

After the dust has cleared, Tharivol moves cautiously  inside, and sees that only one rune is left: Knock. On the floor is a small pile of light-coloured ash - all that remained of Irelia. Outside, Japas revives Tosscobble, who comes in and headbutts the rune, hurting his head, but activating the rune all the same. The coppery door within the engraved outline completely vanishes.

Behind the new opening is a small chamber, filled with treasure. Interestingly to Tharivol, this includes a large sphere in the centre - of the same material as his smaller orb, with less intricate designs, but about 2ft in diameter. He senses that is a magical construct much like his own orb, and that it is quite possibly capable of mild intelligence. There is also 75,322 gold coins worth of gold, weighing about 1000Ib, a medium-sized enchanted plate armour with +1 light fortification, an enchanted composite longbow of +1 seeking, an enchanted sword, +1 flaming sword, and a large diamond, estimated by Tosscobble to be worth about 2000g.

Before leaving, Dimble and Japas gather up what they can of Irelia's dusty remains in a container, Erak and Knifey haul all the treasure out, Jøhn claims the longbow, while Tharivol takes some quick sketches of the art on the walls. They all seem to depict elves gifting strange constructs including spheres and automatons, to some humans, with a common motif of circles.

The Arrows stumble out into the courtyard in the late afternoon, half of them singed, the other half bruised and battered, and minus one of their number. The party collapses onto the cobblestones, exhausted by the dungeon crawl, and lamenting the loss of their friend. After recovering, we spend the rest of the remaining daylight dragging or carrying all the loot out, adding it to the mules' load. We rest in the courtyard for an uneventful night.

Day 28

The party travel for the day, and reach the road back to Faughlien by evening, without event. We find an easily fortified location and make camp. Soon after the sun sets, Knifey and Jøhn spy a torch travelling along the road in the party's direction. They see as they get closer that there are two travellers: one is in plain clothes, carrying the torch, and the other armoured. Tosscobble suggests killing them if they are orcs.

We wait until they approach closer, and see an armoured noble with flowing locks of shining gold, a neat blond beard, and wearing a chestplate depicting what Japas recognises as the mark of the god Tyr. The other traveller is a large orc dressed in simple brown robes, tied at the waist with a rope, and going barefoot. They approach, calling "Hail traveller! Do you mind if we camp with you for the night?". The armoured man introduces himself as Gazadriel Isenhart,  a fallen Aasimar Paladin, and his orc companion, a mute monk by the name of Skagaros. They serve the Knights of the Merciful Sword, worshippers of Tyr. They also bring a message from the temple of Lathander in Fareach; all clerics of Lathander have been recalled to Fareach. The two are looking for a demon-slayer, to help seek revenge on one of the masters at their church who betrayed them and cut out Skagaros' tongue. The party accepts their company and allows them to stay with them. Japas receives his news with much sorrow but accepts his duty, and decides to leave the party as soon as we reach the city, and he can hire some guards. The party settles down for supper, and then heads to bed. Instead of preparing his spells, Tharivol spends some time examining the intricate designs on the orb. This jogs his memory, and he discovers that he will be able to recall his spells from the orb from now on, without the use of a spellbook. On the third watch, Knifey and Jøhn have a mournful discussion about the passing of Irelia.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Eight - Creatures of the Forest

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Day 29

On the road, the Arrows pass an Elvish farmer wheeling a cart back from the harvest, but nothing else of note happens. The night passes without event.

Day 30

The Arrows reach Faughlien by mid-morning. Japas says a sorrowful goodbye, and leaves to organise his return to Fareach. Tharivol, Knifey, Erak, and the mules go to the bank and deposit the 75,000g from the dungeon. The rest of the party heads back to Greener Pastures; Tosscobble has already arrived there, having snuck off as soon as we got in the gates.

The tavern is quite full, but there are a few empty tables over in the corner. There is a lone hooded man sitting there by himself. He is drinking alone. Gazadriel, Tosscobble and Skagaros all head over to talk to the mysterious stranger. He has blood-red eyes, and an intense stare. "Hello there, stranger", he says in a controlled and melodic voice, with a hint of darkness behind it. The trio ask his business, and offer him a drink, which he accepts. He doesn't reveal much, saying only that he is a thief-taker, on a secret mission from Farreach, pursuing bounty. Gazadriel asks if he perhaps know of the thief-taker demon-slayer from Farreach, and the red-eyed man tells him he is looking straight at him. Gazadriel asks if he'd like to take up a challenging mission, and after some negotiation, the man accepts. He identifies himself as Sindri.

Tharivol and the rest return from their business in the city, and the party sits down to have some drinks. We purchase two nights' worth of accommodation (40g, payed graciously by Gazadriel). Tosscobble, although half-drunk, decides to listen for some interesting information. We hear of a successful raid on a nearby goblin camp, and also of a gruesome execution just outside the city walls in the previous night, the circumstances around which are unknown.

Tharivol and Knifey do some shopping in the city, restocking on the supplies they lost in the dungeon. They then visit Samuol Nailo, the blacksmith, who gives Tharry his staff. Gazadriel and Sindri also arrive, and Gazadriel buys a spear for Sindri.  Erak buys an Urgrosh, and the party finishes off their purchases. The party then rests for the day, and sleeps for the night.

Day 31

Tharivol,  Jøhn and Knifey decide to visit the Netheril expert, and Tharivol shows him the sketches he drew from the dungeon, and also the metal orb. The librarian is amazed by the artefact, saying it is the best specimen he's ever seen. Previously he's only seen parts and fragments. He suggests it might even be older than the Netheril Empire itself. He tells Tharivol that it is an automaton, which acts as a sort of familiar for mages. He opens it up, and has a bit of a tinker, and says that some parts look like they are missing, but he couldn't say what they are. He also looks at the sketches, and notes that the humans are dressed in the traditional garb of the Netherilians, but he hasn't seen the elves before, and can't say anything more. He asks if we've visited the archaeological dig, and if we found it there, but we reply that we found it in some Elven ruins three days from the city. Jøhn marks the place on the librarian's map, so that he can take a team out and investigate. We warn him of the traps, and then head back to meet the party at the gates.

At the gates, the party saddles up the mules and Gazadriel's horse Justice, and heads out of the city westwards. It is three days until the dig. After about half an hour of walking, we see a small pool in the distance, in a glade. Leaning over the centre of the pool, is a willow. Jøhn walks over and touches the tree, greeting it as nature. As soon as he touches it, the vines draping the willow spring to life, and grab Jøhn, who tries and pulls away from the tree, which begins to constrict him.

As this is happening, Erak hears a beautiful singing noise, luring him to the edge of the pool, but he manages to ignore it. Gazadriel asks Tharivol for the flaming sword, and Tharivol withdraws it and passes it to Gazadriel, who swings at the vines and manages to sever some of them, but not all. Out of the surface of a lake, glides a beautiful female Fey, clearly angry at her disturbance. Sindri, Tosscobble and Tharivol are blinded by the fey's beauty. She instantly fires a lightning bolt from a conjured cloud in the sky, and it heads straight for Gazadriel and electrocutes him, and he is slightly shocked.

Tharivol, still blind, hearing nothing but splashing and electricity, attempts to speak Sylvan to the Fey. Dimble casts Tongues, and then shouts out that we mean no harm. The Fey halts, and makes a gesture towards the willow. The vines stop squeezing, but doesn't let go of Jøhn. The ominous lightning cloud in the sky remains, ready to strike at any moment. Dimble says that we merely seek to know where we are, and that our ranger was merely revering the tree when he approached. The Fey signals the tree and it drops him to the ground. Jøhn calls out in Sylvan "Oh thank-you for your mercy!". We quickly farewell the Fey, and then leave the glade, apologising for our intrusions. The Fey makes another gesture, implying that we should leave. Jøhn leads, swiftly passing through the glade, and the blinded party members are cured as they pass out of the glade. Tharivol marks the location of the glade on the party map, and after about three hours more of walking, at late afternoon, Jøhn finds a suitable place to camp and the party settles down. Gazadriel heals Jøhn, and then the watches are worked out, since we have new party members.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey

On the third watch, at about 5am, Jøhn spots a spider searching in the undergrowth in the distance, about 60ft away. Jøhn heads to wake up Skagaros, Sindri and Gazadriel who hastily puts his armour on. Knifey keeps a watch on the spider, and Jøhn returns. He sees that there are tracks leading in a slow spiral towards the camp, and points it out to the others. Sindri lets out an Eldritch Blast, but loses control and gets hit by backlash. Knifey throws his mindblade, which slices through two of the spider's legs, and Jøhn fires three arrows, the second two hitting the mark and piercing the creature's body. Skagaros charges forth, and does a backflip, jumping onto the spider's back, but he overshoots and the spider pins him to the ground. Gazadriel runs forward with Tharivol's flaming sword, and slices at the spider several times. Jøhn leaps nimbly up a tree, does a full turn and fires three more arrows, the first and third hitting the spider squarely in two of its eyes, and it falls dead on top of Skagaros. After Knifey collects a vial of venom, Gazadriel slices off a leg and burns the body as a tribute to Tyr, upon Skagaros' suggestion.

Day 32

Nothing happens this day, and Jøhn manages to find a slight shortcut. Jøhn finds an adequate location, not spectacular, but suitable, and the party makes camp for the evening and take the same watch.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

On the second watch, at about midnight, Knifey, Erak and Skagaros all see a charging group of three spiders, and Knifey proceeds to wake up Gazadriel, Sindri, Dimble and Tosscobble. Dimble quickly casts a buff on everyone attacking, and it works, but it also wakes the rest of the camp. Knifey uses a Psychic Strike, hitting one of the spiders. Erak charges and swings at the second spider. Tosscobble runs in and stabs the first spider several times with his rapiers, killing it. Skagaros tries another backflip and but the spider quickly turns around and bites him, and he misses with his fists, trips, and ends sprawled on the damp earth. Sindri casts an Eldritch Blast, but the spider jumps out of the way. The spider over Skagaros bites him again, and Gazadriel leaps in with Tharivol's flaming sword again, but the spider remains standing. Jøhn shouts out for everyone to keep it down, as he is trying to meditate. Dimble then shoots the spider attacking Skagaros and Gazadriel. The third spider is keeping a distance at the moment, circling the party. Knifey plunges his mindblade into the same spider, killing it. Jøhn shouts his support for Knifey. Erak runs in, swinging his adamantine Urgrosh, cleaving the spider in twain. Everyone picks themselves up and goes back to bed, Jøhn getting up to take the watch, and slapping Dimble for being so noisy. Jøhn also heals Skagaros' wounds perfectly, as Skagaros sighs with gusto.

Day 33

At about mid-morning, the party comes across a small clearing which has obviously been camped in. Tosscobble notices several signs that Goblins were here recently. Jøhn determines they left about three days ago, heading East towards Faughlien. The party decides to keep moving forwards. By about late afternoon, a juvenile green dragon comes crashing through the trees ahead of us. It is about the size of a person. Knifey attempts an attack but fumbles, and Jøhn shoots thrice and only the first hits. Tharivol fires three magic missiles, all hitting. The dragon breaths a cone of acid on Knifey and Skagaros, but Skagaros dodges. Knifey is extremely hurt from the acid. Tosscobble runs in with his rapiers, hitting only with the first. Skagaros sends a flurry of blows at the dragon. Sindri launches an Eldritch Blast and it hits. Dimble uses Inspire Courage, and then Erak hits with his axe. Gazadriel swings with the flaming sword, but it glances off the dragon's scales. Knifey misses with his mindblade. Jøhn fires three arrows again and the latter two hit. Tharivol uses Magic Missile again, hitting with three missiles. The dragon lunges forwards and bites Skagaros on the leg. Tosscobble runs up the spine of the dragon, and then plunges his two rapiers into the dragon's neck.

Tosscobble finds four gemstones embedded in the dragon's underside. Jøhn skins the dragon with only minor damage to the hide. Tosscobble determines the gems include a deep-green spinel worth 100g, two aquamarine alexandrites worth 500g each, and what looks like an emerald, worth 1000g. The hide is stored on the mules.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Nine - Goblins

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Day 33 Continued...

Jøhn searches around for a suitable place to camp, and we settle down for the night.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

The first watch is uneventful, but in the second watch, Knifey spots three direwolves heading for the camp from the East. Skagaros and Erak are already awake on watch, and the group proceeds to wake the rest of the party apart from the two Elves and Dimble, since he's noisy. By the time everyone is up, the wolves are 40ft away from reaching the camp.

Knifey sends a psychic strike and hits the foremost wolf. Erak charges forward and swings his Urgrosh, cleaving at the leftmost wolf. The first wolf continues running and charges at Skagaros, missing. Tosscobble runs in to the first one and cuts it with his rapiers. Skagaros hits the wolf which hits  him in the snout. Gazadriel, still very sleepy, swings with Tharivol's flaming sword but misses. Knifey leaps in the air, uses psychic strike with his mindblade, smiting the wolf. Erak runs in again and swings his Urgrosh, cleaving the Direwolf in two. The third Direwolf lunges at Skagaros, grabbing him around the waist. Tosscobble runs in and cuts at the third wolf again. Skagaros punches the wolf eating him. Gazadriel runs in and tries to save Skagaros, but ends up flinging the flaming sword across the campsite. Erak leaps in, and tears the wolf off Skagaros, ripping it apart with his Urgrosh. The third watch is uneventful.

Day 34

In the evening of the next day, as the sun is setting, we finally come upon the archaeological dig, a great mass of stone ruins, covered in moss and heavily forested. Scattered around the site are some jagged stone remains and some archaeological trenches. Over in the corner is a very dilapidated wall, with a faded inscription on a facade in the wall. There are also some abandoned tents, all surrounding a cobblestone courtyard.

Tosscobble, Knifey, Gazadriel and Skagaros all head towards the trenches to have a look around, leaving Jøhn, Tharivol, Dimble, Erak, Ri and Sindri all above. They find nothing. Tharry suggests the group make camp, and Tosscobble tests the abandoned tents for traps, and deems it safe. The party sets up a camp, and settles down. Jøhn spots an amazing flower, exclaiming "Oh my God, what's this amazing flower?!".

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Gazadriel/Knifey/Erak

On the second watch, a small party of eight goblins approaches Knifey, Erak and Skagaros, unnoticed until they start opening fire on the camp. Three goblins attack leap out at Knifey, one shooting an arrow from a longbow, the other two throwing javelins which clang off his armour. Knifey calls out loudly, and Tharivol, Jøhn, Tosscobble and Gazadriel all wake at the sound, but Dimble snores on. They goblins approach in two pairs of two, a trio, and the one at the back with the longbow. Erak charges towards the group of three, his Urgrosh cleaving through the first, the second and the third goblin, decapitating all three in one move. The ranger at the back fires two arrows, hitting Erak in the shoulder and knocking him backwards. Skagaros runs towards the ranger, tumbling to dodge some arrows. He leaps upwards and punches the goblin in the knee and arm, knocking the goblin backwards. Knifey throws a mindblade into the night sky, completely missing the goblins. Another pair throws their javelins at Erak, but miss. Erak cleaves a fourth and fifth goblin. Dimble wakes to the noise.

The ranger goblin fires two arrows at Skagaros as he backs away, knocking him back. Skagaros hits back but the goblin still stands. Jøhn fires three rapid-shot arrows, the first two hitting. The arrows pierce his shoulder but he remains standing.

One of the remaining goblins tosses a javelin just as Tharivol leaves his tent, grazing his arm and knocking him aside, but he is mostly unharmed. Tosscobble leaps on top of Nigel the Weasel, and they reach the ranger goblin; Tosscobble shoots with his crossbow and the bolt hits him in the side. Tharivol picks himself up, and launches a fireball at the two goblins who are still not dead. They are incinerated in a fiery explosion. Gazadriel charges at the goblin with holy fury, swinging his flaming sword in an impressive arc of fiery might,  burying his sword deep in the ranger's chest. The party loots the body, and finds a  +1 longbow, +1 longsword, +1 studded leather, all small size, and 2800g of coins and gems. The corpses Erak made yield 232g for himself. Gazadriel replaces Jøhn on the third watch, as Jøhn was woken during the second watch. The watch is uneventful.

Day 35

The party heads to the facade. Skagaros skips forward and touches the wall, but nothing happens. Tosscobble, meanwhile, searches the archaeologists' tents, and finds nothing. Tharry examines the inscription, and despite its age, he can see a few words in Netherilian, but can't read them. He writes them down for consultation later. Tharry does some searching and finds a secret trapdoor in the courtyard where the wall is. Tosscobble checks for traps, and then he picks the lock for the door, opening it. The trapdoor reveals a 10ft deep shaft, with a ladder on one wall. At the bottom is a corridor. Tosscobble climbs down and looks around. The corridor is 5ft wide, and 15ft long. At the end is a stone door. Tosscobble throws his rubber ball - it hits the door, and bounces back and hits him in the eye. The party above hears a loud "Ow!". He throws another ball, but nothing happens when it hits the door.

