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General Rules of Forum RPGs Empty General Rules of Forum RPGs

Post  Genisisect on Sun Dec 08, 2013 6:50 pm

This is a new "project" of the forums, a completely new way to play an RPG to some (me included), and an old poison to others....

The idea is quite simple, its like the character dev stories people have been publishing on the forums, only there is now "on table" events to drive them, only the creativity of the writer and the backdrop of what other people have posted before.

There are a few simple courtesies that are observed, they can be summarized by the general rule "NO MUNCHKINISM" though here are some specifics:

-Don't try and make your character too OP (see below for our specific character creation rules)
-There is no "winning" only interesting story developments, so don't try to win.
-Always post in character on the story game thread, a seperate thread will be provided for OOC/OOG content
-Never control the actions of other PCs without the permission of the PCs maker.
--- This includes in PVP scenarios, if I swing a sword at another PC i post "..... swings sword at (so and so)" not "... swings sword at (so and so) running my blade through their chest"
- NPCs are generally considered free game, unless they are considered important to someone else's story. So long as you don't take the NPC's out of character.
-Have fun and progress the story. It may help you hone your RP skills....

And remember, as always these apply:
Rule of Cool (
Rule of Fun (

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