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Post  Genisisect on Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:11 pm

I decided that we should start with somewhere we are all familiar with. So that's right were back in the Realms (crowd groans in agony over the lack of variety). The "world" we are living in is assumed to be completely unrelated to that of either the Arcane Campaign or the Main Campaign.

Here is where the story starts.

Waterdeep (yes I know I'm already using Waterdeep for other stuff, but it's got the best material available) has been suddenly and mysteriously besieged by the flying shade city that had recently appeared in Anauroch. Spells rain down on the city and armies of shades have teleported behind Waterdeep's walls. Our story begins here, at the start of the attack (feel free to start a short period of time before the city suddenly appeared in the dead of the night over it's sleeping victim), I know I certainly will (and hopefully make it a bit clearer).

Apart from that, the worlds your oyster, you could be a Shade from the flying city, I member of Waterdeep's last line of defense, or you may just want to get the heck outta there. Feel free to do and go anywhere you want. Feel free to ask me for clarification about the starting point on this thread!

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