The rest of the party enters the shaft and meets Tosscobble in the corridor, while Ri and Sindri leave and remain the care for the campsite. We head down the corridor in the following order: Tosscobble, Skagaros, Dimble, Erak, Knifey, Jøhn, Tharivol, and Gazadriel at the end. As Tosscobble heads down, a blade trap swings from the wall, slicing his arm slightly. Skagaros leaps in beside Tosscobble, and the blades swing down again - Tosscobble jumps backwards out of the way. Skagaros jumps forwards. Tosscobble tries to disable the trap, succeeding on the second attempt. Skagaros runs ahead and tries to open the stone door, and is immediately struck by lightning. Gazadriel heals him very quickly, and he is fine. The party backs away as Tosscobble and successfully disables the rune. He finds no more traps around the door, and then successfully unlocks the door. The following room is 25ft2, with a door at the other end. Tosscobble finds a 5ft2 pit trap in the centre of the room. In the ceiling is a spinning saw trap, which he promptly disables. The walls appear to have no traps either. Jøhn reminds Tosscobble not to stand on the pit trap as he triggers it in order to ensure no-one accidentally triggers it when walking past.

Using his periscope, he peers into the pit, and estimates it to be about 120ft deep. After checking the door for traps, he tries to open it, and jumps out of the way just in time as a spike protrudes up from the floor. He determines the trap was one-use only. After successfully opening the door, the party sees a 35ft2 room, with a pedestal in the centre with a black gemstone on top. The walls are covered in many inscriptions. Tharivol finds that the only magical aura comes from the gem in the centre, and is of the Divination school. Tosscobble thoroughly checks the pedestal for traps, and finds a small pressure plate which will activate when the gem is removed. He manages to disable the pressure plate. After some discussion, Skagaros picks up the gem, and shows it to Tharivol, but he can't discern anything more from it. He also examines the inscriptions on the wall, which are also Netherilian. He takes copies of all the inscriptions, and then makes some notes on what he thinks it means - it looks like a creation story of some sort. Tharivol and Tosscobble both search for secret doors, Tharry doing it far more proficiently, but they find nothing. The party heads back to the surface after ensuring the way is still safe.

The party looks around the walls in the courtyard. We find nothing, and decide to leave. It is late afternoon. We travel until sunset. Jøhn finds a good location and we establish a nice little camp, and the night is uneventful.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

Day 36

Jøhn successfully navigates is through the forest, but at about four o'clock, a goblin party of two goblins and a bugbear attacks from the trees, and one launches a massive fireball at the party, blasting Ri, Sindri, Erak, and Tharry, who is severely singed and knocked unconscious. A crossbow bolt takes Knifey in the back, and the bugbear archer fires an arrow at Gazadriel. Erak lunges forth and smashes his Urgrosh into the goblin wizard. Knifey then throws his mindblade directly between the goblin's eyes, killing it in an instant, as Knifey shouts "For Tharry!".

The bugbear draws a huge greatsword and runs forward, running straight into Erak's Urgrosh. It then swings and hits Erak backwards. Tosscobble jumps in with Nigel (who stumbles and falls down in its attempt to attack), and uses his rapiers to attack the small crossbow-wielding goblin. Skagaros backflips onto the goblin's head and tries to punch it, but falls off and fails. Gazadriel quickly moves in and heals Tharivol completely. The smaller goblin, clearly a rogue, moves in and stabs Erak in the back, but Dimble runs in and blows its head apart with his musket.

Jøhn moves to attack the bugbear, and fires three rapid-shot arrows at it, two of them hitting in its chest, but it remains steady and mobile. Tharry picks himself up and prepares to attack, but Erak charges one last time, and absolutely destroys the bugbear. Jøhn heals Knifey, and Tosscobble searches for loot on the bodies. Large full plate, large heavy shield., large Masterwork's greatsword, a large Masterwork's longbow and 2150g. The other goblins are carrying various small weapons, and 3000g coins. The wizard has bracers of armour +1, a quarterstaff, MW shortbow and 2000g, and a spellbook containing some spells Tharry doesn't know.

After the fight, Tharivol approaches Gazadriel and thanks him for his healing and aid, and then tells him to keep Tharivol's flaming sword as a token of gratitude, and also asks that he find a suitable name for it. In return, Gazadriel pledges his service and aid to Tharivol.

The party walks for another two hours, and makes camp at sunset.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Ten - Adventure Unfolds

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Day 37

At about one o'clock in the afternoon, the party comes across a small party of twelve Elven Rangers, who sneak out from behind the trees. Tharivol converses with the party, and discovers they are a scouting party from the city, and that the area has been seeing high goblin activity lately. We finish the conversation and bid them farewell. The rest of the day is uneventful, and Jøhn establishes a camp in a nice location in the forest. The first watch goes peacefully, aside from a Honey Badger which leaps on Skagaros during the first watch. The rest of the night is peaceful, no doubt due to the presence of Rangers in the area.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

Day 38

Close to the road, Jøhn finds a large host of Goblin tracks - enough for an army. He determines that the tracks are recent, estimated at no older than one day old, and heading northwards. Jøhn marks the location and the details on a map. The party moves on swiftly, and Jøhn makes a camp away from the road, in case another goblin army heads along the road. He also conceals the fire.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

Day 39

We move along the road the next day, and at about four in the afternoon, we come across a merchant heading towards Faughlien, the Luskan Cloth Merchant from Fareach. We hail him, and he stops in his tracks, looking rather nervous. Tharivol calls out and explains that we mean no harm, there is no need to be afraid and that we have met before in Fareach. He introduces himself as Rien Spijker. We offer him our company for the two hours, an escort for free. We make light conversation along the road, and the reach the city as the sun sets. The party enters the gates and farewells the merchant.

Skagaros finally gives up the black gem to Tharivol, and we head to the Library to meet Alster Fennensteen, and Tharivol shows him the gem and the sketches from the ruins. He determines it has a Divination spell on it, and asks what we found ourselves. We explain our theories, including that it might be a missing component to the larger orb. Knifey rolls the orb in from outside, and Alster investigates but decides that this is probably untrue.

The party returns to Greener Pastures and hires rooms for the night. During the night, Tharry notices that his concentration has increased, and he can cast an extra spell from his orb every day. The night passes silently.

Day 40

In the morning we head to talk to Cheronet at the Army Barracks, but the clerk tells us that Cheronet is away. Jøhn marks the tracks he saw the other day on the clerk's map, and Erak asks if there are any offensives being planned. He tells us that Cheronet is leading a campaign away in the northern parts of the forest. After finding out some more about this campaign, we leave the Barracks.

We then return to Alster. We enter the library, finding the librarian poring over a larger version of the sketches Tharivol had provided for him. Tharry finds that the scripts in the book seem somewhat familiar. Tharivol moves closer and finds that he can now decipher it. It is a detailed story of the life of a powerful mage called Haydar Teke. It details his life and achievements, and he appears to be a Dwemer mage, and that he was known for making magical items. Tharivol tells Alster excitedly that he can read it, and Alster is amazed! Tharivol makes a detailed transcript, and Alster requests him to stay for the day and help read some of his other texts, which Tharivol accepts.

The rest of the party decides to head to "The Frozen Lake". It appears to be the chosen inn for merchants, and is thus filled with beings from all over Faerûn. The party spots Georg at the bar. Tosscobble heads into the crowd to gather information with Sindri, while Knifey and Jøhn head over to Georg. Sindri and Tosscobble learn that some caravans have been raided on the roads, and that business in Faughlien hasn't been too good as a result. A high tax on commerce has also been applied to help fund the war effort.

Georg tells us of his financial success in Faughlien. He asks us if we've been enjoying the house, finds that we haven't been back, due to some problems the party wizard has been happening, and so wishes us well when we return to it. Jøhn relates how we have been helping in the war effort against the goblin. He thanks us again, and we leave the inn.

Meanwhile Erak has gone to investigate the prospect of buying a new weapons.

Gazadriel, Skagaros proceed to the Barracks and introduce themselves formally as Knights of the Merciful Sword, and inquire about the Blackguard and his demonic allies that they are searching. The clerk doesn't know anything for certain, but it is a common rumour between the elves that the attacking goblins' actions seem demonically influenced. Their sudden arrival indicates an external presence influencing the goblins, and the common theory is demons. He says that if they help with the goblin threat then there is the chance they could uncover information about their Blackguard. The clerk shows them a map of the goblin armies and camps. Three camps in the north are currently unattended by the city's forces. Cheronet's forces are heading out to attack two camps in the north-west. Gazadriel and Skagaros copy down the locations,  and then head back to Greener Pastures. The rest of the party has returned by then as well. Tharivol returns as well, laden with scrolls and parchment. Tosscobble, in a drunken furore, swipes at Tharry, but Gazadriel lifts him up by his clothes and warns him not to touch Tharivol, or he'll regret it. The party rests for the night.

Day 41

The party leaves in the morning to intercept one of Cheronet's two armies. We travel for a day.

Day 42

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

The day is uneventful, but on the second watch of the night, Knifey sees a small band of six goblins approaching the party's camp. Knifey alerts Erak and Skagaros and wakes Sindri, Gazadriel and Tosscobble.

The goblins arrive near the camp - one appears to hang back forty feet away, the other five are charging ahead, thirty feet away. Tosscobble charges ahead on his weasel at the goblin wizard at the back, and it casts Magic Missile at Tosscobble in retaliation, hitting him. Nigel bites the goblin, and then Tosscobble plunges both his rapiers into both of the goblin's eyes, killing it.

Erak sends a flurry of blow as he charges the five goblins, some of the goblins hitting him, and Erak smashes the first goblin in the face, causing it to howl and stumble backwards. Skagaros leaps on the fourth one and grapples with it on the ground. Sindri casts an Eldritch Blast, but it shoots over the first goblins' head. Gazadriel charges in on his horse Justice to attack the goblin attacked by Erak, crying "For Tyr!". He misses and gallops onwards, and then the goblin heals itself, swinging at Erak. The fourth goblin, being pinned by Skagaros struggles to break free, but fails against the orcs' strength. Knifey runs forth and misses. The goblin cleric trips and falls, and Tosscobble runs forward and kills the second goblin. Erak swings his Urgrosh again, killing the third goblin. Skagaros manages to knock the goblin on the ground out. Sindri misses with his Blast again. After doing a lap on his horse, and shouting "For Tyr!", Gazadriel gallops forth and swings his flaming sword at the fourth goblin, and it is burnt to a crisp by the holy power of Tyr. Knifey then runs ahead and swings his mindblade at the fifth goblin, slicing it in two.

The party loots the corpses, and finds 2700g, which Tosscobble claims for the party's account. Gazadriel announces to the party that he has decided to name his sword, gifted from Tharry, "Tyr's Mercy". The party settles back down, and the third watch is uneventful. The goblin prisoner is kept under restraint for the night.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Eleven - The Demon-Slayer

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Day 43

In the morning, Dimble and Sindri interrogate the goblin, while Gazadriel and Skagaros look on. The rest of the party keeps a watch for enemies. Sindri asks about Christobal Zambrano, but the goblin has no idea. He asks about the goblin activities. The goblin replies that they are amassing to attack a large human settlement in the north, but he doesn't know specifically, on the orders of their chieftain. We mark the locations of the goblin camps on the map. Once done, Skagaros snaps the goblin's neck. The body is left behind.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

Jøhn makes a camp at night. On the third watch, Knifey and Jøhn hear a rustling in the distance, and Jøhn sees a Shambling Mound shambling towards the camp. Knifey wakes Tosscobble, Skagaros, Erak, Dimble, Sindri and Gazadriel. By now the Mound is 35ft  away. Erak charges, and one of the vines skims over his head, but misses. He slices off a tendril, but it grows back in seconds. Jøhn scores two hits with his bow, Dimble shoots it with a musket, waking Tharivol. Gazadriel charges forward on Justice, but misses with his sword. Knifey throws his mindblade, but the mound morphs itself out of the way. Skagaros punches the mound, but it just makes a squelching sound and his fist sinks in. Tosscobble shoots with a crossbow, but it has little effect. The mound rumbles ahead and swings a vine out, grabbing Skagaros and pulling him in tight. It sends another vine out and draws in Erak as well, and he struggles to get free. Jøhn fires three arrows and hits with two, slicing through the earth matter. Dimble fires his musket but misses, almost hitting Skagaros. Tharivol then steps out of his tent, and with a surge of arcane might and wrath, he blasts the mound with three magic missiles, blasting it into a thousand tiny pieces. He then silently marches back inside. The night passes quietly until morning.

Day 44

Jøhn catches a robin in the morning and Tharivol writes a letter to the Master of the Tower in Fareach, in order to warn them of the goblin clans heading their way.

Dear Jain Eranor,

I am writing to inform you that we have received intelligence from a goblin captive that indicates that almost all the clans of Lurkwood Goblins are gathering to attack a human settlement to the north of Lurkwood, which we believe to be Fareach. We are sending this as a warning to you and the good people of Fareach.


Tharivol Silverfrond, Mage of the Tower.

The robin is sent off safely. At about one in the afternoon, Tosscobble falls off his weasel and bruises himself. Aside from that, the day is uneventful, and Jøhn successfully sets up a good camp. Nothing happens during the night.

Day 45

Now only a day from the camps which Cheronet is attacking, Jøhn finds a spectacular hawk, likely lost from a hawking trip, and sends an exact copy of the message from the day before to Jain Eranor again, to make sure he gets it. We travel for the day, moving quietly for now. In the later afternoon, the party can hear the sounds of battle; swords clashing on steel; the screams of the dying; drums being beaten; warhorns blowing.

* * *

Jøhn and Tosscobble decide to sneak ahead and scout the battlefield. They successfully sneak in, and can now see that the goblins are defending a camp much like the one they infiltrated previously. A large Elven army is having reasonable success in their attack, scaling the walls and knocking goblins off with arrows. There are spellcasters casting Fireballs, and many trebuchets positioned outside the walls. The Elves are attempting to breach part of the wall.

Jøhn and Tosscobble survey the area, and can't see the Elven camp. The pair decide to sneak around the edge of the battle, to find tracks leading back to the Elf camp. Jøhn finds the tracks after about fifty minutes of thorough searching. They follow the tracks for about ten minutes, and slowly enter the camp with hands held high. As they enter, they are seen immediately, and about twenty bows are drawn. Tosscobble mumbles about goblins and the party, but the Elves, not understanding anything, escort him the Cheronet's tent. The pair are brought before him, as messengers bustle in and out with news. They tell of their suspicions about the Blackguard's involvement behind the attacks. Cheronet, reminding them of their past infiltration, asks if they would attack the command centre in this camp. They agree, and Jøhn and Tosscobble then return to the party and lead them to Cheronet.

* * *

As the sun sets, Tosscobble, Jøhn, Sindri, Knifey and Skagaros head towards the back of the goblin camp. The goblins on the wall are very distracted by the attacking Elves, and don't see the infiltrating party at all, looking in the complete other direction. The wall is about ten metres tall. The party scales the wall, and Knifey climbs over the top, but slips and falls, hurting himself. Luckily, no goblins hear him fall. There are about ten lanes of tents between the wall and the centre, where the command tent can clearly be seen. The group reaches about halfway, with five rows left, and hear a group of goblins running past in the next lane. They pass the next few lanes, and then Tosscobble and Jøhn run forward to the command tent. When Jøhn looks inside, he sees three goblins; two which appear to be generals, and what appears to be a six-feet tall demon.

Jøhn pulls back, shocked by the sight. He tells Tosscobble about the creatures within. Looking back inside, the demon's back is to the party, and it and the generals are all standing around a table in the centre. Tosscobble beckons the rest of the group over, and they stealthily pass the gap between the camps. They make a plan - Knifey and Sindri will attack the demon. Skagaros, Jøhn and Tosscobble will take out two goblins, and then Skagaros and Tosscobble will attempt to knock out one of the generals, for questioning.

Tosscobble runs in and immediately kills one general with his two rapiers. Jøhn fires three arrows and two hit the regular goblin, killing it. Skagaros leaps forward and grapples the other goblin general, who trips as he tries to escape. Tosscobble runs ahead starts bashing the general with his cudgel. Knifey uses a psychic strike, and hits the demon, and then Sindri casts and Eldritch Blast from the doorway, blasting it off its feet. Tosscobble knocks the goblin general out. Sindri casts an Eldritch Blast and the demon is knocked backwards again as it struggles to get up. Jøhn fires three arrows and hits with all three, using cold iron arrows. The demon lashes out at Knifey with its acid-coated claws, slashing him across the chest and knocking him backwards. Tosscobble hits at the demon with his rapiers, hitting with one, and then Sindri, in a burst of light and colour, Eldritch Blasts the demon into many small pieces. The demon's soul, in a stream of swirling violet light, whirls into Sindri's chest as he absorbs it.

The party gags the unconscious general. Tosscobble searches the tent and finds two chests full of gold, and some important maps and documents. The party gathers what gold they can, and then leave the tent swiftly and quietly. They reach the edge of the camp quickly and unseen, most of the goblins seeming to have left to man the walls. They climb the wall again, Tosscobble falling over the other side. Jøhn falls backwards onto the goblin side, and then on his second climb, falls onto the outer side.

