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Post  Genisisect on Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:03 pm

This has been requested by some. This is a place for things like the battle prep discussion and inter-party communications and stuff

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Post  Genisisect on Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:08 pm

I remember Genisisect mentioning that we should post our characters plans/advice/strategies for the battle - I'm not sure where they were meant to go, but I'm putting Ivelliohn's contribution here, for all it's worth.

Several days before the battle:
John Hunter climbs the spiralling stairs to stand atop the high stone tower of Fareach Keep to meet with General Tullius and General (formerly Lieutenant) Cheronet as they survey from that lofty position the encroaching armies that surround the town. A brisk wind, slightly acrid with the scent of smoke from distant campfires and – closer - desperate forges, stirs their hair and whips their cloaks about them.

They turn as he emerges from the stairwell and there is flicker of recognition in their eyes – far brighter in Cheronet’s than Tullius’s. They know this half-elf’s grave face and green eyes.

John bows stiffly to them, and they incline their heads.

“What is it, ranger? Do you have some news for us?” Inquires Cheronet.

“No news, Generals. But I would speak with you, if I may.”

“Certainly. We were just surveying the field – I doubt much will change there in a few moments of speech.”

“Generals, I have travelled far and seen much. I have fought with the Rangers of the Cold Lands against the Zhentarim – sometimes rooting out their hidden menace, other times in open battle. I was for years in the service of the Simbul, Queen of Aglarond across the Sea of Fallen Stars, and fought in her armies in border wars against the Red Wizards of Thay and avaricious Mulhorand. From this, I know something of war.”

“The enemies arrayed against this town are in league with demons – this I have seen with my own eyes, and my arrows have pierced their otherworldly flesh. It is likely they have mighty spellcasters among them, to summon and harness such creatures, and it is here that my experience with battle against the legions of Thay may aid you, for the Red Lords of that land are strong in magic and use it often for war and conquest. But they are far from invincible – I have taken *five* of their tattooed scalps in skirmishes with them.”

“I wish to offer my counsel and advice to you, my thoughts on the battle ahead.”

The commanders shared a brief glance: if the Ranger had seen and done what he claimed, then perhaps his words could be of value.

“Speak your counsels, ranger. If we think them sound, we may heed them”, intoned Tullius.

(As I’m running out of time tonight, this will be in dot-point form.)
John’s battle suggestions:
- Anti-teleportation wards in the City to prevent surprise incursions
- Protection from evil set up all over the place.
- Mages should have at least one dispel magic spell prepared, to banish any demons or other summoned beasts that assail the town
- Mages should also have mass teleportation spells at hand as a back-up, in case they find themselves in a company in need of a hasty retreat, or in case the town falls and they need to evacuate
- Frost giants are vulnerable to fire: have vessels of alchemist’s fire stored and ready to launch held in strong places along the side of the wall they’re attacking from… don’t leave them out in the open, as giants tend to throw giant rocks and we don’t want them accidentally hitting a cache up on the walls.
- Have protection from missiles and blur/displacement active in the areas they assail, to reduce the accuracy of their far-fast stones.
- Burning ballistae bolts could out-range them and ward them off with fear of flame.
- Aerial forces should go invisible and assail the enemy with dropped missiles and vessels of alchemist’s fire, sowing disarray among our foes and demoralising them. Target command centres where possible. Harass the enemy if they have the element of surprise. Learned this from the Sky Sentinels over the Moonsea battling the Zhentarim.
- Hide the gates with enduring illusions: make it appear as though they are in some other section of the wall. It mightn’t hold up against ‘true seeing’, but it would certainly be off putting to the average soldier to be charging with a battering ram against an apparently solid wall.
- Coat the edges of the battlements, where they might try and rest siege ladders, with grease or lubricant, so that it’s more difficult for them to find purchase.
- Cold iron arrows should be issued to sharp shooters for use against demons.
- Beware of night attacks: Orcs and Goblins and Demons have dark vision. Make sure elves are on watch at night and there are plenty of torches illuminating the area.
- Block up any drains leading out of the town through the walls: that sort of thing is just asking for trouble during a siege.
- When combating mages, stay mobile. If they can’t get a decent shot at you or aren’t sure where you are, they can be pin-cushioned with arrows before they’ve finished waving their armies around and shouting gibberish.
- Poisons are very effective against mages: dedicated sharp shooters/anti-mage snipers should have some of them, too, if possible.

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