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The Fortune's Bosom Inn Description Empty The Fortune's Bosom Inn Description

Post  Genisisect on Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:22 pm

Hello and welcome to the Fortune's Bosom, Fareach's number one inn for adventurers!

This is a new Forum RPG, designed to be a casual game, with no story or character sheets required. Just come in with an idea and see what happens!

There are some general rules to observe, mainly the curtesies of Forum RPGing, and the obligetory keep it PG.

On to the setting. The tavern itself should be well known to you, but here is a description of features you might need. The tavern is to stories, with a large oak front door. Entering through it, the patron sees the main common room, this large room has a number of tables, a small stage for performances, a bar (behind which is access to the kitchen). The (in)famous adventurer's notice board occupying the far wall to the right if you are coming through the front door. Access to the rooms is found via a door close to the bar.

The inn is run by Brendanus (Bren) Callahan amd his wife Riona. Both are in their middle ages and well proportioned. Bren handles most of the cooking while Riona manages the finances and staff, both can be found manning the bar.

I think that should be enough set up. Just a quick side note, try to stay in the tavern or it's immediate vicinity (ie. if you leave the tavern there is no further material published for that character), and the mandatory "nothing that happens in the has any effect on the setting". In terms of control, Bren and Riona are both NPC, but under my control (though feel free to use them). The rest of the staff though are NPC to be controlled by anyone and everyone.

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