* * *

Meanwhile, Erak grabs his barrel and leaves Cheronet's tent. He runs onto the battlefield and makes his way to the front. He follows the line of the wall, out of sight of the goblins, dousing the palisades in the oil. As the infiltrators pass him, calling out, he grabs an Elven lantern, throws it, and the side of the wall being attacked by the Elves catches completely on fire, filling the sky with a brilliant orange glow.

* * *

The infiltrators and Erak return to Cheronet's tent together. They present the maps and parchment found in the tent, and it becomes clear that the goblins are allied with the Blackguard, and they are indeed heading to Fareach. The map locations are also recorded on the party's own maps. Cheronet agrees to let them interrogate the goblin first, and he is woken up. Sindri asks where the Blackguard, and he tells that he is coming down from the north with huge armies, several fists of orcs (many, many clans of orcs). An army of Frost Giants are coming from the mountains to the east, the Spine of the World. The goblin doesn't know the Blackguard's intentions. The spiders are against the goblins because they haven't accepted the Blackguard's enlightenment. All the goblin forces are heading towards Fareach, thus Faughlien should be safe for now. The party hands over the goblin to

Day 46

In the morning, Cheronet informs the group that Erak's efforts in burning the wall were extremely helpful, and the goblin wall fell under the forces of the Elves. Some of the goblins escaped but most were killed by the merciless elves. The party goes up a watchtower and sees the carnage left over from the battle. They then return to Cheronet and Dimble negotiates for Elven support against the assault on Fareach. He argues that letting Fareach fall would mean the enemies have a base of operations to attack Lurkwood from, endangering Faughlien, and that the goblins would no doubt want to get revenge against the Elves for their loss last night. Cheronet is convinced, and agrees to command his two armies to help defend Fareach. The party decides to head to Fareach immediately, which will take four days, and the armies will be there in seven. Jøhn sends another hawk to Fareach, telling them of the reinforcements.

Day 47 and Day 48

We march for two days, and in the mid-afternoon of the second day, Jøhn spies one of the goblin armies, about a day behind us.

Day 49 and Day 50

The party finally reaches the gates of Fareach.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Twelve - A Shady Offer

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Day 50 Continued...

As the party approaches, Gazadriel riding Justice, they notice five hooded men arguing boisterously with the guard at the gates. As they get closer, the party hears that they are arguing about whether or not they should be allowed into the city, but the guard insists that his orders state that he cannot allow these people into the city. The men are speaking with a strange accent. Gazadriel determines that they want to enter the city to find a group of adventurers, and that they are Evilly-aligned.  We decide to send Sindri in, being the least Good-looking. He asks them "Why can't we get into the city, friends?", but as they turn to face him, they see something in the distance behind him, and walk straight past him. They reach the party, and they all descend to one knee in front of Tharivol Liadon.

The foremost hooded man stands and says "Dwemeri, we had heard that your kind had returned but did not believe it to be true!".
"Dwemeri? I'm not sure what you mean...?"
"But surely, you carry the Dwemeri staff, you must know!"
"Can you tell me what you know then?"
"Well, of course: your kind was the kind that originally taught us how to use magic, how to craft magical items!"
"... What are you doing here?"
"Looking for you of course! We were raiding one of our old supply caches, and discovered that one of our orbs were missing, which could only mean that you had returned! All our Netherilian Scouting Troops have been sent out to find you!"
"'Netherilian', you say?"
"Yes! Ours is the last Netherilian city, that we know of: The City of Shade!"

Jøhn recognises that this city is the giant, black floating city above Anauroch, where he has been, but he didn't see it. He whispers this in Tharivol's ear.

"What do you want with me?" Asked Tharivol.
"Well, to take you back to the city of course! Make your arrangements for your departure, and we shall return by nightfall with Lord Hadrhune."
"You are aware that this city is about to go under siege by three separate armies?"
"That is nothing! No significance in the world!"
"But my friends? And the halfling?"
"Of no importance as well! When we reach the city you'll be installed as the High Magos Errant, in the service of the mighty Netherilian Empire!"

Tharivol and the party can sense their honesty, and that they mean Tharry no harm, and earnestly idolise him.

"What are your names?"
"I am called Captain Shakul Krenonie, and this is my company."
"Would you care to remove your hoods and show me your faces? If it please you?"
"I would prefer not to feel the sun on my face."
Sindri recalls that the City of Shade spent a long time in the Plane of Shadow, and thus its denizens would not like the sun.
"I understand. Why aren't the guards letting you in?"
"Since the City's entry onto this plane, it has not made much of a good reputation for itself, and the Fareachians will not allow us in for this reason."
"If I asked you to kill someone, would you do it?"
"Without hesitation."
Tharivol feels conflicted between his natural goodness and his hatred for halflings.
"What if I refuse?"
"Why would you!"
"Can I speak with my party?"
"You have plenty of time to converse - be at the gates at dusk, and we'll be here with our Lord."

The Captain begins to chant, and then he and his company dissolve into the air, and are gone. It is ten in the morning by the time they disappear. The Elves will be arriving in three days, and the goblins in six days. The party moves forward to talk to the guard at the gate, standing there slightly perplexed. The guard remembers them, and Tharivol asks what the situation in the city is. The city has been fortified, the army raised, the militia mustered and the guards are watching diligently. All the villagers have been brought into the city, and their villages abandoned. We inform them that we sent the warning message, and that there are two armies of Elves coming to help. The city has not otherwise been able to bring in any aid. The guard opens the gates and the party enters.

Tharivol, Jøhn and Knifey head to the Mage Tower to speak with Jain Eranor. Knifey takes the gold to go to the bank, 4928g. On the way, Jøhn, Tharivol and Knifey discuss tactics. Jøhn says that we should cut off the head of the snake, by killing the Blackguard, making Cheronet's job easier. When they get to the tower, Tharivol greets the Master of the Tower, Jain Eranor, and reminds him who he is. The Master shows him the two messages he received by bird (the first and the last). Tharry asks if the city will hold, but the Master is not confident, and has been preparing to close the portal to the Library. The Wizards will have full participation in the battle besides.

Tharivol also asks for a new mage cloak, and receives one, and then asks who we would talk to about the city's military preparations, and The Master explains that he is the communication point for all the mages in the battle, but the man we are probably after will be General Tullius, the man in charge of the army.

The party, minus Sindri and Tosscobble,  who are at the inn drinking watered-down wine, heads to the City Keep, and asks for General Tullius. After being directed by a clerk, the General converses with Gazadriel, and expresses his doubts about the city's chances. He says that without reinforces, it looks very grim, and the city may not stand, even with the elf armies heading this way. Jøhn tells him of the Blackguard leading the Goblin army in the north; news which he finds very disturbing. Gazadriel asks why he was not letting the hooded Netherese into the city, and he explains that anything from the Shadow Planes cannot be good.

Meanwhile, Sindri and Tosscobble, having been disappointed by the alcohol in the pubs, limited by the rationing in the city, head towards the Thief-Taker's Guild. They perform the secret knock, and are allowed to enter, where they ask to see "The Man up top". They are led downstairs, and the man greets Sindri with enthusiasm, paying him 100g for the task he performed in Faughlien. He congratulates Tosscobble when he hears that it was he who brought them the intelligence from the Goblin camps. Tosscobble humbly mentions Jøhn Hunter's involvement as well. Tosscobble then signs up the party as a strike force for the Guild, who will perform reconnaissance, patching holes in defences, and taking out command centres.

At about two in the afternoon, the party then decides to go and talk to Japas Jaundice, at the Temple of Lathander. He greets them when they arrive, and embraces them in turn. The Temple is well-equipped for dealing with casualties during the siege. Afterwards, Tharivol, Gazadriel and Jøhn return to the Wizard Tower, while the rest of the party  finally returns to the Alchemical Store which they were collecting Spider venom for. We get 1500g, which Knifey then banks. Tharivol asks the Master about the Dwemeri, and relates his story about the orb, but the mage knows nothing, and tells him of the Netheril expert in Faughlien, Alster Fennensteen. Tharivol thanks him for his help, and the whole party finally returns to the house they received from Georg a month and a half previously. Knifey puts the spare loot in the lockable cellar.

At dusk, Tharivol leaves the city by the gates, and comes upon a large grey tent, set up in the field outside. The party waits at the gates, behind Tharivol. He heads towards the tent, and approaches the armoured Shade guards. They have grey skin and glowing eyes, with full enchanted battle armour, and they bow as he gets near, opening the flaps for him. The rest of the party is barred entry, and waits outside.

Inside is an ornately carved wooden chair, and seated upon it is a large shadowy figure, in ceremonial garb. Lining the tent walls are forty or so ceremonially-armoured Shades, all bowing. This figure is obviously Lord Hadrhune. He acknowledges him by saying "Dwemeri"", and nodding.

"Lord Hadrhune, I take it?"
"Indeed... You know well what our proposition is."
"Yes... if I may ask, what does the role of High Magos Errant involve?"
"Mostly ceremonial - essentially you will control all of our arcane forces."
"And what will be expected of me to do with these arcane forces?"
"Your wisdom and mastery of the arcane - The Dwemeri are great enchanters and spellcasters."
"What do you know of the coming armies?"
"I've had some scouts look at these 'armies' - "
"- And what do you think of them?"
"Nothing but monstrous humanoids - I could wipe them out in an instant, should I choose."
"Can I ask what your attentions are? Why do you need me? What are you intending to do with me?"
"You are a Dwemeri!"
"Do you mind if one of my friends brings in an artefact for you to look at?"
Knifey rolls the large orb/robot into the tent. Knifey is allowed to stay inside.
"This a Dwemeri centurion, a battlesphere!"
"I already know that it doesn't work. What do I need to do to make it work?"
"I do not have knowledge of this Craft, Dwemeri. I am sorry. The knowledge of this craft was a mystery even to us."
"What if I refuse to come with you?"
"We will be greatly disheartened by your refusal." They'd be rather upset, disappointed, but would not force him to accompany them.
"Would you still do what I said, being your figure of idolatry?"
"We would not act against our intentions. But we will still do you a favour. One favour."
"Then I am disheartened in turn to tell you that I cannot accept your offer. I cannot come with you now. I have business with others. " Tharivol throws an arm around Knifey's shoulders.
"Are there any small favours I can do you, in return for your favour, before you return to your city."
"Only this - if you ever feel ready to assume the title of Magos-Errant, come to the City of Shade. We will be awaiting you."
"I ask you this: Destroy the three armies approaching Far-Reach, led by the Blackguard Christobal Zambrano. Save the city. Save my friends."
Hadrhune looks troubled, and spends some time in thought.
"We will not go out into the fields and meet them there. We will help man the defences of the city. How long before the armies arrive?"
"Five days."
"We will have you this as a test to decide whether the city is worth saving. If you can hold out through the first day of the siege assault, we will come to your aid."
Hadrhune calls forth three Shades, and instructs them to defend Tharivol with their lives.
"You three! You must defend this man with your lives. Send me word when the appointed time has come. You know well the conditions we have set. After we have come, Dwemeri, you will command our forces in battle! Now go - defend your city!"

Tharivol and Knifey exit the tent, rolling the orb with them. They meet up with the party and start returning to the city. Behind them, the tent disassembles, as if by magic, leaving the Shades in the open - their wizard's cast spells, and they too vanish, leaving only the three Shades assigned to guard Tharivol.

The party returns and tells General Tullius of the change in situation - that we will be alone in defending the city for a day, until the Shades decide to come, and he explains that "this is good news! Help has come from an unexpected quarter!".

Day 51, Day 52 and Day 53

The party spends the days before the Elves arrive preparing for the siege.

Day 54

Cheronet arrives on time with his two armies, totalling about ... Elves.

Day 55

The party continues their preparations; the goblins are drawing nearer now, only a day away.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Chapter Thirteen - A Battle at Fareach

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Day 56

On the morning of battle, the defending groups assemble with the Thief-Takers in the Market Square, and Tosscobble receives the orders, and an amulet for communication. The battle begins at about 8am, and the party can hear the sounds of battles drifting over the walls; bashing shields, crashing steel, and many screams.

After about two hours of surveying the battle and waiting for orders, the Man Upstairs tells us that there has been a breach in the Burrows district, and he sends The Arrows down there to deal with it. When they arrive, a horde of goblins are streaming out of the sewer pipe. Tosscobble shoots his crossbow and kills a goblin. Knifey throws a mindblade and gets another. Jøhn shoots three arrows and kills two goblins. Skagaros leaps forward and grapples one. Gazadriel decapitates another with Tyr's Mercy. Dimble buffs the group with his music. Erak charges ahead, and cleaves eight goblins. Tharivol gets a massive headshot with his Masterwork's Longbow. Fourteen goblins are dead by this point. Erak cleaves another eight goblins. Skagaros snaps the goblin's neck as he gurgles in its ear. Tosscobble kills another. Knifey kills another, Jøhn kills two, Skagaros kills two more as well, Gazadriel kills another, and Dimble kills one with his musket. Tharivol kills another. By this time the city army arrives and secures the location.

The Arrows return to the Man Upstairs. He tells them that they have discovered the infiltration was an inside job. The party returns to the Market Square, with the amulet, while Tosscobble stays and is charged with taking out the inside man. He needs to go to the security checkpoint in the Burrows, and there they tell him to go to the headquarters of the Thieves' Guild, giving him the location on a map.

When he arrives at the Headquarters, he finds that it is the Burrows inn, The Third Knife. On the roof are three crossbow-wielding thieves, and the perimeter appears to be guarded by orcs.  He surveys the area, looking for a way onto the roof. The Inn is located on its own block, but surrounded by several higher buildings.

Tosscobble enters an alley and climbs onto the roof of the building next to the inn. He decides to go down the chimney of the inn, and attempts to jump across, but falls. The Orcs are alerted to his presence, and he quickly runs and hides. As soon as the orcs have passed, and he waits a bit, he successfully navigates his way back to the inn. The roof security has increased, but there are now no orcs in the streets. He crosses the street, and scales the wall to the second-storey, perching at a window. He sees nothing through the gaps in the boarded-up window, so tries another, and just sees an empty room. He attempts to get inside, but slips and falls back to the ground again. The guards don't hear, so he climbs the wall again. He successfully breaks the boards, and climbs into the room. He opens the door, and checks for traps, finding none. The Man Upstairs told him that the target would be found in the basement level of the inn. He moves along the corridor to find a staircase. He finds them, and moves downstairs to the ground floor, and then the cellar. He tells the Dancing Lantern to illuminate. The room is full of nothing but empty barrels. He moves a few aside, and finds a trapdoor. After five minutes, he manages to open the trapdoor. He uses his periscope to peer below. There is a very well-lit corridor with a few doors along it. One end is a dead-end, the other has a pair of large doors. Halfway down, he finds a rune trap, which requires a particular item to pass safely. He heads the other way to look for a key of sorts to pass the trap. He opens a door and finds a kitchen. He listens at the other doors, and finds one with soft breathing behind it. He picks the lock, and enters silently. The man is asleep, and is obviously not the target. He searches the room, and finds a rune-inscribed talisman. He collects it and successfully walks past the rune trap. He checks for more traps, and then proceeds to the double-doors.

He can hear the sound of a quill being used inside. He prepares his crossbow, and then knocks. A chair scrapes across the floor from inside, and then the door opens. Tosscobble fires his crossbow, straight through the man's heart, and he falls dead. He is also a halfling, so Tosscobble collects his armour and belongings, including 5000g. He also finds three potions of invisibility, and some valuable documents. He also takes the signet ring, to prove he killed the mark.

Tosscobble uses a potion to leave stealthily, and returns the items to the Man Upstairs. He rejoins the group after about three hours, and for the rest of the day the party participates in various skirmishes. The city becomes overwhelmed by mid-afternoon, and the defenders are forced to retreat behind the Upper City walls, which are much stronger. The Arrows go to the Temple of Lathander, and meet Japas Jaundice, who restores the party to full health. Fifteen minutes before the sun sets, Tharivol's Shade companions disappear. The party stands on the Upper City walls and they watch as the flames devour the city below. The enemies are smashing at the gate below with a battering ram, but The sun dips below the horizon, and the party waits in anticipation. For a few minutes, nothing happens, but then, they hear many blood-curdling screams from the city below, and the arcanists can sense a great surge of arcane magic being used. Suddenly, Hadrhune appears beside Tharivol, and greets him as "Dwemeri". He asks them if they know where the command centre, with the Blackguard, is located. Tharivol orders an attack on the command centre, stipulating that the Blackguard is to be left alive, for his companions. He says that The Arrows will accompany the Shades and participate in the fight, as they wish to see the glory of the Dwemeri in combat.

Hadrhune gives a rousing speech about the assault and the glory of serving the Dwemeri, and then the party and the Shades crowd around in a circle, and he commands them to teleport. In a shimmering glow and with a whirring sound, the group disappears.

