200 Word RPG Submission 2016: Doomsayer

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200 Word RPG Submission 2016: Doomsayer Empty 200 Word RPG Submission 2016: Doomsayer

Post  Genisisect on Sat Apr 16, 2016 1:36 pm

I recently entered a competition known as 200 Word RPG challenge. I thought I'd put the game I submitted up here, so we have a record of it.

Doomsayer, A Collaborative World Killing RPG

Before The Fall:
Starting with the player who most recently contributed to the fall of human civilisation each player takes a turn where they perform the following actions.

First add a d6 to the dice pool and then roll the pool. If you rolled as many or more sixes as there are players proceed to 'The Breaking of the World'. Otherwise describe two aspects of the world, one which will survive the apocalypse, the other won't. Pass the dice pool to the next player.

The Breaking of the World:
If you rolled as many or more 6s as there are players the apocalypse comes whether you are ready or not. You must describe how the world ends, ensure that what is deemed to have survive can make it through.

After the End:
Go around one last time. Each player gets to describe something of the world after the end, it may include aspects brought up before the fall, or something new.

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