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Character Creation for our Forum RPG Empty Character Creation for our Forum RPG

Post  Genisisect on Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:00 pm

In this regards were going to differ from the norm. Our forum RPG is set in a DnD universe, with that in mind, I would prefer if the Characters could be loosely described as legitimate DnD characters. I'm not saying role up a character sheet for them, just to keep the following points in mind.
- For our Your character should be able to be loosely defined as a lv10 character or less. This is so that no PC is to god-like.
- Your Character should loosely represent no more than 3 official (ie from any source material) classes, this means you cant have a fighter wizard, with rouge skills, druid powers, and warlock spells and so on. I have been asked to remind you guys that there are NPC classes in the DMG that describe all kinds of non adventurers, so don't feel like you have to have someone who starts with Class abilities, you could be a barkeeper or a noble and so on.
- Your gear should not add up to much more then 50,000 odd gp, nor should more your character own an item worth much more then 15,000 gp. All item powers should exist somewhere in a DnD supplement
- Your Character should resemble a standard (or at least standard ish) race, as appropriate the the campaign setting
- Your characters physical abilities should reasonably represent those which could be generated  use the standard generation.

That said, if you remember the fundamental rules of Forum RPGing, these rules shouldn't be too much of an issue, DnD is pretty big, I'm sure there is a class combination that represents anything you guys could come up with, i bet there is a magic item out there somewhere that does something similar to what you want to do. They are mainly there to help give boundaries to the less experienced at this, and to guide our efforts!

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