They appear at the top of a hill outside the city, and below them is a cluster of tents, clearly the command centre. Hadrhune shouts "Charge!". The group rushes down the hill and into the tent area. As they run, a 15ft Frost Giant cleaves his way through the tents, roaring. Erak, with extreme speed, charges ahead and strikes at the Giant with his Urgrosh. Knifey misses with his mindblade. Dimble plays his tin-flute and Inspires Courage. Tosscobble runs forward and stabs at its feet with his two rapiers. Sindri attempts an Eldritch Blast, but misses. Jøhn rapid-shoots three arrows, and hits with all three. Tharivol hits with Magic Missile. Skagaros tries to punch him, and the Frost Giant swings at him with his greataxe, hitting him twice and knocking the orc to the ground. Gazadriel heals Skagaros. The Shades pepper the Giant with arrows as he stumbles around, swiping at them all with his axe. Erak swings again and smashes the it in the knees. Knifey does an acrobatic leap behind the Giant, jumping up its back and plunging his mindblade into his head, killing it. It stumbles to the ground with a final roar, dead.

We make it to the central command tent, and see it surrounded by nine demons in combat with the Shades. Dimble plays more music as Erak kills two Dretches, Tosscobble and his weasel Nigel also kill two, and Sindri, Knifey, Jøhn and Tharivol all kill another each. Skagaros attempts to grapple the final Dretch, but it counter-grapples. Gazadriel rushes in to help, but hits Skagaros instead. The Dretch tries to gnaw his face off, but Skagaros manages to free himself. Sindri casts Eldritch Blast, but fails and he is hit with a backlash of arcane magic. Dimble rushes in and shoots with his musket, but it doesn't kill the Dretch. Tosscobble and Nigel run in again, and Tosscobble deals the killing blow.

The group now approaches the tent, and Tosscobble and Sindri look inside and see a man in black armour, the Blackguard, speaking with a demon, a Babau as identified by Sindri. The party decides to rush in; Erak is first, and swings his Urgrosh at the Babau, knocking it backwards. The Blackguard turns, recognises Gazadriel, and gives a sly smile, before lunging forward with a gleaming, solid black greatsword. They become locked in a duel. Skagaros runs in to help, grappling the Blackguard from behind. He turns, asking "How is your tongue these days?" swinging at him and cutting him. Knifey attacks the Babau as well, stabbing it with his mindblade. It turns on him, hitting him backwards with its fist. Dimble heals some of Skagaros' wounds. Sindri steps forwards, and slays the demon with an Eldritch Blast, and proceeds to devour its soul.

Tosscobble fires with his crossbow, but misses the Blackguard. Tharivol hits the Blackguard with a Magic Missile. Gazadriel continues to duel Zambrano, getting a hit. Jøhn rapid-shoots three arrows and hits the Blackguard with two of them. Erak turns on the Blackguard and hits him with his Urgrosh. Zambrano says to Gazadriel "You're a fool to rely on Tyr's Justice, it is a false justice!". Skagaros tries to get in two punches, but misses. Knifey cuts with his mindblade. Dimble buffs the group again. Sindri casts an Eldritch Blast and misses. Tharivol hits with a Magic Missile, and the Blackguard falls to his knees, dropping his sword, as Gazadriel steps forwards and asks "Do you have any last words?"
"You have no hope, we have already won!" the man growls at the paladin.
"So be it. Christobal Zambrano. In the name of Tyr, God of Law and Justice and all that is good in this world, I, Gazadriel Isenhart, Knight of the Merciful Sword, servant of light, Paladin to Tyr, agent of justice and bearer of Tyr's mercy, do sentence you to die."
With a mighty swing of Tyr's Mercy, Gazadriel severs the Blackguard's head from his body in one swift motion. The body collapses on its side, and the head rolls away to the edge of the tent.

Gazadriel suddenly feels weak, and he hears a booming voice in his head, as loud as thunder, which he recognises as the voice of Tyr, which says "You must come to my temple!". Then, the voice leaves his mind, along with all his divine powers, and he falls to his knees, weeping at having become a Fallen Paladin. Knifey and Skagaros both move forward and comfort him, as Tosscobble loots the corpse, and finds a +1 Unholy Sword, which Jøhn claims for himself, +1 full-plate armour with demonic designs, and a +1 heavy steel shield with the same designs, and 3100g. The tent is also searched, and we find 5000g, which Tharivol takes for the bank account. There are also some maps, depicting the landscape around Fareach, especially the north, showing information on troop mobilisation, and one which depicts a location called "The Necromancer's Tower", apparently located in the mountains to the East of Fareach, near a Dwarf town. The party collects these maps and also makes copies for themselves.

Outside, the Shades overwhelm the now leaderless enemy armies, and the Orcs, Goblins and Frost Giants all either flee into the night, or are slaughtered by the Shades. Fareach is saved.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Act One - Epilogue

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While searching the room, and as the other Arrows deal with the loot as well as the corpse, Sindri is inexplicably drawn to a sheet of paper, hidden in a panel on a wooden desk. As he unrolls it, he sees a written language - one he's never seen before in his life - and suddenly his mind becomes overwhelmed by a powerful voice speaking in an unknown language, but somehow he can understand what it is saying: "I Cthulhu, cannot stand to see my eternal enemy Yog-Soggoth, influencing this world! You, pitiful mortal, you are now my avatar!". The voice then leaves his mind, and he looks up from the paper, eyes flashing a greenish orange, as tendrils of green-grey fog rise from the earth to encircle him...

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Act Two - Chapter One - The Heroes of Fareach

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Day 56 Continued...

In the command tent, Knifey spots Sindri and sees the strange look in his eyes. He asks what is wrong; Sindri replies that "I just lost myself there...", to which Knifey responds "A lot has happened this day - we should check out what has happened to poor Gazadriel".

Tharivol, Knifey and Jøhn all go over to the command table where Sindri is, and find a map of the area surrounding Fareach. The halfling stops rolling in his pile of gold coins and also joins the table. There is a location called the Tower of Khazdan, located to the north, in the Spine of the World. Near to the tower is a settlement called the Fenerous Halls, which Erak recalls is a Dwarven Hold. Tharivol says that it was named for a special alloy of adamantine and iron in the area. We find some documents, and conclude that the tower is home to a Necromancer, apparently a collaborator of the Blackguard.

As we leave the tent, the Shade leader Hadrhune approaches and says to Tharivol "Dwemeri, our service to you has ended; we await your return at the City of Shades. Now our services are barred to you. Farewell!" He then walks off. We then build a funeral pyre out of the tent and its contents (Tharivol taking the contents of the table, the map and the documents). Gazadriel places the corpse of the Blackguard on top of the pyre, and removes the preserved tongue of Skagaros from the neck of the Blackguard. He then observes the rites, and we light a fire and burn the body, the flames bright against the deep indigo sky.

Upon returning to the city, the halfling runs off and sells his gems, except for one aleandite, which Gazadriel claims for himself, as he plans to add a pommel to his sword. Tosscobble receives 3935g for his gems. We deposit all our money in the bank, and then visit Japas at the temple, to find that he is alright. The Arrows then head to the city keep, and consult with Generals Cheronet and Tullius. We enter to great applause, as all the commanders clap with appreciation.  Tullius informs us that he has spoken to the town elders, and has found that there will be a special ceremony held the next day in our honour, where we will receive special titles as thanks for our saving of the city. Tharivol insists that Japas's contributions be acknowledged as well, for his work in the temple healing the injured. We give them the maps and documents to be scribed, asking for a copy, which we will receive the next day. It's about one in the morning at the moment, and we head back to the Arrow's house, which Gazadriel suggests we call "The Quiver". Having no furniture, we lay out our sleeping bags.

Day 57

When morning arrives, we head to the main square in front of the keep. Instead of a market, there is now a stage set up. The commanders of the city are there, as are many inhabitants of Fareach. The Arrows, including Japas, assemble at the top of the stage, and General Tullius steps up. He says to the crowd:

"Yesterday, an army of Frost Giants and Goblins, and all manner of foul beasts, threatened to break down our walls and kill us all; every last one of us. But they did not! Our city, was saved... Our city was saved by these ten heroes who stand before you: The Arrows. This humble party of adventurers performed countless courageous deeds; they sent us word of the approaching armies, rallied the support of the Elves of Lurkwood, negotiated the alliance of a Shade army at our gates, discovered the mole that was hiding within our own walls, fought back the breach in the Burrows, and then single-handedly slew the leader of the enemy, resulting in victory for Fareach. Without them, we would have been caught unawares, and left to die without any help from the outside world. But here we stand, alive. There were many deaths, many brave and noble sacrifices, but without these heroes, the toll would have been much higher. These creatures have no mercy, no compassion. They think only of killing. Women and children, the innocent. No one could have withstood the forces that stood at our gates. It is for these reasons that the elders of the city have decided to name these ten warriors, "Heroes of Fareach". "

After much applause, and after receiving ten scrolls detailing their new titles, and showing appreciation of their courageous efforts, the Arrows make their way back to the Quiver.

We decide to furnish our house, and we spend 500g installing a small, basic library in the Quiver, and 3000g worth of books on general topics [after research, +1 on any knowledge topic check]. We then spend 700g for the furnishing of ten bedroom suites (including bathrooms). The party then goes out and does some general shopping for armour and weapons. We decide to find out some information about the Fenerous Halls, and head to the forge to talk to the smith there, Morganith, who is a Gold Dwarf. We tell him where we want to go, and he claims that the Halls are his hometown! He tells us the path is simple, and that the city is a friendly place, a mixed society of Gold and Shield Dwarves. We then head to the tavern, where the halfling purchases ten barrels of ale, to store in the basement in case of another battle...

At the Fortune's Bosom, we learn more about the Fenerous Halls. Due to the eponymous alloy, it was once a thriving settlement, but once it was discovered that fenerous was merely an alloy of iron and adamantine, and that anyone could make it, the activity died down and it is now a shadow of its former self. With this information, we return to the Quiver, and sleep for the night.

Day 58

When morning comes, we head out north to the Fenerous Halls, and we stop at Tamerworth after a day of travel. We hire rooms for the night at the tavern, and then Tosscobble gathers information from the guests at the inn. We then sleep for the night.

Day 59

We head out in the morning - there is a road heading up to the mountains, or we can go cross-country. We decide to take the road, which will be the faster route. We wave at some peasants along the road. As evening falls, we make camp and take watches.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

On the second watch, the party is attacked by a small pack of three Displacer Beasts, with no time to wake the rest of the party. The beasts are about 20ft away when Erak notices them, and he charges, roaring. He swings and misses! Knifey then also misses. Skagaros goes in with a flurry of blows, hitting  the first time, but missing on the second try. The Beasts whip at Skagaros with their tentacles, but only the third hits, knocking the orc back. Everyone else hears the commotion, and wakes up. Erak hits the same Beast, and then Knifey tries and misses. Erak swings twice and hits the first time. Knifey hits with Psychic Strike, killing the first Beast. Sindri attempts Eldritch Blast, but misses. Skagaros misses twice with his fists. Tharivol blasts with his Magic Missile, hitting one Beast. Jøhn fires three arrows, the first two swerving through the air and successfully hitting the Displacer Beasts, the third missing. Gazadriel lands his sword stroke, and the Beast hits back with a tentacle. Tosscobble and Nigel run in and attack the damaged Beast. Tosscobble stabs the Beast in the back as he jumps from the darkness, killing it. Erak then charges the final Beast, hitting twice. Knifey tries to attack with his mindblade, but trips and the blade is dispelled. Sindri fires another Eldritch Blast into the night, missing. Skagaros tries to punch, but misses. Tharivol hits with another Magic Missile. Jøhn then fires three more arrows, but only the first hits. Gazadriel misses with his sword. The Displacer Beast accidentally falls over after dodging. Nigel the Weasel misses, and Tosscobble jumps in misses too. Erak hits once and Knifey and Sindri both miss. Sindri tries to intimidate it, but it just snarls at him. Skagaros attacks but the Beast displaces and he misses. Finally, with a blast of arcane might, Tharivol rips the final Displacer Beast to shreds with a Magic Missile. The party recovers and goes back to sleep. Jøhn successfully skins the three Beasts on his third watch.

Day 60

At about midday, Sindri suddenly feels an overwhelming feeling drawing him in a northerly direction, off the path. He tells the party that he feels there is something bad on the road ahead, and suggests we go across the wilderness for this part of the journey. He successfully bluffs the group, and we decide to follow his advice. After an hour off the road, we come to a barrow-like mound. The rogue searches around the mound, deeming it suspicious. On the South side of the mound, there is a door of cast iron, depicting cloaked mages casting magic from their hands. Tosscobble finds no traps. He then tries to pick the lock, but breaks his tools and fails. Ri then successfully opens the door; inside is a long, poorly-lit corridor, 5ft wide. The halfling throws a rubber ball down, which rolls down the slope and out of light. We illuminate the hall with our Dancing Lantern. The rogue moves down, detecting rune traps at 30ft and 40ft down, which he disables. At 50ft down, he barely misses the third trap, and manages to just roll out of the way of a fireball trap. Finally, he reaches the end of the corridor at 100ft, where he finds the rubber ball and a similar door to the one at the top of the corridor. He finds no traps on the door, and proceeds to open it with borrowed tools from Ri. The door is not locked, and Sindri's head is filled with shouting as soon as the door opens; he keels over. Jøhn looks inside the room as the Arrows try and see what is wrong with Sindri. The room is a hemisphere, about 30ft across, with a carved obelisk in the centre (about 10ft wide, rough, facing the door). Tharivol tries and reads the language, and is fairly certain it is some kind of arcane inscription. Sindri manages to clear his head, and deciphers the script - it teaches him how to cast a new invocation, Brimstone Blast. Skagaros searches the room, and finds a mace with screaming demonic faces all over it instead of spikes. Tosscobble finds a couple of gemstones.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Act Two - Chapter Two - Levers and Lava

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Day 60 Continued...

Tharivol also searches the room as well, and he identifies the mace as a +1 mace. Sindri appears to be fine now. Ri manages to locate a secret room, and we find a vault of 5000g, mixed denominations, and a tome of Arcane Law, which Tharivol claims. The group retreats up the corridor, with the rogue making sure the traps are still inactive.

We make it out of the barrow, and decide to walk to the top of the mound and look around, but we see nothing. We return to the road, and then walk until nightfall, when we make camp.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

Day 61

Just before dawn, the watchers spot some suspicious activity on the horizon. Three large objects are moving around, slowly coming closer. Jøhn identifies them as Owlbears, and they wake the rest of the group up (except for Sindri and Ri), but Gazadriel falls back asleep. Dimble plays a tune to cast Inspire Courage, Erak fires his bow when they are 60ft away, but misses, and Tharry hits the one closest to him with a magic missile. Tosscobble fires a crossbow and hits the same one. Knifey charges and uses Psychic Strike. Jøhn rains three arrows down on the same Owlbear, and it drops dead. Skagaros charges and punches the next Owlbear. The two Owlbears try and attack Knifey, but he dodges. Tharry fires a small fireball which hits both, but also Knifey, who dodges the full fireball. Skagaros easily evades. Dimble fires with his musket and hits one of them. Tosscobble fires but misses with his crossbow. Knifey hits with Psychic Strike again. Jøhn hits with all three arrows again, killing the next Owlbear (the party's 100th kill!). Skagaros strikes with a flurry of blows, and the Owlbear swipes back, clawing the Orc's side. Erak reaches Skagaros and hits the Owlbear back. Tharivol then fires a Magic Missile, killing the last one. Jøhn skins the Owlbears and the skin is put on the mules. Jøhn then heals Knifey and the group heads on their way.

As the sun rises, Tharivol announces that it is Highharvestide, and the group decides to have a holiday and celebrate with an Owlbear spit-roast. Tosscobble searches the remains, and then Jøhn lights a huge bonfire, and cooks the three Owlbears. Dimble plays some songs on his flute, and Knifey dances around. Jøhn casts Lay of the Land, and surveys the surrounding area, looking for landmarks. He can see Fareach, Faughlien, the Fenerous Halls, Mirar and Tamerworth. Tharivol is reading through his journal, and finds mention of the Netheril ruins they were meant to visit on their first visit to Tamerworth, but ran out of time. He informs the group, and they discuss visiting there, since the group is so close. At about one in the afternoon, we leave the camp. Jøhn leads us south-east for the rest of the day, and we reach the ruins by evening, and decide to make camp in the central courtyard. The ruins are a large stone structure, much like the ruins in Lurkwood with the water dungeon. Nothing happens during the night.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

Day 62

It is the first day of the month of Leaffall, and of Autumn. Before entering the dungeon, Tosscobble checks for traps and tries to pick the lock, but fails. Ri then tries and after half an hour, she unlocks it. Behind the door is a stairwell leading down into darkness. We send the Dancing Lantern down, and see that the stair is 60ft long and 5ft wide, leading to a door. Tosscobble finds no traps, and then enters first. The Arrows enter in the following order: Knifey, Jøhn, Erak, Tharivol, Dimble, Ri, Sindri, Gazadriel, Skagaros. The door is not trapped, and the rogue opens the door. Inside is a 15ft wide and 45ft long room, with a door at the other end. In each corner on the floor is a grate, and in the centre of the room there are five levers in a row, colour-coded from the far end of the room to the entrance; red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. On the left of the room are two 10ft wide archways leading somewhere else. On the right side, opposite the levers, are five alcoves, with an instrument in each, behind glass; a whistle, horn, gong, drum and a bell. The halfling checks for traps in the room, and finds none. He sees through the arches, and observes a 5ft wide moat 10ft into the other room. In the centre of the moat is a 15x15ft  and 10ft tall truncated square pyramid. Some obscured source is emitting light from below the top of the pyramid.

Suddenly, he is attacked by three creatures; a Steam Mephit, a Magma Mephit and a Fire Mephit! They shoot at him, but he jumps out of the way. Erak runs in, and gets blasted in the face with fire. He hits back and kills the Fire Mephit, the Magma Mephit, and the Steam Mephit, all in one great cleave. The group discusses what to do next. Knifey looks down the grates, which are attached to 20ft deep shafts, each leading to another shaft at a different angle. Knifey attempts the lift one of the grates, but is unable to even budge the grate. Dimble chucks a copper coin into the moat, but nothing happens. He then makes a wish, for the coin to return, but it doesn't. The moat looks about 10ft deep. Dimble then chucks another coin, onto the other side of the moat, where the pyramid is. Nothing happens. Upon closer inspection, the pyramid has channels, as if from a forge, which lead into the moat. The party searches the room; Tharry sees a script on the far wall of the pyramid room, which he recognises as Dwemeri. He reads it:

To unlock the levers, throw the one that rings the gong.
Drain the moat before moving the lava.
The blue lever drains the moat and sounds the horn.
You will hear the whistle if the lava drains away.
You will hear a bell if the lava drains into the moat.
The lever that rings the gong is at the end of the row.
The purple lever does not ring anything.
The lever that blows the whistle is next to both the lever that rings the bell and the lever that sounds the horn.
The door opens to a drum beat.
The yellow and green levers affect the lava.

The group discusses the logic puzzle after Tharivol reads it out. Tharry, Jøhn and Knifey determine which levers control which action and which instrument. They decide that red must be thrown first, then blue, and then we must decide between opening the door or activating the lava first.

Tharry casts Detect Magic on the door, and senses a strong magical aura of Transmutation. Erak pulls the red lever, and a gong rings. He then pulls the blue lever, and a horn sounds, and the moat begins to drain away. At the bottom we can see many drains. Knifey re-inspects the grates in the main room, but sees no flowing. Erak tries the purple  lever, to open the door, and so does Knifey, but it doesn't budge. Knifey then pulls the green lever. A whistle sounds, and after about six seconds, steam comes pouring out of the corner, searing everyone in the room. Everyone but Knifey, Erak, Sindri and Skagaros, leaves the room. Knifey and Erak try the yellow lever, to divert the lava and stop the steam. The lava starts flowing into the moat, but the steam keeps coming. Knifey and Erak pull the green lever again, and the whistle sounds. The steam finally dissipates. The moat continues to fill, so Knifey and Erak try to pull the purple lever again, but it still won't work. The rest of the party returns to the room, and we conclude that to open the door, we must cross the moat and investigate the pyramid. As we discuss, Tosscobble runs up and leaps the gap, landing at the pyramid. After two minutes or so, the lava stops draining down the chutes into the moat. Tosscobble scales the pyramid, and inside is a glowing hot lever. After waiting about half an hour for the lever to cool down, the halfling jumps down and pulls it. He then climbs out, collects Dimble's coin, and jumps back over the moat. The party hears a click near the purple lever. Knifey can't throw it, but Gazadriel is able to, and the door finally opens.

Tosscobble goes in first, and there is a corridor of polished, shiny shale. After 10ft, there is a short corridor on the left, which then turns immediately right. The rogue uses his periscope around the corner, and sees that the corridor keeps twisting. He finds no traps, and around the next corner is a corridor with some arches leading downwards. After several turns, the rest of the Arrows now following, he moves down a corridor, and spots a wall up ahead which appears as though it is indented, or pushed back slightly, like a door. All the while, the party is on edge, seeing shadows out of the corners of their eyes. Erak pushes the wall, but it closes on itself, leaving a dead end. We return to the top of the corridor, and move down another one, finding no traps. We reach the other side of the door Erak had just pushed, and he pushes it again, and Tosscobble peaks around with his periscope, but just sees the corridor from before. Erak tries other walls, and the group searches for other secret doors, but finds none, at least in that particular corridor. We head back to the start of the maze, to start the search from the beginning.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Act Two - Chapter Three - Doors and Drapes

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Day 62 Continued...

The party starts searching the walls from the start, but as they travel down the corridor, they hear slamming back the other way. Skagaros looks using the periscope and sees a segment of wall waving wildly - he leaps ahead, and grapples the door, but it bashes him repeatedly against the wall. Erak runs in and shows Skagaros how it's done, successfully holding the door open. Tosscobble checks around the door with the periscope. He sees a new corridor, and ushers the rest of the party through the door. Following the rogue, we progress through the halls, and ahead we see a room, inside of which is some sort of shield rack. As the halfling enters and searches for traps, he is attacked by a shield rack. Skagaros grapples the rack in response, successfully this time. He is then attacked by the second rack in the room. Tosscobble and Sindri both fight back, both hitting. Gazadriel then swings and collides with his flaming sword, and then Ri attacks with her rapier. Jøhn heals Skagaros while Knifey reshapes his mindblade, and then Tharivol steps up and blasts the rack with a Magic Missile. Splinters fly everywhere and the rack which Skagaros is grappling is destroyed. Erak then swings with his Urgrosh and cleaves the remaining rack in twain. The party leaves the room and continues down the corridor. Ahead of us is a spear rack. Sindri blasts it and sets it on fire, but it is remains inanimate, and he blasts it again, rendering it a smouldering ruin.

Tosscobble continues down the corridor, and around the corner sees a curtain hanging on the wall. Tosscobble pokes it with the party's 12ft pole, and it appears to be just a curtain. As he walks past however, it leaps out and strangles him. Sindri and Knifey go to the halfling's aid and grapple the curtain. Gazadriel swings and misses. Erak and then Tharivol both attack, Tharry with his staff-blade. Ri attacks and misses. The curtain tries to grapple Knifey and Skagaros and then Sindri and Knifey end up on either end of the curtain, and after a brief tug-of-war, they rip it to shreds between them.

Further along down the corridor, Tharivol reads an inscription on a door in the wall. It is not trapped, and it mentions an "Animation Core", and he relays this to the group, suggesting it is the cause of all the animated furniture. He suggests that deactivating it will deactivate the animated objects around the maze. Tosscobble opens the door, and the party enters. In the centre of the room is a cylindrical arcane construct, about 5ft high and 5ft in diameter. It is made of the same strange bronze Netheril metal and a crystalline substance. In the corner of the room, a 12ft high golem made of the same metal is in the process of reactivating, and it charges at the group. Sindri recalls that metal golems are immune to magic.

Dimble buffs the group with a song. Erak charges to meet the golem, swinging his adamantine Urgrosh (effective against the golem) which crashes into the golem. In the midst of battle, Skagaros signs to Gazadriel and asks how long a 10ft pole is, and Gazadriel breaks out in laughter. Jøhn fires three arrows and hits with all three. The first two bounce off, the third creates a tiny scratch on its armour. Knifey attacks but does very little damage, and Ri casts displacement on him. Sindri attempts to stab at the golem with his 10ft longspear. Skagaros sweeps his feet underneath the golem, but he fails to trip it. Gazadriel hits the golem twice with his sword. Tosscobble barely nicks the golem's leg. The golem tries to hit Knifey, but misses. Tharivol tries to use his Masterwork's Longbow, but the bowstring snaps. Erak swings his Urgrosh and smashes the golem. Jøhn fires three arrows and hits with two, piercing the golem's armour. Ri casts Haste on Erak. Sindri jabs it with his longspear. Skagaros punches the golem, to a loud "gong", but it does nothing. Gazadriel uses his sword again, striking the golem hard. The halfling shoots with his crossbow, but the bolt bounces off. The golem swings at Skagaros and knock him back, hitting the wall hard. Tharivol mends his bow with Mending. Erak then swings again with his Urgrosh, once again colliding with the golem. Jøhn fires three more arrows and hits with two. Knifey takes his bastard sword and plunges it straight through the golem's chest, killing it.

Tosscobble loots the room and salvages golem parts. Tharivol approaches the arcane construct and examines it. It appears to be a necessary component in the process of animating golems. After some time, Tharivol manages to deactivate the animation core. Examining our map of the maze, we decide to search the remaining section of the dungeon. Tosscobble finds that both passages are dead ends. Knifey, Tosscobble and Tharivol all leave the dungeon and fetch Tharry's large orb. Knifey rolls it into the animation room. Tharry completes his golem with the spare parts we found. Tharivol performs a complex arcane procedure using the animation core, and the golem comes to life. Rolled up it is about 2ft in diameter, but unfolded it is about 4ft in diameter. Tharry finds that he has a telepathic connection to it, and it will follow his commands. Tharivol orders the golem to carry the defeated golem out of the dungeon, and the party leaves as well. It is about five in the evening by the time we exit the dungeon, and we feed the mules and make camp in the courtyard.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

Days 63, Day 64, Day 65 and Day 66

The Arrows travel northwards along the road on their way to the Fenerous Halls, without event. Tharry begrudgingly mends Tosscobble's tools, and Ri gets hers back from the halfling.

Day 67

By about midday on the fifth day after the ruins, the party reaches the foothills of the Spine of the World. As evening comes, the Arrows are attacked by a Frost Giant. Erak attacks first, but misses the giant with his Urgrosh. Skagaros attacks the giant with a flurry of blows. Tharivol blasts a fireball towards the giant, aiming so that it does not hit Erak or the party, and it has great effect. The rogue runs up with Nigel the Weasel and hits once, but drops his second rapier. Gazadriel expertly cleaves with his flaming sword, greatly injuring the giant. Dimble plays his flute to buff the party. Jøhn fires three dragonfire arrows, which screech across the sky. Only one hits, but it catches the giant on fire. Ri casts Hold Person on the giant, and Knifey uses Psychic Strike on the immobilised giant, killing it. Tosscobble loots the body, and finds a bag, containing 1000g, 150ft of strong rope, a giant-sized drinking horn, knuckle bones, and a giant-sized chunk of meat, cheese, and a bowl and a spoon. We make camp in the foothills, and rest for the night.

Day 68

We travel up the mountainside, following twisting and turning paths carved out of the rocky mountainside, and finally reach the entrance to the Fenerous Halls at a little past midday. At the gates are some Dwarves. "Hail Travellers! What be your business in the Fenerous Halls?" says one of the guards.

Jøhn replies that we are visiting the Temple of Tyr, for our paladin friend. "How long will you be staying?"

Gazadriel replies that we do not know for sure, and that we do not intend to overstay our welcome. The Dwarves call for the opening of the gates, and with the sound of stone grinding upon stone, the great doors of the city open to the Arrows...

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Act Two - Chapter Four - Grey Skies

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Day 68 Continued...

The Arrows can see the entrance to a great mine shaft ahead of them. The party ventures inside, and end up in a great hall under the mountain. There is a market, with mainly Shield and Gold Dwarves, and various tunnels leading off to the side. We head over to a random market-salesman, who appears to be a peddler of fine clothing made of wild animal pelts. Gazadriel asks where we can find the Temple of Tyr. The peddler points us down a corridor, and instructs us to go left, two rights and then a left. We decide to sell him our three Owlbear pelts, as thanks for his assistance. He offers 84g a pelt, and we sell them to him. He tells us we can sell the dragonhide we have at the tanner's. We head to the temple, and pass large statues of Tyr in the halls.

The doors of the Temple of Tyr are closed. Gazadriel knocks, and the great doors creak open. The paladin is greeted by a human cleric, and Gazadriel explains his situation. He is shown to a booth where he can pray to Tyr. The rest of the Arrows go shopping and buy various items, including 2lb of coffee and equipment for Tosscobble. We also sell the dragonhide at the tanner, for 2000g. Tosscobble uncovers two magic rings from his pack, which he obtained from the goblin command tent at the camp in Lurkwood. Tharivol determines that they are rings of protection [+1 armour class], and the halfling keeps one for himself and saves the other for Gazadriel.

At the temple, Gazadriel is in deep prayer and receives another message from Tyr, in a booming voice:

He learns that Christobal Zambrano had not actually fallen, and he did not possess his own mind, and therefore was still a paladin. Killing him was an offense to the Order. Tyr however, understands that Gazadriel did not, and could not have known. The deity himself provides the paladin another chance, giving him the mission; to seek out the one who caused Zambrano's misdeeds and kill him. Tyr sanctifies Gazadriel as a Grey Guard.

Gazadriel returns to the party and tells them everything new. Tharivol suggests that the Necromancer from the Tower of Khazdan is a suspect, and that we should investigate that. We leave the Temple part of the city and look for a tavern. Erak asks some passing dwarves what they recommend, and the highly recommended "Frozen Keg", "Iron Barstool" and "The Wall". We vote to go to "The Wall", and we head that way.

We arrive at the tavern, and Erak and Tosscobble purchase ale for themselves, and one for Sindri which they light on fire. Tosscobble gathers information about the Tower of Khazdan. It is a well-known place of evil - people rarely venture out there, and they return even less often. It is about two days passage from the Fenerous Halls, due to the difficult terrain. We've spent a while in the city, so it is probably about evening (we can't tell as we are underground), so we decide to stay "The Wall", for 5g, which Knifey pays for.

Day 69

When morning comes, we leave the tavern to go to the Tower. When we reach the central,  the Arrows find it in disarray, stalls broken and scattered, and Dwarves attending to the mess. Knifey asks a city guard what happened to the hall, and he tells us that it was merely a Goblin raid. Tharivol asks how they got through the gates, but the guard tells us they came from deep within the mountain rather than from the gates. Gazadriel queries if this is a regular thing, but the guard says it is not regular, but happens every so often. He says he can't see anything that we can do to help, so we leave to do some last minute shopping: Tosscobble extends our grappling ladder, Gazadriel, Ri and Skagaros all purchases cold weather outfits. Wearing our cold weather clothes, we leave the gates of the city.

Jøhn expertly leads us through the mountains, but we run into a blizzard at about three in the afternoon. The wind is blowing at about 51-70 miles an hour. A huge gust of wind almost blows the halfling off the ground, everyone else is pushed to the ground. We push on through the storm after tying Dimble to Gazadriel and Tosscobble to Knifey. We proceed with caution, keeping low so we don't get blown away. After about an hour of slow travel, the wind has picked up even more, and the party, except the mules, are all blown down the slope.  Tharivol is hurt greatly in the fall, and passes out from the cold. Jøhn finds a small cave near where the group landed, and the party hurries there for shelter from the storm. Gazadriel revives and heals Tharry. Jøhn lights a fire and then he, Knifey, Erak and Sindri all head back up the slope to find the mules. They find them panicking on the mountainside, but Jøhn calms them and they lead them back down the mountain. We stay for the rest of the afternoon to wait the storm out. Jøhn heals all who need it with his Belt of Healing.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

Day 70

During the night, the watchers cannot see anything though the thick curtain of snow outside the cave, and nothing enters the cave. By the morning, however, the blizzard has not passed, so we stay in the cave for the whole day.

Day 71

The blizzard has cleared by about five in the afternoon, but we wait for the night to pass.

Day 72

We leave early in the morning, and the weather is still thankfully clear. Jøhn finds us a cave late in the evening, at about seven, and we make camp.

WATCH: Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

On the midnight watch, at about eleven forty, the watchers spot six Winter Wolves heading for the cave; the first and second wolves attack Knifey and Skagaros. Knifey, Erak and Skagaros prepare to fight. Knifey uses Psychic Strike, and hits one of the wolves. Everyone else hears the commotion, and wakes up. Erak hits another wolf. Skagaros misses his punches. The wolf that attacked Knifey leaps at him but misses. Another wolf attacks Erak. Knifey hits with a Psychic Strike again. Erak swings twice and misses on the second time, but the first collides. Sindri fires a Brimstone Blast at the undamaged wolf attacking Knifey. The wolf turns around and charges him; Knifey misses as it passes, but Sindri hits it with his Ol'Mace. The wolf pulls him down. Tharivol blasts a fireball behind the wolves, and the two wolves attacking Skagaros are blasted to pieces. Dimble plays a tune on his flute to buff the others. Gazadriel kills a wolf with Tyr's Mercy. Tosscobble and his weasel run in to fight, but the weasel is knocked back against the cave wall, unconscious. Tosscobble kills the wolf responsible. The two remaining wolves start breathing Cones of Cold. Gazadriel is hit front on by the first blast, and all but Tosscobble and Skagaros receive some of the blast. Jøhn heals Tosscobble's weasel. Erak cleaves one of the remaining wolves. Sindri uses Brimstone Blast, but the last wolf is still alive. Tharivol destroys it with a Magic Missile.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Act Two - Chapter Five - Unseen, Unheard, Undead

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Day 72 Continued...

After healing, we take the final watch, and nothing happens.

Day 73

The Arrows leave the cave in the morning, for one more day of travel. As we are travelling further through the mountains, Knifey spots a red dragon flying through the sky high above us. The weather stays reasonably clear for the rest of the day, and we make excellent time, arriving near the tower at about midday. The Tower of Khazdan is decrepit and ruined. It's situated in a small depression between two peaks, surrounded by high mountainous walls. The walls are manned by skeleton archers. We decide to find somewhere safe to make a base camp, and Jøhn finds a seemingly uninhabited cave where we can set up, about five minutes west of the outer wall. We send Tosscobble and Ri to scout out the tower without being seen. The outer wall has a heavily-guarded gate. They find the wall itself is in very good condition, without holes, or even drainage grates. The scouts return to an already-prepared camp and dinner.

Over dinner, we discuss assaulting the tower. We decide to send Ri and Sindri to climb the walls with Spider Climb and Invisibility, to see what's on the other side. Tharivol and Tosscobble accompany them to where the slope begins, about three minutes away from the camp. Tharivol casts invisibility on both Ri and Sindri, who then stealthily approach the wall. Ri then recasts Invisibility and Silence on Sindri, who climbs the wall, stands on top, and surveys the interior. He sees that the courtyard has little cover, and counts about fifteen skeletons (wielding a mix of bows and swords) wandering around. There is a door into the tower. In the centre of the courtyard, there is a medium-sized rotting red corpse of a dragon... Sindri climbs back down, and returns to Ri. They then sneak back to Tharry and the halfling, and make it safely back to the camp, relaying the new information to the others. The Arrows discuss the plan for the morning, and then go to sleep. Tharry suggests splitting into two groups; one which will distract the archers and perhaps the dragon, and another to assault the main gate when the skeletons are absent. Sindri suggest sending archers as the diversion group. We agree on the plan, and the night passes quietly.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

Day 74

In the morning, the Arrows split into two groups. Jøhn borrows Gazadriel's metal gauntlets. At the slope, the diversion group, codenamed "Pepper"; Tharivol, the halfling, Jøhn and Dimble; heads north, away from the gate, and the assault group heads east towards the gate in the south of the wall.

The diversion group is spotted quickly when Tharivol fails to hide amongst the rocks. Tosscobble casts Obscuring Mist so the group can hide again, but as the mist clears, Tharry is caught in the open again. As he stands there, he sees the red dragon soar over the wall, roaring, heading straight for him, and Dimble casts Displacement on him. The skeletons also start converging on the section of the wall. Jøhn fires three arrows at the dragon, but they fail to pierce its armour. The halfling fires with his crossbow, but also fails. Dimble buffs the group with a tune. Tharry hits it with Magic Missile. The skeletons fire, but hit no-one. The dragon weaves towards Jøhn, and snaps at him with putrescent jaws. Jøhn retaliates, punching with his gauntleted fists. The halfling shoots once again, but misses. Dimble buffs with more music. Tharivol hits with another Magic Missile. A skeleton hits Dimble with an arrow. The dragon snaps at Jøhn again, but it misses him. Jøhn draws his knife and slashes the dragon. Tosscobble hits with his crossbow, this time piercing the dragon. Tharivol hits once more. The skeletons and the dragon miss again. Jøhn slashes again with his knife. Tosscobble misses again. Tharivol fires another Magic Missile, but is then hit in the head by an arrow from a skeleton. Jøhn evades the dragon's jaws again, and then he plunges his knife into the it, killing it.

Meanwhile, the assault group, codenamed "Salt"; Knifey, Erak, Gazadriel, Skagaros, Ri and Sindri; head towards the gates, under Ri's Invisibility Sphere. As they approach, they hear a roar, as the red dragon rises above the wall to the north. Most of the skeletons run towards the dragon, leaving just three at the gate. Sindri disintegrates a skeleton with Brimstone Blast, and Knifey throws a mindblade, annihilating another one. Erak kills the remaining one with his bow. All the archers dead, Sindri scales the wall, and lowers a rope ladder for the rest of the group. The group climbs up, and the fifteen skeletons in the courtyard spot them and start firing. Erak jumps from the wall into the courtyard, landing successfully, and he then cleaves five skeleton warriors. Sindri fires another Brimstone Blast, destroying another archer. Knifey kills another archer. Ri stays on the sidelines, invisible and conserving her spells. Skagaros jumps into the fray, and grapples a skeleton. Gazadriel leaps in, shouting praises to Tyr, and cuts an archer apart with Tyr's Mercy. Erak cleaves the remaining five warriors, who charged at him. Sindri then destroys the second last skeleton, and the last one is ripped in half by Skagaros.

Back outside the wall, Tosscobble shoots one of the seventeen archer skeletons on the wall with his crossbow, killing it. Dimble tries to shoot with his musket, but it misfires, hitting him in the face. Tharivol casts Disrupt Undead on another skeleton, but it doesn't kill it. One skeleton fires back, hitting Tosscobble in the face. Salt reaches the top of the wall again, and Erak kills two archers running north, and Sindri kills another. Jøhn kills three with his bow from outside the wall, and Tosscobble gets another. Knifey runs forward and kills two, and Dimble shoots one from outside with his pistol. Skagaros grapples another skeleton, killing it, and Tharivol successfully destroys one with Disrupt Undead. Gazadriel kills another with his sword. Erak kills another two, and Sindri destroys the last one.

Ri opens the gate from inside, and the groups reconcile. Ahead of them is the tower, which is four storeys tall (the fourth missing its roof). Gazadriel heals Tharry, and Sindri heals the halfling. Tharivol, Sindri (with Tosscobble on his back) and Erak Spider Climb to the top storey. At the top, Jøhn teleports with his boot, and they encounter two undead dragons, green and black. Between them is a figure, a silver-skinned Drow with a skull mask, who looks back at the three, saying "I'm far too busy to deal with you meddling adventurers", before flying away on the green dragon, leaving the black one behind.

Erak hits the dragon with his Urgrosh, and Sindri casts Brimstone Blast. Tosscobble misses with crossbow. Jøhn shoots with his bow but the arrows don't penetrate. Tharivol casts a Flaming Sphere, burning the dragon. Erak hits with his Urgrosh again, and Sindri fires another Brimstone Blast. Tosscobble fires another bolt. Jøhn misses again. Tharivol fires a fireball, but it also singes Erak, who swings his axe  again, cutting the dragon. Sindri uses his Brimstone Blast again, and the halfling hits with his crossbow. Jøhn hits with one of his three arrows, and then Tharivol casts a Disrupt Undead, causing the dragon to fall apart.

We search the top room, and we find a note, written in Goblin, which Tosscobble and Sindri can read. Tosscobble reads it aloud: "We have stolen the sacred Dwarven  artefact, and hidden it in the Dvernic Caves We are ready, and will attack on the 23rd day of Marpenoth".

We also find several spell scrolls (two of Animate Dead, one Bestow Curse and one Crushing Despair), and a ring, which Tharivol determines is a Ring of Invisibility, and claims as his own. We search the rest of the tower, but find it empty.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Act Two - Chapter Six - The Goblin Horde

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Day 74

It's about midday. Jøhn gathers up sixty-nine arrows. We check our map and find that the Caves are a day to the East. Jøhn prepares to skin the dragons, but we decide the undead hide will be useless. We decide to head to the Caves, and Jøhn determines that we can reach them in two days. We then return to our camp and rest there in the afternoon. The night is peaceful.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

Day 75

We leave in the morning, travelling through deep canyons and crags. In the evening, Jøhn finds a cave which appears to be uninhabited.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

On the first watch, Jøhn spots a Snow Owl, and he manages to call it to him. He writes a message, transcribing the note we found and warning of the suspected attack, to send to the Temple of Tyr. The rest of the night is peaceful.

Day 76

At about three in the afternoon, the ominous clouds which have been brewing all day begin snowing, and a blizzard starts very soon. Jøhn determines we are about an hour away, through the blizzard. Failing to find a cave to evade the storm, we press onwards. Jøhn casts Endure Elements on Tharivol and Tosscobble. The halfling ties everyone together with rope. Jøhn skilfully leads us through the treacherous winds, and over uneven ground. He also finds a large stone door (15ft tall and 10ft wide), covered in Dwarven runes. Erak tries to read the runes, but they are written in an old form, and he can only pick out a bit, including "... here lies... stone walls...". Gazadriel decides to knock on the door, really quietly. Tharivol walks up and taps the door just once, determining that it is 4in thick, pivots inwards with an archway typical of Dwarven architecture from -60 D.R., and is locked. Skagaros starts to get very cold. Ri uses "Knock" on the door, and it swings open. As it opens, a gust of wind billows outside. It doesn't smell of death, but it doesn't smell quite right. We enter two-by-two; Tosscobble, Erak, Knifey, Jøhn, Tharivol, Dimble, Ri, Sindri, Gazadriel, Skagaros, and then the two mules. Gazadriel has his sword out, illuminating the inside; is an antechamber, about 20ft across and 30ft deep, lined with tall pillars 10ft tall. At the end is a tunnel, 5ft across. Tosscobble searches for traps, but finds none. We also get out the Dancing Lantern. We gather supplies and leave the mules behind. After Tharivol ensures that we know how to open it from the inside, Gazadriel and Skagaros close the doors; they grind shut, and thud ominously as they close. As the doors close, a wafting of air from the tunnel ceases, and the air is still again.

As we get halfway down the corridor, we hear a screaming or chattering of some sorts, like some sort of primate, from deeper down the tunnels. Jøhn works out that it is not coming from an animal. We continue cautiously down the tunnel, which eventually opens up into a huge room, what must have once been an underground ravine.  There is a 10ft wide stone bridge running across the gap, which is 60ft wide, and a broken stone door on the other side. Looking down the ravine, the bottom cannot be seen, being deeper than 60ft.

We decide to cross the bridge. We tie ourselves together, and cross slowly, checking for traps. We untie ourselves on the other side. Tharivol looks at the door, and realises it has been broken into from the bridge-side. There is a pile of rubble in the doorway. Ri casts Dancing Lights as per Jøhn's suggestion, and lowers the lights into the canyon, but they disappear soon, meaning the ravine must be about 170ft deep, if not more. The Arrows look through the door and see a huge chamber, lined with gigantic pillars. It is so large that we cannot see the other three walls. The halfling finds no traps as we move forwards. After about 80ft, Gazadriel hears a pattering of footsteps behind us. Knifey can see a pile of stones about 30ft ahead, and also something glimmering, reflecting the light of the lantern.

We send Gazadriel and Skagaros back to investigate the sound. As Gazadriel and Skagaros reach the entrance again, Skagaros can hear a distant marching, and the clanging of armour, from within the ravine. He peers down, and sees a horde of goblins about 60ft down, climbing up very stealthily. The pair retreat slowly, Gazadriel keeping watch as Skagaros runs back to the group.

The rest of the Arrows circumvent the rock to survey it from all sides, 20ft out. As the party moves around the rocks, we see it is a very large pile of rubble, with a large sheet of metal embedded in it, as if it's been placed there deliberately. We move in to about 10ft away, and see that it is a very large metal shield, clearly for a dwarf. It is made of fenerous, a dark grey metal with a greenish tinge. Sindri and Erak keep watch as Tosscobble checks for traps and Ri detects for magic, finding that it is definitely magical. At that point however, Sindri spots Skagaros running back towards us, very fast, but silently. He reaches Knifey, who hands him paper, on which he writes "GOBLINS!". We ask if Gazadriel is fine, and he motions that he is. Skagaros communicates that lots of goblins are moving up the ravine stealthily. They hadn't seen them yet, and Gazadriel is returning slowly and carefully.

A massive grin appears on Erak's face as he draws his Urgrosh and starts walking. We head towards the door, to stop the goblins in a bottleneck as they enter. Knifey and Sindri stay behind to guard the shield. As we approach the door, Ri casts a Major Image of a huge, threatening Gold Dragon. We meet Gazadriel about halfway, but by then about ten goblins have already entered the chamber. Dimble buffs the party, and then Tharivol casts a fireball, which roasts eleven goblins. Erak charges, and cleaves five goblins. Tosscobble kills one goblin with his crossbow. Jøhn fires three arrows and kills two. Ri casts Legion of Sentinels, creating a small army of ghostly warriors which proceed to kill seven goblins. Gazadriel slashes with Tyr's Mercy and kills two goblins. Skagaros throws a piece of rubble from the ground, killing another one. Some of the goblins hit Erak and Gazadriel, who are near the door.

Some goblin archers start firing at the Gold Dragon, but quickly realise it is just an illusion. The archers then fire at the rest of the party standing further back. The party dodges, but Ri is hit with several arrows through the door. Dimble buffs the party, and Tharivol fires another fireball through the door, toasting another thirty-three goblins. Erak cleaves another twelve goblins. Tosscobble kills another goblin. Ri's spectral army kills seven goblins as she retreats to the shield, following a line of illusory fire breathed by the dragon above. Jøhn kills three more. Gazadriel continues slashing, killing two. Skagaros starts running around the walls, looking for other exits.

The goblin archers fire more arrows, hitting Tharivol and Tosscobble this time. Tharivol is peppered with arrows, and falls unconscious. Jøhn moves forward and drags Tharry out of the way of the arrows, near Dimble. Tosscobble follows Ri on Nigel. Erak kills another sixteen goblins, Gazadriel kills nine, and Ri's army kills ten. Dimble heals Tharry, reviving him. The goblins move aside briefly as two bugbears charge inside, hitting Gazadriel and Erak with their morning stars, as more goblins from behind jab with their spears.

Back at the shield, Ri tries to detect magic on the shield again. She deduces that the shield has very strong abjuration qualities, and tells the others. The halfling has now made it to the shield, and detects for traps around the pile of rubble. Knifey tries to pull the shield out of the pile, but it won't budge. They decide that the likeliest candidate for removing the shield is Erak, so Knifey runs back to the doors to replace him, using Xeph Burst.

Erak hits back at the bugbear with his Urgrosh, and Gazadriel tries to swing at the bugbear near him, drawing on his strength to Smite Evil with Tyr's Mercy, but he drops his sword as the bugbear swings at him. Dimble heals Tharivol, who then sends a Magic Missile at the bugbear attacking Erak, killing it. Jøhn fires three arrows, hitting the remaining bugbear, but breaking his bowstring. Ri's ghosts kill seven more.

The bugbear attacking Gazadriel swings again, knocking Gazadriel back. Knifey and Erak switch positions, and Knifey uses his mindblade on the bugbear, but its armour deflects it. Gazadriel clambers back up and slashes the bugbear. Dimble heals Tharivol, who fires another Magic Missile around the corner of the door, killing the second bugbear. At this point, Skagaros returns and communicates that there is no other way out of the chamber. Knifey is battered by the goblins at the door, and Ri's army kills seventeen more.

Erak reaches the rubble, and with a mighty heave, pulls the shield from the rocks. He suddenly feels infused with power. Erak, Sindri, Tosscobble and Ri start to head back towards the doors, staying out of the range of the goblin's arrows. Gazadriel heals himself, as he is very battered. Dimble heals Tosscobble and Jøhn heals Ri, who casts Displacement on herself. In the chaos, Knifey admits that Tosscobble pick-pocketed Tharry earlier, stealing the Ring of Invisibility and giving it to Knifey, who then gives it back.

We improvise, and decide to throw in Erak's barrel of oil as a makeshift fireball. Tharry wears his ring, and then Ri casts Invisibility on Jøhn. Erak then throws his barrel, and Sindri fires a Brimstone Blast, striking the barrel in mid-air. It explodes, taking out all the goblins in the doorway. The Arrows then charge out the door, Gazadriel on his horse and Skagaros with Dimble on his shoulders in the lead, followed by Tosscobble on Nigel alongside Erak, Ri with Tharivol, and then Jøhn with Sindri, with Knifey taking up the rear. The goblins keep swarming up the cliff sides, and more arrows are fired, some hitting Tharry as he is on the bridge. Ri's army takes out another twelve more goblins before it and the golden dragon both dissipate.

We clamber up the stairs, break out of the front door after collecting the mules and companions. We close the door, and Tharry's automaton smashes the stone, shutting the way for good. The weather is clear outside, and the sun is setting.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Act Two - Chapter Seven - A Touch of Idiocy

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Day 76 Continued...

As we catch our breaths, Tosscobble reveals he once again stole Tharry's ring and gave it to Knifey. Knifey returns it to Tharivol, so that he can officially give it to Knifey permanently. We determine that the shield is an invaluable dwarven artefact, decorated with ornate details. We decide to head back to the Fenerous Halls to return the artefact to the dwarves and help prepare against the suspected attack. It will be about three days to the Fenerous Halls, as we will be taking a more direct route to them, not needing to visit the tower again. Jøhn finds a good place to camp some way around from the entrance to the caves, and set up our tents, as Tosscobble makes a pathetic-looking snowman, which is promptly ruined as Knifey tackles it. The watch is peaceful, apart from some goblin calls that Knifey can hear in the distance during the third watch.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

Day 77 - 7 Days Left

Morning comes, and the weather is bearable. The day passes without event, and Jøhn finds a nice place to camp with shelter from the weather. We build a snow wall to act as a windbreak, and rest for the night.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

Day 78 - 6 Days Left

The Arrows travel for another day, and the night passes peacefully once more.

Day 79 - 5 Days Left

A cold storm brews over the night, and we tie ourselves together to prevent us getting separated. The ground is no longer covered in snow, but the strong winds are very cold. Jøhn leads us stoically through the storm, albeit at a slower pace, and reckons that we will reach the Fenerous Halls by midday tomorrow. Jøhn finds a hollow for the party to sleep in for the night, which passes without trouble.

Day 80 - 4 Days Left

At about midday, we approach the Fenerous Halls, finding the town still intact. The guards greet us, and are apparently unaware of the news we sent to them. We present the Necromancer's note, and explain our concerns. Erak is carrying the shield, and the guard notices the artefact, exclaiming with great surprise "You found the Fenerous Wall!". He escorts the Arrows to the Fenerous Council, to discuss their findings.

The Arrows enter the Fenerous Halls, walking through winding tunnels and corridors, reaching a large chamber lined with solid fenerous plating on the wall, with fenerous doors and a long fenerous table in the centre. Around the table are seated eight noble-looking dwarves, with elaborately-braided beards and ceremonial armour of ornate fenerous; the Fenerous Council.

The Council takes our news gravely, and suggests that they need some brave adventurers. Jøhn inquires about the history of the shield artefact:

"This shield belonged to the founding dwarf of the Fenerous Halls, the builder of the mines, Barundar Stoneshield. He founded the Halls after being driven out of his home by a rival dwarf family. Under his leadership, the Fenerous Halls became a mighty dwarfhold, and were very prosperous. He forged the ornate and beautiful shield as the symbol of the Halls, and became known as Barundar Fenerousshield. He died to save our people during an attack by a very powerful goblin warlord, where he single-handedly held back the tide of the goblin army, allowing the dwarves of the day a chance to recoup and recover. He fell during the combat just before reinforcements arrived, but we believe that his soul still lives within the Fenerous Wall; and should a dwarf show suitable dedication, and a willingness to risk their lives against overwhelming foes to save their people, they would unlock the power of the shield. Since that day, it has never found a dwarf worthy of bearing the shield. We here are all descendants of the line of Barundar."

We learn that it was stolen just days ago in a raid on the town, coincidentally the raid that occurred the morning the Arrows left the Halls. The Arrows offer their services for the upcoming battle. The council suggests we make a pre-emptive strike against the goblin central command structure, to avoid the attack altogether. They know that deep in the mines, the goblins have already taken over an abandoned part of the cave system. The Council suspects the goblins have not explored the area fully, and that there might be a secret passage which remains undiscovered.

The Arrows thank the Council for seeing them, and then go and buy some supplies for the mission. Gazadriel visits the Temple of Tyr and pays his respects. Tosscobble and Sindri head to The Wall again for a drink, and on the way Tosscobble negotiates to purchase 2lbs of coffee to restock our supplies. They also buy a barrel of oil, and a Wand of Lesser Vigour for Sindri, a shortbow with arrows. Tosscobble sells some gems and deposits his platinum.

While Sindri and Tosscobble are at the pub, they gather information about the abandoned mines. They learn that they haven't been used by the dwarves for almost a thousand years. We return to the Fenerous Council at about 4pm. They provide us with a map showing the secret passage, but they don't have a map of the abandoned areas. We return to The Wall, and are allowed to stay in the tavern for free. We keep a small watch. During the last watch, Sindri tries to sneak down for a drink, but gets spotted by Jøhn and Knifey and sent back up.

WATCH: Jøhn, Knifey, Jøhn/Knifey

Day 81 - 3 Days Left

The party heads towards the passage to the abandoned sector. We leave the mules at the tavern, and take Nigel, Tiberius and Tharivol's automaton. We head down the passage, checking for traps along the way. We travel for about six hours, and finally the passage comes to an abrupt stop, an apparent dead end. Tharivol locates the secret door in the wall at the end of the corridor. We open the door slightly, and it is very dark. Knifey peeks through with the periscope, seeing what appears to be a mine, extending both left and right for some distance. He cannot see anything alive inside. We all move into the corridor, and decide to head left, which heads downwards, Jøhn making a map as we go. It is 10ft wide, so we send Tosscobble and Knifey first, followed by Jøhn and Erak, Tharivol and Dimble, Ri and Sindri, and finally Gazadriel and Skagaros. We activate the Dancing Lantern, and Tosscobble checks for traps as we go.

As we walk, Ri hears some goblins speaking, but not loudly, as if in conversation. We extinguish the lantern by saying "Nox". Knifey moves ahead to scout, wearing his Ring of Invisibility, while Skagaros follows slightly behind. Knifey can see a small group of about seven goblin guards. He heads back up and tells the rest of the party. We then decide to send Sindri down, wearing Knifey's ring and under a Silence spell. He moves silently down the tunnel.

Sindri returns and taps Ri on the shoulder, so she removes the spell. He relates that the goblins were complaining to each other about having to be on patrol in this sector, which is always empty. They also complained about their new master, who is always bowing to some shadowy figure, and worrying about a mysterious artefact he doesn't want used against them. Sindri returns Knifey's ring. We then approach the goblins silently. As we get closer, we illuminate the Dancing Lantern above them, and start firing. Tharivol misses with his bow, Tosscobble kills one with a crossbow, Sindri kills another with Brimstone Blast, Knifey kills another with a Psychic Strike Mindblade, and Jøhn kills the remaining three, including the one Tharivol missed. Ri casts Whelm on the final goblin, rendering it unconscious.

The Arrows drag the goblin back to where Erak, Dimble, Gazadriel and Skagaros are waiting. We slap the goblin awake, and Sindri intimidates him into giving us information. He tells us that there are seven great clans gathered for the attack, and he draws us a rough map which we can follow. He complains that he's had nothing but maggoty bread to eat for the last three days. He tells us that his leader, Servarchk Sthlethizx, is a half-dragon, half-goblin sorcerer, and has been taking orders from a shadowy master. Tharivol recognises this as a typical dragon name. He tells us that they are attacking the Fenerous Halls under the command of the Servarchk, and they stole the shield so the dwarves can't use it. Sindri scares the goblin so much, that he has a heart attack, and perishes from fright.

It's about four in the afternoon, and Jøhn finds us an alcove along the wall where we can rest for the night. We make camp and take the watches.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

During the third watch, Jøhn can hear the sound of movement up the right side of the mineshaft, towards where the patrol was found. Knifey, wearing the ring, moves silently up the shaft, and sees that another patrol of seven goblins has found the corpses. Knifey and Erak wake Tosscobble and Sindri, and the four of them head silently up the shaft to confront the goblins. Jøhn stays behind to watch the camp. The goblins don't notice the party coming, until the lantern is lit and the Arrows attack. Tosscobble kills one with a sneak attack, Knifey kills two, Sindri blasts another, and Erak kills the remaining three. They return to the camp, and rest until the morning.

Day 82 - 2 Days Left

We spend another half day travelling, arriving at a ledge overlooking the goblin camp. It is located within a large cavern, about 600ft across and 50ft tall, and the camp seems to branch off into multiple smaller caves. It is filled with tents, and the command tent can be clearly seen on a ledge above. Our ledge is about 30ft high, and the tent is about 40ft from the ground. The only light comes from some fire pits down below. We decide to send a stealth team, consisting of Tosscobble, Jøhn, Knifey, Sindri and Ri, over to the command tent, using Spider Climb and Invisibility Sphere.

Ri casts Spider Climb on herself, Knifey and Jøhn, and Tharry casts his spell on Tosscobble. Sindri and the other four then climb up the roof under Ri's Invisibility Sphere. They take about two minutes to cross to the other side of the cavern, and they descend to the ledge. Tosscobble borrows the Invisibility Ring, and moves silently towards the tent, peering through the doors. Inside, he sees a goblin, with dragon horns and large black wings. There is also a very tall figure next to him, with a deep hood. His voice is whispery and echoing. Tosscobble catches a snippet of conversation from the shadowy figure;

"I'm glad to hear that your forces are in full assault, and that the battle is going well. It's a shame that you lost the artefact, but that seems to be of little issue. The necromancer marches on Fareach, and the new one is in the city already. Soon chaos will be brought to the north, and our dark plans will finally be put into motion."

The figure flickers out of being, and while the half-dragon commander is distracted, Tosscobble sneaks in and quickly knocks him out. He signals the others to enter, and then searches the tent for loot. The half-dragon commander is wearing +2 dragonhide studded leatherwork armour, a wand of Magic Missile (5th level), a ring of Protection +2, five Potions of Cure Light Wounds, Cloak of Charisma +2. Around the room are various tactical maps which we have seen before, an assortment of scrolls, and a chest full of gold, silver and platinum coins. The halfling returns the ring to Knifey.

The Arrows tie up the commander, Silence and gag him. Ri casts Touch of Idiocy on him, to reduce his spell-casting ability (lacking a spell component pouch, he can likely Eschew Materials). He gets tied to Sindri, and then they begin the climb back towards the others. They make it back safely, as the Invisibility Sphere wears off. We discuss the information Tosscobble heard, concluding that the Fenerous Halls have probably already been attacked. Tharivol identifies the scrolls as Dispel Magic, Nondetection, Arcane Sight, Fly, and Dark Vision. We then decide to return to the secret passage, Tosscobble keeping a careful watch on the commander, marching in the following order; Ri and Knifey first, followed by Jøhn and Erak, Tharivol and Dimble, Tosscobble and Sindri (with the half-dragon still tied to him), and finally Gazadriel and Skagaros.

After about three hours of walking, the commander wakes, but Tosscobble quickly knocks him back unconscious. However, as we finally reach the tunnel entrance at about seven at night, he wakes again and the halfling isn't fast enough; the half-dragon starts breathing acid, burning through his gag. Tosscobble jumps out of the way, and performs a sneak attack, but fails massively, and stabs Sindri twice! Sindri turns to whack  the commander with his mace, but misses. Ri tried Stay the Hand, but it fails to quell his rage. He then breathes another line of acid, hitting Dimble, Erak and Knifey. Skagaros performs of Flurry of Blows, hitting the commander once.

Tharivol casts a Magic Missile. Gazadriel swings but misses. Ri tries and fails Stay the Hand again. Tosscobble hits him but it doesn't do much. Erak moves past the others to the back of the line, and is hit by a blast of acid on the way, and also bitten. Sindri hits with his mace, and the commander retaliates by breathing more acid, calling Sindri to fall down unconscious. Jøhn switches places with Tharivol and uses his healing belt to heal  Sindri, reviving him. Skagaros hits once with another Flurry of Blows, Tosscobble hits with his cudgel, and then Erak, now in position to hit, swings with his Urgrosh, hitting once. Sindri hits with his mace, and then gets healed by Jøhn again. The half-dragon breaks free of his ropes, and unfolds his wings, rising to the ceiling in an attempt to fly away. Sindri misses with his mace, Gazadriel misses with his longsword, Skagaros manages one more hit, and Tosscobble then stabs with his rapiers, cutting him out of the air, and the half-dragon falls dead on the ground.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Act Two - Chapter Eight - Fenerous Falls

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Day 82 Continued...

Jøhn wants to harvest the wings, but they are quite damaged, and we decide that we have to keep moving. We burn the body so he doesn't return as an undead half-goblin half-dragon sorcerer, and we head back up the secret passage. We push onwards in the tunnel until about halfway, and decide to rest for the night, which passes peacefully.

Day 83

We head up the tunnel, and are met by a disaster scene. A battle is raging, and dwarves are dying everywhere. On the ground in front of us is a member of the Fenerous Council, dead. Another one spots us, and yells for us to return to the Council Chambers. As we move through the tunnels, we are attacked by a band of seventeen goblins. Tharry fires a flaming sphere, which roasts one goblin. Erak cleaves six goblins. Knifey kills one, Ri kills another, and then Skagaros jumps in the air and kicks outwards, aiming for two goblins, but only killing one. Gazadriel cuts two in half with his flaming sword. Tosscobble kills one with his crossbow, and then Jøhn kills one with his bow, which he then drops. Sindri blasts one with Brimstone Blast. Nigel the weasel jumps in and tears another goblin apart, and then the remaining goblin completely misses. It stumbles backwards into Tharry's incoming flaming sphere, getting roasted.

We reach the Council Chambers, and the doors have been battered inwards by an immense force. Within, there are four dwarf corpses littering the floor, as well as several dead bugbears. The two remaining council members are fighting off six well-equipped bugbears. Two of them wear heavy armour with great-axes, two with crossbows, one wearing silken robes and raising his hands, and one wearing an unholy symbol. The dwarves are fighting the fighters.

Tosscobble and Nigel bound towards the wizard, but he calmly knocks them aside with his staff. Nigel misses as he tries to latch on to the wizard, and Tosscobble clambers back up and stabs the wizard, killing it. Erak swings his Urgrosh, attacking the fighters. Sindri fires a brimstone blast at the cleric. One of the council members smashes his axe at the wounded bugbear fighter, but drops his axe, slippery with the blood of all the other goblins he'd killed. The cleric charges at Sindri, who swings his mace and misses. The cleric touches Sindri, inflicting him with critical wounds. One of the crossbow-wielding rogues shoots one of the dwarves. Ri casts Displacement on the more-injured dwarf. Knifey misses the fighters. Jøhn fires two arrows at one of the rogues, and hits with one. The other bugbear fighter continues to attack the displaced dwarf, but unfortunately the spell is not enough, and the dwarf falls beneath the bugbears axe. The other rogue shoots at the remaining dwarf. Skagaros runs in to punch the cleric, but misses. Tharivol fires a magic missile at the injured bugbear fighter. Gazadriel swings his sword and hits the injured fighter. Dimble plays a tune to encourage the party. Tosscobble and Nigel run at the cleric this time, stabbing with the halfling's rapiers. Erak cleaves the two fighters, and the injured one, now bleeding profusely, falls beneath his Urgrosh. Sindri steps out of the cleric's way and manages to destroy the bugbear with a Brimstone Blast. One of the rogues continues to shoot the standing dwarf, whom Ri casts another Displacement on. Knifey attacks the standing fighter, who stumbles, and then Jøhn fires his arrows, killing the fighter. Tiberius leaps in towards the rogue, but misses. The rogue fires another bolt at the dwarf, but misses due to the displacement. Skagaros headbutts the rogue, and then Tharivol fires a magic missile at him. The rogue hits back at Skagaros. Gazadriel swings at the injured rogue, slicing his head off. Dimble runs forward to heal the dwarf. Tosscobble attacks the final rogue with his rapiers, killing him.

The dwarf is very injured. He tells us that there is no hope of winning, and that we have to retreat. He asks us sincerely if we can try and hold off the goblins while they evacuate as many dwarves as they can. We agree to rendezvous outside the Halls. He tells us that the best defence point will be at the gates. We will send the dwarves out the gates, and hold the goblins off.  We ask his name, and he says his name is Dorn Fenerousshield. The other surviving council-member out in the battle is Umil Fenerousshield. We rush out of the chambers and down the halls, to meet Umil at the gates, before the approaching horde. Sindri attempts to intimidate the entire horde, but only manages to make one goblin scared.

The gate is 20ft wide, so we stand four abreast as the final dwarves leave the gates. Just outside the gate we have Erak, Gazadriel on his horse, Skagaros and Knifey. Tharivol, Jøhn, Tosscobble and Sindri stand behind them. Ri and Dimble are outside the gates, providing support. Dimble heals Sindri. Ri casts a Legion of Sentinels inside the gate. Erak pours a thin trail of oil before the door. The goblins charge towards the party.

Dimble buffs the party. The Legion kills nine, Knifey kills one, and Gazadriel kills two. Tharivol shoots a fireball towards the centre of the horde, and kills forty-four goblins. Ri casts Glitter Dust near the Legion. Erak cleaves six, and Sindri blows another up with Eldritch Blast. Skagaros picks up a goblin and tosses him into another, killing both. Jøhn kills three with his bow. Tosscobble kills one. The goblins fire a volley of arrows, hitting and severely injuring Tharivol and Ri, but also hitting Sindri and Jøhn.

Dimble keeps singing, and the Legion kills seven. Knifey and Gazadriel kill one each. Tharivol casts another fireball, killing forty-four more goblins, before limping out of the gate to stand out of range of the arrows. Ri casts Blur on Sindri and then joins Dimble and Tharivol. Erak kills fourteen. Sindri kills another. Skagaros does another split-kick, killing two. Jøhn kills two. Tosscobble kills another. The goblins shoot more arrows. They pass cleanly through Sindri thanks to Blur, and

The gnome heals Sindri, and the Legion kills seven goblins. Knifey misses, but Gazadriel kills two more. Ri casts Blur on Skagaros. Erak kills fourteen. Sindri kills one. Skagaros punches two and kicks one, killing two. Jøhn kills three, Tosscobble kills one. The goblins fire more arrows, missing Sindri and Skagaros due to Blur. They hit Tosscobble, and he falls unconscious.

Dimble heals Knifey. The Legion kills ten goblins. Knifey summons his Giant Wasp, and it picks up a goblin, dropping it to its death. Gazadriel kills another two. Ri casts Blur on Knifey. Erak kills fifteen. Sindri kills one. Skagaros does a tumble and kicks two goblins to death. Jøhn heals Tosscobble. The goblin arrows come again, raining down on the party.

The bard heals Knifey again. The Legion kills six. Knifey's wasp kills two goblins by throwing one into another, and then Knifey kills another. Gazadriel kills one. Ri casts Blur on Gazadriel. Sindri obliterates a goblin, Skagaros pokes two goblins in the eyes, killing both. Dimble heals Tharry, Jøhn and Tosscobble cheer for the Arrows. Erak kills fourteen goblins, and the suddenly the shield he is holding emits a soft luminescence, as the gems on it burn with a heated dwarvish rage.

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Act Two - Chapter Nine - Pillars of Smoke

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Day 83 Continued...

Dimble heals Gazadriel. The Legion kills six, and Knifey kills one. The wasp picks up another, dropping it and killing two. Gazadriel kills two. Erak kills eleven and Sindri kills one. Skagaros kills two. Jøhn heals Tharivol, and then proceeds to search for birds in the sky. He sees some crows circling. Tosscobble cheers. The goblins fire another volley of arrows. Erak shifts the shield to protect Gazadriel as well as himself. The arrows narrowly miss the party.

Dimble starts playing an inspiring tune again. The Legion kills five, Knifey kills one and the wasp picks up a goblin and drops it, killing two more goblins. Gazadriel kills one. Ri joins in the cheering. Erak kills ten. Sindri kills one. Skagaros kills two with a spin-kick. Jøhn  cheers very  unhelpfully. Tosscobble continues to cheer. Erak shields Gazadriel. The goblins fire more arrows, a few hitting Knifey.

The bard heals Knifey. The Legion kills seven. Knifey kills one, and his wasp kills two more. Gazadriel kills two more, stabbing the second down its throat. Erak kills ten. Sindri kills one. Skagaros kills two with an uppercut. Jøhn cheers much more enthusiastically, along with Tosscobble. Sindri and Knifey dodge most of the incoming arrows, while Skagaros makes an uncanny dodge.

The bard continues to play. The Legion kills nine goblins. Knifey kills another, the wasp kills two more. Gazadriel kills two, Erak kills eleven, Sindri kills one, and Skagaros kills one, spinning on his head. Jøhn and Tosscobble begin singing. The Blur spell protects everyone from the next volley of arrows.

Dimble continues to play. The Legion kills six. Knifey kills another, the wasp kills two more. Gazadriel kills two. Erak kills fourteen, Sindri kills one, and Skagaros gets down on his chest, and then flips himself up, kicking, and killing one goblin. Jøhn observes the dwarves, and sees that they are a safe distance away. The dwarf warriors are making their way back to help the Arrows. They have cannons. Tosscobble cheers for the dwarves. They reach the party, shouting "GET OUT OF THE WAY!". The Arrows hurry out of the gates, and the cannons fire. The gate crumbles with a mighty crash, sealing the goblins inside. Pillars of smoke rise from the now ruined Fenerous Halls.

The Arrows are escorted to the dwarven camp, which is being erected a fair distance from the caves. We are taken to their command tent. The remaining greybeards, Umil and Dorn, thank us for our help. They tell the party that they witnessed the activation of the Fenerous Wall, and the council-members and the generals in the tent all bow down on one knee, and lay their axes at Erak's feet, in their traditional symbol of devotion. They profess their allegiance to Erak, proclaiming him the Fenerous Lord. There are now about one and a half thousand dwarves under Erak's command, including five one-hundred-dwarf regiments, as well as the three cannons.

It is about six in the evening. Erak tells the dwarves that Fareach is under attack, and suggests we leave early in the morning to escape the dwarves. Jøhn sends a message using one of the crows he saw earlier, scribed by Tharivol, warning of the attack and reassuring that we are on our way, which we seal with one of the hero medals we won. We also tell them of the infiltrator in the town. The dwarves have already set up a tent for us. Jøhn ensures that Tosscobble checks it for traps, but it is found to be safe.

WATCH: Jøhn/Gazadriel/Skagaros, Knifey/Erak/Skagaros, Jøhn/Knifey/Erak

We keep a watch for the night, as there is still the danger of the goblins escaping through other tunnels and exits in the mountains. There are some brief border skirmishes during the night, but cannon-fire is not heard. Otherwise, the night passes safely.

Day 84

We estimate that it will take about fifteen days to reach Fareach. The greybeards discuss settlement options with Erak. They relate that they have heard of a new power arisen in the south, in Calimshan. Part of Tethyr has also joined with the new power in rebellion. It might be in conflict with Amn. They have heard only good things about this new kingdom, including that it is a kingdom of inclusion, and a sanctuary for all. They suggest this as an option for settlement. Until then however, they dwarves are happy to help us in our defence of Fareach.

Days 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, and 96

Over the course of the journey, Jøhn sends a crow each day, to ensure the message reaches Fareach. He also manages to tame a Giant Bat found in a cave along the way. Tharivol works with the dwarven blacksmith in the dwarf's portable forge, upgrading his automaton. Tosscobble guzzles himself unconscious several nights in a row. On the tenth day of travel, the dwarven army crosses the River Mirar. They ford the river, which is red with blood from a goblin assault the night before.

In his spare time, Tharry forges a new hilt for Gazadriel's flaming sword, fashioned in the shape of a black raven, with rubies for eyes, honouring Rowena the Raven as a mark of Gazadriel's gratitude. They travel peacefully for the next few days.

Knifey takes an interest in learning Gazadriel and Skagaros' sign language, in order to make communication easier in the group. He starts spends time with the duo and starts learning some basic signs.

Day 97

The Arrows are only a day away from Fareach. Tharivol has finally upgraded his automaton.

Day 98

It is ominously overcast as we approach Fareach, and we can see pillars of smoke rising from the town, mingling with the grey clouds in the sky. It doesn't appear to be burning however, as the smoke is rising from specific spots. The general countryside smells of death. The dwarven army enters Tamerworth, and finds it long-abandoned; it appears that no-one has been there since about a month ago. Gazadriel can sense that something isn't right, that there is evil in this place; "There is a fell presence here, evil magic has touched this town."

The army is spotted by a scouting party, and General Tullius greets us at the gates. He thanks us again for our aid, but tells us that the situation this time is far more bleak; there has been a terrible blight, and hundreds of people have been dying all around Fareach. The pillars of smoke are the burning of the infected bodies. We discuss with the greybeards, who decide to make camp outside the town.

The Arrows enter the city. The halfling and Sindri go to the Thief-Takers Guild, to ask about the spy inside the city. They travel the streets, and visit the Man Upstairs. They are aware of the situation, and suspect that the saboteur may be infecting the water supply with the sickness. The Burrows have been the worst-affected, and several crime sprees have been happening in that area. The Thief-Takers have been working hard to keep the peace. The water is apparently clean, however, as no poison could be detected. The Guild has no idea who could be the spy. They tell the two Arrows that if they have any information, let them know, and also to be the careful if they decide to investigate the Burrows. Tosscobble also purchases +4 Gloves of Dexterity, and some +2 Gloves for Jøhn.

Jøhn, Knifey, Ri and Erak head to the Temple of Lathander, to visit Japas. All the clerics are clearly very tired, and are working very hard. Japas sees the party as they enter, and moves towards them, eyes bright; clearly very happy to see them. His brow is wrinkled with worry. He tells us of the plague, which includes fever, vomiting and sores, and resists the clerics' attempts to cure it. Jøhn tells him that Gazadriel has detected some evil magic in Tamerworth, possibly associated with the disease. He says that if the disease was created by an evil cleric, that could definitely be blocking their healing attempts. They have been burning as many bodies as they can, but there are so many that some reside in open graves outside the Burrows. The party warns him about the Necromancer and the spy in the city, offer him our encouragements, and then leave him to his work.

Tharivol, Gazadriel, Skagaros and Dimble return to the Quiver. Tharry brews some more acid for his automaton in the alchemical lab at home. Jøhn, Knifey, Ri and Erak return as he is finished, and tell the rest about what Japas told them. Tharry goes to the Mage Tower, accompanied by Knifey. Tharry shows the mages his automaton, and they are amazed at it, and very impressed. He talks to the Master of the Tower, who is intrigued by the automaton, but thinks the mages have more pressing issues than ancient automata. The mages have been trying to find magical cures for the plague, but have been unsuccessful. They may have found a potion which increases resistance against catching the disease, however. Tharry asks if he knows anything about the spy in the town, but he replies that he does not. Tharry also asks how much it would be to purchase 200g per dose, which he fails to haggle down. He and Knifey decide to purchase ten of them, for the party. We explain that it might be a magical disease, based on Gazadriel's findings, and then return to the house. The Arrows all re-convene at the Quiver, and we discuss our next course of action over dinner (from our own supply).

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Chapter One - A Contract at Fareach Empty Act Two - Chapter Ten - A Sickness on Fareach

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Day 99

We wake in the morning, and decide to split into two reconnaissance teams; one to go to the Burrows, and one to investigate other areas of the city. Gazadriel, Sindri, Knifey, Ri and Tosscobble will head into the Burrows, while Tharivol, Erak, Jøhn, Skagaros and Dimble will start by visiting the Alchemist. We all drink a potion before leaving.

The second team enters the Alchemist's shops, and finds it in a poor state. There is a bad smell in the air, and the elf owner is looking very ill, and is bustling around in his shop carrying various potions and ingredients. We ask how he is, and he replies "I'm dying, you fools!". He is busy trying to find a cure, but is struggling. Tharivol offers him one of the Wizards' Tower potions, not telling him its origins, saying that it might help him in uncovering the cure. The alchemist asks what ingredients Tharivol used, but Tharry fails to lie, and admits that he didn't actually make the potion. He then takes Tharry over to his workbench, and they start working on the potion, to determine its ingredients, and work out how to refine it.

Skagaros writes down a question: "When did the alchemist notice his symptoms?". He says it was about a week ago. We also ask if he knows where he got it, from food or perhaps a customer. He says that it was probably when he was selling potions to the sick. Skagaros, Dimble and Erak head to the upper city, to find out more. They find a cat on the way, which looks diseased. They enter the council chambers, where they find chaos. People are hurrying around everywhere, and arguing. They approach the front desk, which is manned by a very tired-looking man. Dimble is handed a leaflet called "The Plague and YOU", which lists symptoms, and suggests visiting the temple or a cleric. There is also an advertisement for an undertaker's firm. Dimble tries to enter the council chamber proper, but the guards won't allow it, and physically remove the bard when the he doesn't leave.

The three proceed to the noble's tavern. It is completely empty, aside from the barkeeper. Dimble orders an ale, asking where all the customers are. The barkeeper sarcastically replies: "Oh, didn't you know, there's a plague in the town and everyone's locked themselves inside their houses!". He doesn't know much about the disease, only that the merchant trade has died, and that no-one new is turning up at the city. By this time it is just before midday, and the three return to the Alchemical store to meet Tharry and Jøhn again.

* * *

Meanwhile, the other group has reached the Burrows. They find a newly-erected wall, behind which there are masses or clambering people, being prevented from leaving the Burrows. Gazadriel and Knifey question the guards at the gates, who tell them the council has declared a quarantine in the area. Two clerics perform healing at the gates every day, but that is the only aid offered to the people.

Sindri and Tosscobble lead the party to a secret path into the Burrows. They are led to the Thief-taker's base, and they enter through a tunnel behind a bookshelf. The tunnel leads to the sewers. Knifey asks if the tunnel is used regularly, and if there are any traps. The Thief-taker replies: "Doesn't the halfling know where the traps are?", and then gives the group a map showing all the traps. The party moves into the sewers. Tosscobble leads the group, followed in order by Gazadriel, Ri, Sindri and then Knifey.

Gazadriel and Ri soon feel unwell, while Sindri decide to crawl on the ceiling to avoid the water. Tosscobble manages to lead the party out quickly, Gazadriel and Ri rushing out to escape the fumes. They arrive in an empty street in the Burrows. Gazadriel can sense evil in the air, from the disease. They are near to the Third Knife, the inn where Tosscobble assassinated the head of the Thieves' Guild, but they do not want to go in there. The party decides to head to the Flea Markets. There is a butcher there, a fruit-seller, a grain-seller, clothing salesmen selling tattered garments, a cleric standing on a box proclaiming preaching crazily, among various other merchants. They approach the preacher, and he attempts to ward them off with his holy symbol. They don't get much information from him. Tosscobble asks the grain merchant about the plague, and about suspicious people in the area, especially around the time the plague started. He mentions a hooded assassin who entered the town about a week before the plague, and killed several people at the Third Knife. The party decides that they probably must visit the tavern after all.

Suddenly, there is a shout from down the street. A pair of thieves has arrived, and just robbed a cloth-seller. They are running down the street now, away from the markets. Gazadriel summons his horse to catch up to them. Sindri casts Stony Grasp, and the cobblestones form into a stony hand and grab one of the thieves, tripping him. Knifey grapples the second one. The party approaches them, and see that they are just teenage kids. They explain that they need to provide for their siblings, as their mother has died from the plague. They seem pretty earnest. Knifey gives them 5g each, and asks them for information on suspicious figures who arrived at the same time as the plague. They tell of a serial killer who has arrived recently, and commits horrific stabbings on the streets at night. We find a loose cobblestone near the corner of a building, and instruct the kids to leave a note under it if they see anything else suspicious.

The group goes to the tavern. Gazadriel is given Knifey's Ring of Invisibility, which he puts on. Inside, Gazadriel Detects Evil, and finds that many of the patrons are evil. It is lunchtime, about an hour after midday, so it is reasonably busy. There is a Thri-kreen band playing a catchy tune, and the air is filled with smoke. Sindri interrogates half the room, while the halfling questions the other half. Ri casts Charm Person on the barkeeper, but fails to get any information. Sindri slams his fist hard on the bench, intimidating the unhelpful barkeeper, and the entire room goes silent for a brief moment, including the band, before seventeen rogues pull out their crossbows. Tosscobble also pulls his crossbow out, pointing at Sindri, seizing the opportunity to appear part of the crowd. Knifey drags Sindri out. The patrons return to their business quickly after Sindri leaves, as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. Ri awkwardly mumbles that she needs to go investigate some ruins, and then follows them out the door. She returns moments later, in a different form; a stocky human male, stubbly and with his tunic re-arranged. Her cloak has been reversed, with the black lining of her cloak now showing instead of the purple (which is usually on the outside). Ri strolls to the bar, and seats herself next to Tosscobble. She makes a signal so he knows it is her.

Ri suggests to the barkeep that he divulge everything he knows about the plague and suspicious characters, and that she will pay him for it greatly. He falls for the suggestion, and is very excited to tell Ri anything she wants to know. However, he knows nothing about the plague. He tells us that the serial killer we heard about is not part of the Thieves' Guild, and they are trying to kill him too. Ri passes him some paper, intending for him to write down the names of the members of the Guild, but he speaks their names aloud instead, and is overheard. He is shot and killed with a crossbow bolt, and Ri and Tosscobble flee the bar, with angry rogues pursuing the pair outside. Ri turns a corner and changes back into her normal form, flipping her cape back over again. Sindri shoots a Brimstone Blast at one rogue as they run out the door, killing him. The rogues turn on Sindri, shooting their crossbows, seven of them hitting him, knocking him back. Knifey roars at them: "BACK OFF! HE'S MINE TO KILL!". He then stabs Sindri with a very small mindblade, and Sindri dramatically feigns unconsciousness. Ri and Tosscobble have escaped and hidden up an alleyway, and a seemingly rider-less celestial horse gallops up the street, away from the inn.

Knifey reprimands Sindri as they quickly escape down an alley. Gazadriel finds Ri and Tosscobble. They manage to find Knifey and Sindri. It is late afternoon by the time they all manage to meet again. The party wanders the streets for another two hours, searching for the manhole they exited the sewers from. They turn a corner in a deserted area of the streets, and see a cloaked and hooded man ahead of them, brutally stabbing a peasant. He turns and sees them, and then runs, evading Sindri's Stony Grasp. Knifey chases after him, and Gazadriel gallops after Knifey as Ri casts Haste on his horse. With incredible speed, the murderer scales a wall and disappears.

Knifey and Gazadriel return unsuccessful. Ri and Sindri inspect the body, which has been brutally butchered with a knife. The weapon has been left behind; it is a simple weapon, a crude iron blade with a wrapped handle. Gazadriel collects it to give to the Thief-takers. There is blood all over the cobbles, and the body has been ravaged badly. It turns out the peasant was one of the teenage boys we talked to before, much to Knifey's great despair. Tosscobble pickpockets the 5g back from the boy, and returns it to a distraught Knifey, who insists we burn the body out of respect. He closes the boy's eyes, as Gazadriel says some words of blessing. Sindri casts a Brimstone Blast, cremating the body. The party then swiftly leaves the scene.

Knifey leaves a message under the loose cobblestone from before, comforting the surviving brother. The group then escapes down the sewers. Gazadriel feels unwell again as they wade through the muck, and Tosscobble vomits. They reach the Thief-taker's base. The guards ask if they had a successful mission, and the Arrows, covered in sewerage, blood and stuck full of crossbow bolts, just glare back. Gazadriel relates what happened, and passes on the killer's knife.

They return to the Quiver and meet Tharivol, Erak, Skagaros, Dimble and Jøhn. Tharivol managed to deconstruct the resistance potion with the alchemist, and created four new ones. The alchemist kept two to continue to work on it. The party washes themselves, and then has dinner, discussing their findings for the day. They rest for the night.

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